Printed Letters: October 5, 2016

A third-party vote is a vote for Trump

The polls clearly show that a presidential vote for the Libertarian or Green party (or not voting) hurts Clinton and helps Trump. Colorado is a crucial swing state and the election is expected to be very close.

In the 2000 election, a mere 536 votes for the third-party candidate Ralph Nader in Florida gave George W. Bush the presidency, which gave our country the trumped-up costly war and destabilization of Iraq, which created ISIS. The disasters that await our country with a temperamentally and emotionally unfit President Trump will likely be much, much worse.

Those considering voting for a third-party candidate (or not voting) need to patriotically step up and not waste a vote that helps elect Trump. Vote for experience in Clinton to protect our country from the unpredictable human cyclone and P.T. Barnum-like showman Donald J. Trump.


Hillary Clinton is too 
late with her ideas

If I understand Hillary Clinton correctly, she plans to let businesses know just how much money/profit she will allow them to make, passing the monies that exceed that amount to the workers, whom she claims deserves it because the owners of the businesses are making money off the backs of the workers.

I wonder where the workers were when the owner put up everything that they had, and took the risk of losing it all if the venture failed?

Clinton is way too late with that idea. It was started in 1848 by Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx, and pushed to reality in 1917 by Lenin of Russia and was known as communism.

Also, there are two things that Mr. Trump can say he has never done that she can’t: 1) Sending and receiving e-mails that endanger our national security. 2. Causing the death of four operatives by not responding in a timely manner: called Benghazi.


Amendment 69 will be a step forward for quality health care

I stand for women’s equality, and support women’s access to full reproductive health care, including abortion. I am also a supporter of ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, as an opportunity to ensure every Coloradan quality health care affordably. I am so pleased that groundbreaking women’s rights activist and journalist, Gloria Steinem, who helped create both New York and Ms. magazines, has endorsed ColoradoCare. Despite the stance of certain progressives in Colorado, Amendment 69 will be a step forward for quality health care for all.


Do the math when choosing fiscally responsible candidate

Trump? Clinton? Do the math. Literally. If you’ve already decided to vote for either major party candidate, stop reading. If you’re undecided, take a look at the numbers and you’ll better understand how your vote may impact the country economically. In a study done by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Hillary Clinton’s plan presumably would increase America’s debt by $200 billion over the next 10 years. Donald Trump’s plan presumably would increase the debt by $5.3 trillion during that same time period. The Tax Policy Center suggests that Ms. Clinton’s proposed plan could increase federal revenue by more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years, while the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan organization, suggests that Mr. Trump’s proposed plan could decrease federal revenue by nearly $6 trillion during the same time period.

If voters can set their emotions aside and instead trust the math, choosing the most fiscally responsible candidate could be as easy as using a calculator.


St. Mary’s patient thankful 
for excellent care

I arrived at St Mary’s Hospital on the evening of Aug. 17 after being transferred from Delta Memorial Hospital. I had fallen on the Grand Mesa and fractured two vertebrae in my neck. I spent five days in the hospital, in the orthopedic ward, and had the best care I could have hoped for. The nursing staff was first class, professional, and caring. The doctors, from Dr. Gebhard down, were the same. My husband was able to stay at the Rose Hill Hospitality House, a tremendous help as we were from out of state.

We would like the community to know what a marvelous hospital they have in St. Mary’s. Thank you for all who took care of us.

Bernalillo, N.M.


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Wednesday’s letter from Clifton’s Robert D. Brown (“Hillary Clinton is too late with her ideas”) begins with an apt qualification:  “If I understand Hillary Clinton correctly,”.  The remainder of his letter demonstrates, first, that he doesn’t understand her profit-sharing proposal, and, second, that he apparently made no effort to do so.

Simply put, Clinton would reward businesses adopting qualified plans that direct a share of pre-tax profits to lower-earning employees with a two-year tax credit of 15% of the total amount distributed.  Since profit-sharing distributions are already a business expense deduction from net taxable profits, Clinton’s innovative proposal seeks to marginally incentivize even more employers to adopt such plans.

Contrary to Brown’s distorted understanding of economics, profit-sharing plans are a capitalistic response to Marx’s/Engels’ brand of socialism and Lenin’s communism. Indeed, the first such plan in the U.S. was initiated in 1916 (before Lenin’s “reality”), and was intended to motivate employees by sharing profits with the workers producing them.  See:

Thus, in 2015, Delta Air Lines employees received profit-sharing distributions equal to almost 21% of their base pay, Ford’s 53,000 unionized workers received an average of $9300 apiece, and General Motors paid out an average of $11,000 to its hourly workers.  I doubt that any of those recipients rejected their checks as being contaminated by communism.

Brown’s dubious partisan motives are betrayed by his spurious reliance on outdated and thoroughly discredited internet memes.  Thus, first, there is no credible evidence that any of the miniscule number of e-mails containing questionably “classified” information that found their way onto Clinton’s private server actually “endangered our national security”, while there is every reason to conclude that electing Donald Trump would do just that; and, second, multiple investigations determined that Hillary Clinton did not “cause the death of four operatives by not responding in a timely matter” in Benghazi.

Rather, there is every reason to conclude that those deaths were caused by a combination of an Evangelical’s virulent anti-Muslim video and Republican-driven cuts to the State Department’s diplomatic security budget.

Therefore, Brown is way “too late with” his misinformed opinions.

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