Printed Letters, September 1, 2016

Vote for service 
record, not a narcissist

On Tuesday, The Sentinel published a letter from Dan Bledsoe about the presidential candidates with the headline “Americans deserve better than Clinton.” If we deserve better, could it be because we treat the people who run so badly that the ones we would like to have won’t run?

Mr. Bledsoe states that Secretary Clinton “will, and already has, stooped to extremely low levels and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Period.” I certainly hope he is right that she will do what it takes to win, because no matter how low she stoops, she will never do the damage to this country and the world that a Donald Trump presidency would do.

Mr. Bledsoe claims, without providing any evidence or facts, that Trump is honest, and Clinton gives “lies, lies, and more lies.” There are fact checking websites – Politifact, Fact or Fiction, etc., and the evidence there does not bear out Mr. Bledsoe’s claim.

Trump claims he will force American corporations to bring their factories back to the US, but his brands are still made in Mexico and Asia. And you say he is being honest? Six corporate bankruptcies, leaving small businesses holding the bag does not seem to provide much evidence of business judgment.

In regard to his claim that he will institute “extreme vetting,” his prior campaign CEO was let go for being an unregistered agent of a foreign country. His current CEO has an arrest record for domestic violence. And Mr. Trump is going to do “extreme vetting?” When does he plan to start that?

It seems to me that anyone who looks at the facts – Clinton’s 40 years of service versus Trump’s 42 years of total self-aggrandizement, has to vote for the service record, not the narcissist. We may need a change, but the one Trump brings is not it. Do yourself a favor and vote for Secretary Clinton.

Grand Junction

Urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform

This Labor Day, let’s honor the hardworking men and women who keep America running. But let’s also remember the millions of aspiring Americans who are forced to work and live in the shadows due to our broken immigration system. Too many immigrant workers are justifiably afraid to speak up and assert their rights when their employer underpays, doesn’t pay at all or mistreats them on the job. Sadly, they have come to expect that this is the price they pay for working in America.

Our broken immigration system is being used by unscrupulous employers, large and small, and their political allies to drive down wages and standards for all working people. And yes, it is happening everyday right here in western Colorado. This year, let’s stand in solidarity with immigrant workers and communities by urging Congress to end their senseless gridlock and finally pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship and real job protections.

Grand Junction

Paper kept community well informed of airport dealings

I want to thank The Sentinel for the three airport-related articles in Sunday’s edition.

For years, now, we’ve read time and again of troubles at our airport: the manager fired; a building left incomplete (and subject to dilapidation if it wasn’t completely enclosed before winter); a contractor and subcontractors unpaid for work done; the FBI confiscating files and vehicles; allegations of fraud and racketeering; airport board members accused of fraud and theft; a wildlife fence that left wildlife access from the airport to the Bookcliffs, but excluded private pilots and airport businesses; long-time staff and employees quitting in disgust; our terminal building, ramp, and the runway itself in need of repair/replacement.

The list of embarrassments for our community went on and on.

It seems now that your staff’s vigilance and perseverance (attending and reporting on constant and interminable meetings, chasing the story from hither to yon, even printing letters to the editor from a group of aircraft owners with contradictory explanations of what was going on) have paid off, and, with a new board and, now, a new manager, we can finally mark the end of this long, difficult story and look to the future for our city and county’s airport.

The Sentinel has been our window onto the confusing goings-on at our airport and deserves a pat on the back for keeping us informed.

Grand Junction


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Thursday’s thoughtful letter from Don Bell (“Vote for service, not a narcissist”) lends further credence to the conclusion that Tuesday’s fact-free letter from Dan Bledsoe (“Americans deserve better than Clinton”) proved the truth of P.T. Barnum’s famous adage:  “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

While Bledsoe claimed that Donald Trump is “honest”, “tells it like it is”, and speaks “the truth”, multiple independent fact-checkers have authoritatively belied that fiction. 

Thus, for example, after Trump asserted in Mexico City yesterday that there had been no discussion as to who would pay for Trump’s ludicrous “wall”, Mexico’s President confirmed the contrary:  that he’d told Trump at the outset that Mexico would not ever pay for it.

Then, Trump’s much-anticipated “major immigration speech” last night in Phoenix turned out to be just another jumble of false
“facts” and specious “policy proposals”.  See :

Sentinel readers actually interested in the facts should also review the following:;;;

As suggested by Thursday’s front-page headline (“Trump vows to deport millions; Tough talk comes after milder words in Mexico City”), Trump is a venal two-faced demagogue who thrives by telling his latest audience what they want to hear – regardless of “facts” and/or consistency. 
Presumably, “Trump opens office in GJ” because he’s confident that less-educated rural Coloradans will swallow his spiel.  November’s the time to prove him wrong.

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