Printed Letters: Sept. 16, 2016

Natural smoke cancels out efforts to reduce gases
I read with interest The Sentinel’s coverage of the Lost Solar forest fire on Page A2 of the Sept. 15 issue.

The fire apparently was caused by lightning and began burning on Aug. 8 — some five weeks ago.  The strategy for dealing with it is to let it continue burning, so long as it does not threaten any man-made structures.

In your coverage, considerable emphasis is placed on the ecological benefit resulting from letting the fire burn.  In fact, fire spokesperson Lynn Lockwood is quoted as pointing out that, “it’s reassuring to us to have the public understand that this is part of the natural ecosystem, and it’s a great benefit in the long run.”

Of course, there are many such fires that burn in this country each fire season, most of them larger than this one.  Not to mention the volcanoes here and there around the world that belch thick smoke and even poisonous gases until they decide to quit doing so.  And other natural sources of contaminants and particulate that find a way into the air.

This all being the case, I have to ask why we are fed so much nonsense (I’d prefer to use a stronger word) concerning coal-fired power plants and automobiles, and the climate change they are said to be responsible for?

Isn’t it fair to say that the natural sources of smoke, carbon dioxide, other gases, and particulate completely cancel out our feeble, regulation-driven efforts to cut back?  And that this natural phenomenon will continue always?

So much for man’s contribution to ‘climate change.’

Grand Junction

Powell’s comments get ‘false equivalency’ in the media
The headline for the Sentinel article “Ex-Bush official’s leaked emails blast Trump and Clinton alike” is demonstrably untrue. The attempt to equate his comments about Clinton and Trump is a textbook example of a troubling media trend toward false equivalency. Whereas in his recently released emails Powell stated that “…Trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah,” he expressed what can only be described as irritation and anger at Clinton. His most damning statements about Clinton rarely go beyond what could be described as personal peeves, describing her as “ambitious, greedy and not transformational.” This is a long way from insisting in his emails that Trump should not be elected president and that the birther argument that Trump has promoted was “…racist.”

Even though Powell has stated that while he respected Clinton he would find it difficult to vote for her, he did not rule it out.  His emails reveal a completely different view of Trump and the danger he would present as president.

Grand Junction

Tolerance for Kaepernick’s protest a sign of the times
I recently was deeply offended when Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, refused to stand during our national anthem. He claims that he as a minority has been “oppressed” by America. Just for the record Colin, minorities are provided with more opportunities in America than any other nation on Earth! How would your disrespect be treated in Iran, China or Russia? Would Iran provide you with a $16 million-a-year salary to play a game? By the way, you make around 267 times more than I do each week, not counting endorsements. ( I could use a little of that “oppression.”)

Tim Tebow kneels in prayer before the game and the press crucified him for that act as being “offensive.” Christian bakery owners in Colorado and Oregon refuse to provide a cake for a homosexual wedding, because it violated their conscience, beliefs and convictions. They were persecuted, sued and each lost their businesses and the press didn’t utter a peep. Yet they flock to support Colin and the others without regard for the “feelings” of patriots all across America.

Our elected officials worship at the shrine of “political correctness” while the press serves as priests. I, for one, am sick of it! What is worse is their determination to force participation in their liberal agenda whether we like it or not!

People have always had the right to believe whatever they like, but that is not enough. Now we all have to agree with them.

Patriotism is a virtue, or at least should be. My father served in the military as did my brothers and I. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to have served my country as a Marine. I am proud of our American heritage!

I say, enough is enough!


We need NFL players who 
will set a positive example
NFL players who refuse to show respect for our national anthem need to pack their bags and go home. They don’t deserve to be here with their hands out to take our money! We need players who will set a positive example for our youth and citizens.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Moseby,

Discrimination based on one’s religious beliefs is not patriotic.

Mr. Rininger,

The part you are missing is that atmospheric CO2 was balanced before man came along and started tossing more CO2 into the atmosphere. Yes, man’s contribution is much smaller than natures, but if 600 billion tons goes in to the atmosphere naturally each year, and 600 billion tons comes out naturally each year, what happens when we start pumping 38 billion tons into the atmosphere? The balance shifts, and that is what we are seeing the effects of.

