Printed Letters: October 5, 2017

Where do our reps stand on gun control?

According to their office staff on Tuesday morning, neither Sen. Cory Gardner nor Rep. Scott Tipton had indicated which way he will vote on the NRA-sourced bill to legalize public possession of firearms silencers and armor-piercing ammunition.

Come on, lawmakers, the Las Vegas mass murderer’s body count would have been much worse if he’d had silenced weapons and armor-piercing ammo.

Is this what you want? Well, your constituents don’t. When you vote on these carnage-enhancers, will your monetary relationship with the NRA have anything to do with it? We want to know where you stand. Now, please.

Grand Junction

Fourth-grader makes 
case for school funding

Vote for 3A and 3B because at Dual Immersion Academy we need a gym.

The reason we need a gym at DIA is because we get lots of cuts and bruises. We get more than most kids because we have P.E. on the blacktop. We trip and fall because of the rocks and the dents in the blacktop. When we do things like pushups our hands get big imprints in them and they hurt. When we fall, we get road rash. Kids at most schools don’t get as many cuts and bruises as we do because they have a gym and we have a blacktop.

Another reason that DIA needs a gym is because of the weather and different seasons. For example, in the winter we have to do P.E. in the cafeteria at Riverside if it is too cold. When we can be outside it is very cold especially for kids that have P.E. in the morning. It is very hot in the summer months. It gets so hot that we get headaches. Other kids have air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter for P.E. in their gyms.

The last reason that DIA needs a gym is because we could get different opportunities in P.E. Right now we can’t play some sports like volleyball. We can’t play basketball. We can’t participate in gymnastics or bowling. It would be very important if we could have the same learning about sports as other schools get that we don’t get.

I think it is very important for DIA to get a gym because we could be safer and healthier if we had one. Please vote for 3A and 3B.

Fourth-grader at DIA
Grand Junction

NFL players are protesting social injustice, not the flag

I understand that people think the protests during the national anthem are disrespectful. But I feel that racism and social injustice is also disrespectful.  The players are not protesting the flag; they are protesting the racism and social injustice that is going on in the country.

The U.S. was founded on protests, i.e. the Boston Tea Party. There have been countless military veterans that have no problem with the protest. People are losing sight of what the players are protesting. When Brandon Marshall of the Broncos knelt last year, he went and talked to police officers in Denver about the problems that African Americans face in this country.  These protests are starting a conversation between the police and African Americans. I also feel that the president should invite some NFL players to the White House to discuss the issues that the African Americans face in the United States.

Grand Junction

We need to throw out 
politicians from both parties

The Democratic Party should be ashamed. Its members have enacted programs that reduce personal initiative. They are harming this country with illegal immigration, handouts to able-bodied people, a health insurance program that greatly increased rates, deductibles, regulations, and costs, taxpayer-funded payouts to cronies, expensive, unconstitutional legislation, and so much more.

And Republican Party politicians should be too embarrassed to appear in public. For seven years they’ve promised — if we would just put them in power — tax reform, repeal and replace, and other laws to counteract expensive and intrusive legislation enacted by Democrats. So how much more power do they need than the presidency and majorities in the Senate, the House, and state governorships? When it comes down to it, they’re too spineless to make any move that might antagonize a voter.

When this country first began, it was a sacrifice to serve in Congress. Pay was low and travel to the capital could take weeks, as could communication with family and businesses left behind. Most members served a few years out of duty and returned to their normal lives. Today, politics is a career and too often gaining power, money, and prestige rate well above citizens and the country.

I think we need to throw out all politicians — of both parties — and start over. They’ve become the elites who will do anything to stay in power — and the heck with the American people.



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You got that right, Mr. Many.

Bruce Many’s Thursday diatribe (“We need to throw out politicians from both parties”) exemplifies the cognitive dissonance that is beginning to penetrate the psyches of those who have been deeply duped by the false propaganda emanating from right-wing media.

First, the Democratic Party (albeit admittedly imperfect) has little to be “ashamed” about.  The social safety net enacted by FDR and expanded by LBJ lifted millions from poverty. The economic recovery programs enacted by President Obama did not “reduce” – but rather harnessed—“personal initiative” by saving the American automobile industry, by stimulating 75 consecutive months of job growth, by creating 11.5 million new jobs (for those with the “personal initiative” to fill them), and by unleashing a bull market on Wall Street – economic momentum that has continued almost unabated under President Trump.

Similarly, the selective anecdotal evidence that immigration (legal or not) is “harming this country” is conclusively contradicted by the cumulative weight of the benefits we derive from their presence.  Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits (about which the Manys have previously railed) are not “handouts to able-bodied people” but rather temporary
“helping hands” to those left behind by the overall economic recovery.

Likewise, ObamaCare has extended affordable access to health care to millions, and its obvious defects could have all been corrected by now – had not obstinately obstructionist Republicans opted (as usual) to “play political games . . . at the expense of common sense” and the taxpayers.  See, e.g., “TABOR synonymous with partisan divide”.

Second, given their refusal to hold public hearings on health care and their incestuous ties to the NRA, “Republican Party politicians should be embarrassed to appear in public”.  Indeed, “for seven years they’ve promised . . . tax reform, repeal and replace, and other laws” – promises that are still based on voodoo economics, bald face lies, or junk science – while refusing to seriously work with Democrats to at least address real problems.

Meanwhile, for almost 25 years, Democrats have consistently supported common sense gun regulations that might have prevented the Las Vegas tragedy – universal background checks, renewal of the assault weapons ban, limits on magazine capacity, etc. – all of which most Republicans still oppose (at the behest of the blood-soaked NRA).

Thus, while Bruce may be right about some “career politicians” and
“elites”, his solution derives from a false equivalency between the two parties that is belied by the facts (RA Meyer’s moronic endorsement notwithstanding).

OMG!  Hugenberg has admitted the Democrat party is imperfect!  I never thought I’d see the day.
We all know that Hugenberg thinks that everything that is wrong with this country has been caused by the Republicans so nothing is new…..

Also, Mr. Hugenberg.  Thanks for the claim of, “moronic endorsement”.  I won’t be bothering to engage you on this as you’ve made it clear that an “adult” discussion with you is out of the question.

You are right, Meyers, but the adult here is Hugenberg.

I’m not the one attacking someone personally for making a comment they disagree with.  People like that aren’t worth wasting time on.

If you have them read back on all the things you have posted. Then consider who it is that is demeaning anyone who directly or indirectly is name calling. From the moment you started posting here you have been the biggest rule breaker on this venue. Rather than prove anything you claim you just change the subject. A troll is a Norwegian myth that lives under a bridge and harasses anyone crossing the bridge. His only reason for living is to cause trouble.  You fit the mould exactly. However, your attempts do nothing but head shaking and laughter. Sleep well.

Good one, Borgen.  That is the perfect description of yourself.  You look in the mirror and don’t like what you see so you decide it’s someone else.
It’s called projection.

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