Printed Letters: September 21, 2017

‘In God we trust’ is 
being challenged

Throughout the history of mankind, religion has been used to build the moral foundation of a culture. This is the case today in both Christian and Muslim cultures. The major difference is many Muslim cultures tend to be lacking in protecting both women and gays.

In the U.S., our culture is based on Judaic/Christian values. Our Constitution protects those with other religious beliefs and atheists. However, those protections were never intended to oppress Christians. In the past few weeks we have seen prominent Democratic senators attacking judicial appointments because they feared these nominees were devout Christians. They could point to no abuse of the law by these nominees who are already lower court judges. This should not surprise us because there is a notable push by progressive Democrats toward a secular society that restricts people who they deem to be too religious.

“In God we trust” is being challenged. We have always respected all religions and recently we have done a better job of respecting those with alternative lifestyles. However, it seems the exception is now being made the rule. For example, marriage has always been between one man and one woman. Today, progressives try to make you feel naïve for seeing value in this. Has humanity for thousands of years gotten this wrong? We should not attack those with alternative lifestyles, but they are called alternative for a reason. We are down the rabbit hole on this issue and many others.

We need to wake up and protect our religious freedom. Reject the attack by this progressive secularization movement.


It’s not government’s job to pick energy winners/losers

The idea that an oil and gas project on public lands could be treated equally with wind and solar projects is sort of amazing to me, and quite encouraging. The Interior Department is something of a throwback, as they seem to take seriously the multiple-use doctrine originally intended for lands that we all own.

This quote from Kathleen Sgamma is especially pertinent: “The order still retains the public comment process. By having EISs of a reasonable length, the public will be able to more easily digest and comment on them instead of having to wade through thousands of pages of bureaucratic speak. The Interior Department under President Obama was able to get wind and solar EISs approved in a reasonable timeframe of nine to 15 months, so there’s no reason this Interior Department can’t do the same for all types of projects.”

It’s not the government’s job to pick energy winners and losers, and the NEPA review brevity mandate pays heed to that.

Grand Junction

Support community and D51 by voting YES on 3A and 3B

Although we are now sending our child to a private school, we support Mesa County District 51 schools in raising property taxes. The news reports the tax increase should only cost about $5 to $10 per month. Four years ago we sent our child to Wingate Elementary for kindergarten. We appreciated the free admission testing that evaluated more than 500 kids but which accepted only about five students into the half-day kindergarten. Funding prevented more than 495 students from attending! The kindergarten classes were great and Wingate offered lots of extra learning opportunities, including music and chess club. However, we were not happy with the after-school program that forced K-6 graders into a detention-like atmosphere. We moved our child to Holy Family Catholic School and have seen many great improvements, including kids respecting elders.

As a baseball coach for Monument Little League, we saw lots of behavior issues with kids, especially those attending public schools. We all need to do more to raise our expectations on appropriate behavior and civility.

We are dismayed at the attitude some people have about not wanting to support kids and schools in making necessary repairs to decaying buildings that are over 40 years old, providing better safe conditions for students, teachers, and administrators, and creating a community that provides outstanding opportunities for our youth — our future.

Please support our community and D51 by voting yes on 3A and 3B.

Grand Junction

By becoming a sell-out, Hillary Clinton lost power to lead

What Really Happened? Hillary continually deludes herself that she is viable, despite the fact that she lives in a bubble between her truly noble ideals and the reality of getting lip service from funders. She hasn’t detected any conflict of interests — ever.

She’s not really her own person, nor has she ever been. That’s what happened. Anyone who “sells out,” loses the power to lead, be they man or woman.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Kearsley, so now your issue is “progressive secularization”. Exactly who is trying to force themselves on others? It is not progressives. Progressives want to keep government out of religion and vice versa. Anything beyond is criticism of believing in make-believe entities and “laws” for behavior and control of others.
Can we assume that your letter writing has to do with more than just beliefs but is a concerted marketing effort for your business to demonstrate that you are a “true believer” and deserve their business? Free exposure! What could be better?

What is this obsession with Ms. Clinton which such as Mr. Stewart have?  Let’s put it bluntly and refer to it as what it really is, a personal obsession, and one that is based on little else than personal emotion. 

Perhaps Mr.Stewart believes that one should speak only with those who agree with us or with whom we agree.  That, some of us have found, is always counter productive.  Perhaps Mr. Stewart does not want a “leader” but a “dictator”.  This is not surprising as most people always have, and continue looking for one.

Mr. Stewart, as well as many others, need to move away from “personalities” and begin looking at ideas and concepts instead.

Thanks to Mesa’s peripatetic partisan Dave Kearsley for confirming the coalescence of unprincipled “conservatism”, malevolent Republicanism, empty-headed Trumpism, and self-righteous religiosity (“’In God we trust’ is being challenged”) – which is precisely why the magical thinking and hypocrisy of “In God we trust” should be challenged.

To paraphrase Kearsley, “throughout the history of mankind, religion has been used to” explain what humans could not yet comprehend about the natural world they lived in.  Along the way, evolving religious beliefs encompassed cultural principles of morality, ethics, and law which shared one thing in common – some version of the Golden Rule.

Inherent in many religiously-hidebound cultures were those who questioned or doubted the self-ordained priests when their prescriptions and/or prophesies proved unreliable.  Some were crucified, some were burned at the stake, and some were tortured by the Inquisition (all in the name of “Christianity”), and some recanted to save themselves.

While the U.S. Constitution is clearly “based on Judaic/Christian values”, the Founders (albeit nominally “believers” in Providence) were all well-aware of the atrocities committed by various “christian” sects against one another – even in the American colonies.  Thus, the purpose of the First Amendment was to secularize our government by keeping it out of religion - and vice versa.  Therefore, while Kearsley pays lip service to Constitutional protections for “other religious beliefs and atheists”, he refuses to recognize that the First Amendment was indeed intended to thwart (“oppress?” Christians who would subvert it.

Consequently, Senators Feinstein (Jewish) and Durbin (Catholic) recently had good reason to question Trump’s federal judicial nominee Amy Barrett (Catholic) about her personal commitment to “orthodox Catholic dogma” – which irreconcilably conflicts with American women’s constitutionally protected right to chose an abortion (at least, prior to “viability”).

The 14th Amendment sought to secularize the Golden Rule by guaranteeing
“the equal protection of the laws”, but so-called “Christians” have used their religion to justify slavery, racial segregation, and discrimination against other minorities, women, gays, and now transgender citizens.  Thus, it’s high time we returned to “E Pluribus Unum” (From Many, One).

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