Printed letters, September 20, 2012

I would like to address the events throughout the Mideast, events that are undoubtedly spreading to other parts of the world.

On the pages of The Daily Sentinel and in its online edition, blame has been spread for the brutal invasions of our embassies and consulates — some of which is directed at the policymakers who have decided to placate an intractable foe — the same adversary who killed thousands of innocent Americans 11 years ago.

Yet, some of the blame on the pages of The Daily Sentinel has been directed at “evangelical Christians” for their supposed “intolerance” of Islamic beliefs. Certainly, there are some who claim the title of “Christian” but engage in hateful acts against Islam. Yet, the vast majority of believers in Jesus Christ are living out his words that direct us to love our enemies, to pray for them.

The film which is being blamed by al-Qaida-sponsored groups was produced by rogue individuals and promoted by those on the far, far fringes of Christianity. To bundle the actions of a few who have warped the teachings of Christ to justify hatred — something that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus — in with the rest of us who serve Jesus Christ is ludicrous.

It is also ludicrous to indict an entire faith, Islam, for the murderous actions of a few who have warped its teachings. The editorial staff of The Daily Sentinel needs to take a stand on this issue. To indict evangelical Christianity for the sins of those who are only marginally related to it is an affront to the majority of believers who live its teachings in quiet peace. It is truly intolerance of the faith that built this nation — the world’s beacon of tolerance and acceptance.


Grand Junction

Columnist was wrong 
about Obama apologies

Like so many Democrats, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus can’t see the truth behind the smoke of partisan politics.

President Barack Obama apologized all over the place for the United States. Didn’t she really watch or read any of those foreign-soil speeches?

So, she chastises Romney’s comments, but doesn’t have anything to say about our commander in chief campaigning in Las Vegas and not even knowing the names of the murdered Americans.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Obama rolled out the red carpet for the terrorists gaining power in Libya and Egypt. A few left-wing journalists still don’t seem to care that there is a purposeful teardown of the U.S. going on.

Yes, Ruth Marcus, the foreign installations should have indeed been prepared for retaliation on 9/ll.

Muslims can murder, decapitate, torture and deliberately seek to kill anyone they consider infidels, but then we should apologize for saying anything about Islam?

Come on! Can’t we get realistic? Forget political correctness and partisan politics and call a spade a spade?




LWV applies guidelines
for candidate forums

The League of Women Voters of Mesa County will host a candidates forum beginning at 7 p.m. Oct. 2 at the Grand Junction City Auditorium.

The purpose of League-sponsored election projects is fourfold: To educate the public about the candidates and issues; to prove an opportuntiy for voters to have candidates discuss those issues; to stimulate public interest and participation in elections; and to provide an opportunity for the public to engage their candidates in person.

The League believes these purposes are best served by adoption of nonpartisan, objective and understandable written criteria for candidate inclusion. To that end, the League will apply the following guidelines in determining whether candidates have the right to participate in League-sponsored debates, forums, publication and website guides.

✓ Constitutional eligibility. The candidate must meet the requirements of the state and/or U.S. Constitution.

✓ Ballot access. The candidate must meet all requirement to be on the ballot, according to state election laws.

Also, the candidate must be a significant candidate for the office for which he or she is running. Proof of that significance can be assessed by considering a number of factors that might include:

✓ Recognition by the media as a candidate meriting attention.

✓ Evidence of a significant level of financial support and receipt of contribution from a significant number of contributors.

✓ Evidence that a formal campaign is being waged, such as the presence of a headquarters, campaign staff, issuance of position papers, campaign appearances, fundraising activites, etc.

✓ Receipt of 5 percent support in one or more current nonpartisan public opinion polls.

The League of Women Voters will exercise its good-faith judgment in determining candidate eligibility. It is the League’s intention to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Based on the above criteria, a final determination of eligibility for participation will be made by the board of directors of the League of Women Voters of Mesa County.


LWV of Mesa County

Grand Junction


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Like so many rabid Obama-haters, Carol Abbott “can’t see the truth behind the smoke of partisan politics”.

Thus, first, President Obama never “apologized all over the place for the United States” – Abbott’s jaded misinterpretation of his “foreign-soil speeches” notwithstanding.

Rather, as chronicled by Bill Scher of the “progressive” Nation of Change (and not contradicted by any “conservative” fact-checkers), Mitt Romney’s “apology” claim was one of “The Top 13 Lies in Modern Republican Convention History” – ranking eighth.

Lest Abbott entertain and/or repeat other Republican falsehoods, the following lies from the 2012 Republican convention also made Scher’s “Top 13” list:

At number six was Paul Ryan’s lie about the GM plant in his district that closed in 2008 – before President Obama was inaugurated – but which Ryan blamed on Obama (not Bush) and which he cited as proof that President Obama’s “auto bailout” was unsuccessful.

At number four was Ryan’s boldface lie that President Obama had “stolen” $716 billion from Medicare – falsely implying that this sum came from reducing recipients’ benefits rather than from eliminating provider subsidies, while concealing the fact that his own “budget” relied on those same “savings” to fund further tax cuts for the already wealthy.

At number two was Ryan’s lie that President Obama had “done nothing on the debt”, when by Executive Order he had created the same Bowles-Simpson “bipartisan debt commission” upon which Ryan served but whose recommendations Ryan voted against.

At number one was Romney’s outrageous lie that President Obama would raise taxes on the “middle class”, but Romney wouldn’t.  Obama’s plan would not raise taxes on earned income below $250,000, while Romney’s plan would increase taxes on income between $100,000 and $250,000 – thus impacting thousands of successful “job creating” small businesses.

While Ryan’s was considered “The Most Dishonest Convention Speech Ever”, Romney’s was deemed the most outrageous lie – ever.  Now Abbott too joins that “cool-aid club”.

                Bill Hugenberg

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