I find it quite interesting when some veteran refers to his military service as the sign of being an “expert” in knowledge about this country, and in particular when they begin referring to what would happen in demonstrators if they were in some other country.  Well, we are not in another country, but this one and in this one we do have “freedom of speech” (either in our words and/or actions.

Such as Mr. Mosby is a classic example.  He needs to ask himself if perhaps, because of his military service, he now considers himself entitled to tell others what to do and/or say.  If he does, he has not the slightest clue as to what the military in this country is (or should be) all about and, in fact, does not know what his own country (and civilization)are all about.  Both, are about human beings Mr. Mosby, and that is what some of us recognized we were defending before we entered the military, while we were in the military, and following that as well.  Therefore, some of these former military “super-patriots” need to come down off their “high horses”.  Otherwise, they not only dishonor their own service, but that of every individual who ever wore a uniform.

Some of us find it quite interesting when such individuals combine such display with economics and “economic opportunities” in this country.  Well, that is how most see this country, as economic opportunities, ahead of everything else, even over the dignity of the individual and human rights.

Such as Mr. Mosby will decry instances of “affluenza” in individuals but they neglect to see that they are themselves afflicted with that same disease, only they hide it (not only from others but from themselves), and do so with constant references to “patriotism” and other “noble” sounding goals.

Sorry, Mr. Mosby, but some of us have heard all of your arguments prior to your regurgitating them once again.  And such as yourself, we regard as not “patriots” but ultra-nationalists, more given to worshiping “totems” such as the flag (the more flags the more patriotic), the United States Constitution (the more frequently quoted the more patriotic) and the national anthem (the more frequently and how loud one sings it the more patriotic), etc.

Go back and restart your schooling Mr. Mosby as with all your schooling, you somehow escaped being educated about your own country, the one you claim to “love”.

Mr. Stetler, you apparently missed quite a few of Powell’s comments on the Clinton’s.  The most famous one is, the cops tell him Bill is still———-* Bimbos @ their house, but there are lots more. 
*lewd term for sexual activity

Ms. Kneitel, some of us care not a “whit” about any other’s personal life.  And, this “he/she said” (no matter who that he/she said is only hearsay.  Some of us attempt to place a much higher standard on such statements as all too many of them frequently amount to little else than gossip, whether one believes it is true or not.

Mr. Iles, Did you just admit the bashing of Trump by Powell is just hearsay too?  The “gossip” I posted is no different than the “gossip” Mr. Stetler wrote that was printed.  That is my point.  Mr. Powell got “down and dirty” in his emails and he attacked many people.
Do with this whatever you wish.  I do not care to have another conversation where you will get nasty and then half of the thread will disappear.

No, I didn’t admit that, Mrs. Kneisel. Check again.

Pardon me, Mr. Iles.  I could swear you IMPLIED the comment on Clinton is gossip and the comment on Trump is not. Pardon my error.
Now:  Is the comment you approve of dissing Trump gossip?
Is the comment you do not approve of dissing Clinton gossip?
How are they different????

Look who posted the comment you are referring to. It wasn’t mine.

Do you not know the comment I posted is from the same DC Leaks as the comment Mr. Stetler posted?

I couldn’t care less. I haven’t commented on Mr. Stetler’s letter.

OK.  Are the emails from DC Leaks just gossip?

Why are you asking me?

Oops: without my glasses I just assumed it was you.

Can you understand why it appears you do not read what I post? I’ve been trying to tell you I didn’t write that comment for four posts.

I just figured you were being obtuse as usual.
Nonetheless, I got the points across in this thread that I wanted to.
Someday you may have cataracts and then you will understand why names above the comments that appear lighter to you appear faint as cataracts grow. I haven’t gotten into a hurry to have the surgery because my eyesight still corrects to 20/20.

Consider the possibility that my “obtuseness” is actually your misreading of what I’ve actually said. We have a prime example right here.

Mr. Iles, Ms. Kneisel’s mission here is not to discuss and clarify but only to attack anything deemed to be “progressive” but with minimal, misleading or incorrect information. She apparently wants to be a grownup player but she comes totally unprepared. Perfect obtuseness.

I ‘m fully aware of that, Mrs. Borgen. I just like pointing out her hypocrisy to her. Did you notice that even though she made the mistake, she still blamed me for it? Hilarious.

Mr. Iles, John Borgen, not like a number of other commenters here apparently using their mother’s subscription to enable them to comment in this space.

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