Printed letters, September 17, 2013

Last Tuesday’s recall results in Colorado Springs and Pueblo were very predictable.

Despite being outspent seven-to-one by the opposition, the grassroots, home-grown recall effort succeeded in throwing out of office two very arrogant politicians who not only passed legislation that violated constitutional rights, but also refused to give fair voice to debate those ill-conceived laws.

Politicians in Colorado and throughout the nation are now on notice that the Constitution and the people will prevail if put to the test by arrogant politicians who do not take their oaths of office seriously.

This past year, an out-of-control political party that does not value the Constitution or constituents who do not subscribe to its liberal ideologies has fractured Colorado to its core.

Several northern counties in Colorado are considering seceding, either to form their own state or to possibly join with Wyoming, as opposed to being under the rule of the liberal Democrats now running Colorado government. It is sad that this great state, with its tradition of being tourist-friendly, is becoming bitterly divided.

All because the Democrat Party wants to implement a tyrannical form of government that no longer values the constitutional republic form of government upon which this nation and this state were founded.



Recalls demonstrated citizens’ 
objections to abuse of power

The Daily Sentinel’s Sept. 12 editorial indicates that the editors do not understand what the constituents who oppose gun-control legislation are trying to accomplish with the recall election. The editorial indicates voters should have no choice when their elected officials do not represent them accurately.

To quote the editorial, recall is “a tool voters should use only to remove people from office who are seriously negligent …” In my opinion, it is negligence and abuse of power to blatantly disregard the majority’s directive.

I am not talking of the majority in the House and Senate. I speak of the citizens of Colorado, as illustrated in the recent recall election. These legislators and Gov. John Hickenlooper are mere puppets of their party, President Barack Obama and his cronies in Washington. They have no conscience or remorse when it comes to going against the voters. Citizens are left with a law that is poorly thought out, minimally researched and totally unacceptable.

I suggest the editors reread the article of the same date entitled “Colorado recalls show risk of supporting gun control.” Perhaps that will provide a little insight into the reason for the recall election and its outcome.


Grand Junction


Respect for Constitution 
led to ouster of Morse, Giron

As a lifelong educator, civics instructor and founder and administrator of the grassroots political movement Recall Colorado, I wanted to respond to the article written by Associated Press writer Colleen Slevin titled “Voters in historic recall angry over gun policies.”

She makes the assertion that voters who took part in the recent recall effort to oust former Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron were angry over “new limits on ammunition magazines and expanded background checks.” This illustrates the politically liberal mindset of those not versed in the meaning and history of our Constitution.

What liberals of any political persuasion fail to grasp, yet continue to advertise through left-leaning media, is that people who expect to be provided constitutional guarantees of freedom are somehow “angry” or are just “gun-rights activists.” This sort of journalistic bias tries to push the notion that those of us who simply appreciate freedom and the rights provided through the sacrifice of others who have gone before are somehow “out of touch.”

The bottom line is that the Constitution is still the supreme law of the land. In that document, we are provided a blueprint for how we can protect ourselves from an overreaching and tyrannical government that seeks to undermine our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The reason that we banded together to oust these so-called representatives is not because we are “angry” over new background checks or ammunition limits — we already have those and have had for some time. It is because those who represent us have failed to abide by the principles required of them in their oath of office. Politicians across America should take notice because “We the people” are starting to wake up.




Archery hunter lauded 
for turning in poachers

In my opinion, archery hunters are the cream of the crop when it comes to hunting ethics. They take great pride in “do it yourself,” “fair chase” hunting. When it comes to picking up trash in the woods, most archery hunters are packing out more than they packed in.

Kudos to the archery hunter who turned in the South Carolina poachers and to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s successful investigation. As an archery hunter, I hope the wildlife commission will give these four thugs a lifelong ban on hunting rights in Colorado. They earned it.


Grand Junction


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As suggested by Tim Pipe’s on-line letter today (“Constitution incorrectly cited in letters about recall election”), when Ray Langston (“Dems’ tyranny spurred recalls, secession drive”), John E. Smith (“Recalls demonstrated citizens’ objections to abuse of power”, and Dan Davidson (“Respect for Constitution led to ouster of Morse, Giron”), assert that gun laws are “unconstitutional” or government policies are “tyrannical”, they simply mean that they don’t like them. 

However, the substantive weakness of their position is betrayed by their own hyperbole.

In the “nation of laws” so treasured by gun-rights advocates, any legislative enactment is presumptively constitutional until a Supreme Court decides otherwise.  Thus, Langston’s claim that Colorado’s duly enacted statutes requiring universal background checks and limiting magazines to 15 rounds are “unconstitutional” is at best premature. 

As chronicled by the Sentinel, those statutes were “fairly” debated, and the proposed 10-round magazine limit was increased to 15 following a public hearing.  Closing the “gun show loophole” was even less controversial.

Of some 69,000 registered voters in SD 11, only 17,089 (25-%) voted.  Thus, the “power of the people” to oust the incumbent was exercised by only 9094 (12.5%) voters.  So, what that tally actually revealed was the indolence of common-sense gun-law supporters.

As Edmund Burke wrote, “All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing”.  As Dr. Janis Orlowski, Medstar Washington Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, opined after the Naval Yard mass shooting, “There’s something evil in our society that we as Americans have to work to try and eradicate.”

Gun violence has become a public health crisis – with some 85 Americans dying daily therefrom.  The redundant proliferation of guns in our society is statistically associated with the increasing frequency of mass shootings and gun deaths (including suicides).  If guns were tainted food, we’d all be demanding immediate action.

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