Printed letters, October 9, 2013

Once again the liberal media have chosen to ignore the polls of the American people that clearly showed that most Americans do not want Obamacare.

President Obama and the Democrats have blamed Republicans for the shutdown of the government. However, House Republicans passed a resolution funding the entire government but defunding Obamacare, and giving the Democrats a year to try to work through the many problems with Obamacare.

The Republicans should not accept any of the blame for the government shutdown. The liberal media have not and will not admit that the Republican House passed an acceptable resolution to avoid the shutdown. The Democratic leaders — Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama — chose not to accept this resolution. Therefore, they shut the government down, not the Republicans.

As we enter into another election year, we should all be reminded of this gross miscarriage of our system.


Grand Junction

House GOP approved budgets, 
not government closure

I want to clarify some issues behind the federal government shutdown.

Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution says,“No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.” All appropriations bills originate in the House.

Therefore, if the House wishes to shut down the government, it need only to not pass appropriations bills. When the House passes an appropriations bill, if it is approved by the Senate and signed by the president, the House has forfeited its opportunity to close government.

To claim “the House wants to shut down the government” after it has passed an appropriations bill to fund the government is an irrational statement.

In the current situation, the House passed appropriations for all government operations, less Obamacare. That forced the Senate to choose between passing the bill as is, killing it or modifying it and sending it back to the House. Only the first option ensures the government will be funded. The Senate has chosen to shut down the government rather than defund Obamacare.

The Constitution gives the House exceptional control over taxes and spending because the entire House is up for election every two years, so people can closely monitor taxing and spending.


Grand Junction


Tisue, Leany, Schultz praised 
for visiting other districts

The article by Emily Shockley headlined, “Fellow board member assails Tisue, Leany,” was revealing.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Leslie Kiesler said she had “never been so embarrassed as I have by the two of you.” The actual embarrassment might be that, in the years Kiesler has been on the board, the academic performance of students in District 51 has continued to decline.

The fact that Ann Tisue and Jeff Leany and Superintendent Steve Schultz have been searching for success stories in other districts that have shown results that may be emulated in District 51 should be lauded, not denigrated.

Pat Kanda, Mike Lowenstein and John Sluder are candidates who believe changes are needed for different results.


Grand Junction


Writer correctly noted failings
of Douglas County Schools

Darren Cook’s letter rebutting Jeff Leany’s statements regarding the Douglas County school district was spot on.

It is disconcerting that a sitting school board member is so ignorant of what is really happening in another district. One only has to listen to the radio or read the newspaper to be aware of the demise of the Douglas County district.


Grand Junction


Parrish’s years of service will 
make him an asset to board

Tom Parrish deserves people’s vote for school board. We had the privilege of working with Parrish for many years while he was principal of Wingate Elementary School, and later, an area director. We have observed first-hand his commitment to student excellence and his dedication to students, educators, families and the community.

Here are just a few of the reasons Parrish will be a strong asset on the board: He has a strong and compelling vision for students and their academic achievement. He served District 51 for dozens of years and has a valuable and in-depth understanding of local, state and federal requirements and policies. He is skilled at bringing people with disparate views together to solve knotty issues and dilemmas, something he learned from his years as a school leader.

Parrish is invested in the success of District 51, as evidenced by his children attending school here and now his grandchildren. He will bring a depth of wisdom and knowledge to the demanding position of school board member.

We are very excited that Parrish has chosen to run for this important position and support him whole-heartedly. We hope you will, too.



Grand Junction


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Ed Arnos’s letter – “House GOP approved budgets, not government closure” – betrays a widely-shared misapprehension of how Congress is supposed to work.

First, Arnos “proves” that the “Tea Party”-controlled House did not intentionally cause a government shutdown by correctly asserting that “if the House wishes to shut down the government, it need only not pass appropriations bills”.  Apparently, it never dawned on Arnos that doing so would be too obvious and would clearly identify House Repugnicans as the politically irresponsible culprits.  Therefore, they passed a bill knowing that it was unacceptable to the Senate.

Second, as actual events confirm—and contrary to Arnos’s naive misunderstanding of the actual legislative process—the House did not “forfeit its opportunity to close government” after it passed an appropriations bill unacceptable to the Senate.  Rather, when – as here – the Senate passes a differing version of the House bill, both houses normally appoint conferees to hammer out a compromise in a conference committee.  However, for six months, Speaker Boehner refused to appoint House conferees, and Senate Republicans are still filibustering the appointment of Senate conferees.

Third, to deny that “the House wants to shut down the government” after it has passed a series of unacceptable appropriations bills to fund only selected parts of the government is an uninformed and “an irrational statement”.  Rather, many “Tea Party” extremists campaigned on a promise to shut down the government and, as reported by The New York Times Monday, met secretly with wealthy donors in January 2013 to plan their strategy.

Thus, supported by 72% of the American people, “the Senate has chosen to shut down the government rather than defund Obamacare”—because de-funding and/or delaying the Affordable Care Act will penalize millions of Americans, while negotiating with anti-democratic “domestic terrorists” will simply invite moré “hostage taking”.

Spot on B. Gene and Ed. Leany and Tisue are using the school board to “spring” them on in the Republican party. Nice correction Mr. Cook. I, for one, am sick and tired of career politicians and I am voting accordingly. Hilkey and his cronies are the last, I hope. All that garbage about how “critical” it was to rescind term limits for him. Now what? What was the benefit again? Besides a crony and his retirement pay? It is coming to vote for King for Sheriff. I am not.

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