Printed Letters: September 22, 2017

Let’s pay for children’s improvement

It occurred to me just the other day the volume of work that was taking place on the roads in my community. Though I was occasionally frustrated with the disruption, I was thrilled with the number of improvements. What a blessing after so much deferred maintenance; new pavement, quality chip seal, new roadways!

It was only after a drive down a stretch of Riverside Parkway, seeing the signage acknowledging Measures 2A and 2B that I realized that it was our vote as a taxpaying public that allowed these road improvements to very quickly take place.

I am writing not merely to speak to the wonder of new roads, but to the bigger issue of how wise communities see themselves, and deal (as a group) with their needs. More fundamental than rights-of-way are the elemental needs of our local school district; School District 51. If we are willing to indebt ourselves for the improvement of our roadways (as seems right), how can we not indebt ourselves for the improvement of our children? And yes, your children are my future. The argument has been made that 3A and 3B are not the answer; that all monies should go to the classroom and to teaching. In my mind that is naive. No institution the size of School District 51 exists without enormous physical plant, without “layers of administration” to accomplish day-to-day tasks. The city and county are good examples; efficiencies even in times of very low tax revenue.

It has been flippantly said that taxing the public does not produce prosperity. Of course it doesn’t, it merely creates the kind of positive, forward thinking, educated environment where prosperity flourishes. I know how I will vote (and why)... do you?

Grand Junction

Voice of people not heard on North name change

I’m sure that when City Council decided to go forward with the name change from North Avenue to University Boulevard they didn’t anticipate the level of controversy that would result from it. I have seen posts on both sides as to the reasons why it should or shouldn’t be changed. I myself have written to the City Council letting them know my concerns with their decision. I wanted to clarify my personal concerns with this particular issue. It rests in the very foundations that our forefathers intended our government to stand upon — the very first words in our national Constitution…“We The People.”

As it clearly states in the Declaration of Independence: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

In short, this means that the government gets its power from the people. This sadly hasn’t been a reality for our national, state, and now — so it seems — our local government. In my opinion, there are many good personal and economic reasons why the name change shouldn’t occur, but for me it runs so much deeper than this. There is a moral factor that in such a huge decision that effects so many of us, our city government failed to allow our voices to be heard. Few made a decision for the many and that is something that should concern us all. I can accept a name change if it was something that the majority of people within the community agreed to. I cannot, however, accept the fact that the city felt that it was acceptable to take away the voice of its people.

So, as a citizen of this community I will sign the petition against the name change. I encourage every citizen to do the same — not because you agree or disagree or maybe don’t even care about the name change — but as a sign to our local government that here in Mesa County the voice of the people will continue to be heard.

Grand Junction

American people are 
tired of politics as usual

The political establishment still doesn’t get it. The reason that Trump was elected is that we’re tired of “politics as usual.”

We are fed up with congressmen passing laws and exempting themselves, becoming multimillionaires on $200,000 salaries, and giving billions (almost $19 billion in 2016) to other countries while our veterans receive substandard care.

We’re tired of our government poorly performing one of its few legitimate functions, border control. We’re fed up with government allowing millions of illegal immigrants (and dangerous criminals and drugs) into our country so that liberals can increase voter rolls and businesses can get cheap labor while our schools and prisons are overburdened, hospitals are bankrupted, and millions of citizens are unemployed.

We’re tired of seeing food stamps and welfare abused by ever-increasing numbers of the “gimme” society being established by government handouts. (Watch all the junk food paid for with food stamps by people wearing brand-name clothes and brand-new tattoos.)

We’re weary of politicians and government officials who cheat, steal, lie, seduce, molest, and sext. We’re tired of “pay to play.” We’re tired of sending idealistic representatives to Washington to have them contaminated by a system grown so tainted by money and power that corruption is rife and, worse, accepted.

If we don’t reduce government to its constitutional limits and institute term limits to minimize corruption, “Atlas Shrugged” will soon become a reality.



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Ms. Pell, I hear very often that we are not a democracy, but a republic. That supposedly means we have others who we vote into office that we rely on to govern us. You will have the opportunity to vote NO on those who in your opinion, have voted incorrectly.

North Avenue is an old fashioned junk business street that seems to follow no known kind of codes and zoning. The city has agreed to spend a lot of money in making it appear as if it belongs in 2017. They also believe a name change is in order to ally the street with the fact that we have a university in town and it is important.
You have every right to register your disapproval in any way you can but, at this point, it has to be at the ballot box. That’s the way the system works. If they are rascals, throw them out, or at least try to.

Ms. Many, you have listed all of the things you see and hear on conservative media, not to mention tweets and Facebook posts. Almost all of these have been proven time and again to be bogus. Why are you still spreading them?
I didn’t see a solution for all these problems in your post. Yes, you said that voting people you like would only be contaminated when they went to congress. We know what you say you want but you apparently don’t have a clue as to how to make it happen.
I have yet to see you bitch about our election system. How can your chosen candidate be elected, or re-elected, without bundles of money, primarily from those who buy reps that you elected? Do you have a clue how the Supreme Court enters into this? They have pretty much said ” let ‘er rip” with money in elections. I believe, as apparently you do, that elected reps are not beholden to you, but to their donors. Those donors don’t believe even close to what you want. Why do you continue to support them? They are your enemy, not your friend.
When you want to discuss politics how about knowing something about what you say, preferably the truth, from a respected source? You may respect Hannity, for instance,  but in the real world he is a dangerous clown. We have a mess but it is the way our system works and you seem to not understand that those you support are diametrically opposed to what you say you want.

Mr. Borgen, stop the name calling.
Let’s see you refute Ms. Many’s excellent points one by one.

Mr. Meyers.

Having looked over Mr. Borgen’s post carefully, I have seen no “name calling”, as you put it.  Perhaps you could point one out, or are you once again “inferring” that he did.

“You may respect Hannity, for instance,  but in the real world he is a dangerous clown”.  Second to last sentence in Borgen’s post.  Any more questions?

LOL!  Right on Mr. Blosser.

No, Ms. Many, Trump was not elected because people are tired of “politics as usual”. He was elected because of individuals like yourself who are in constant search of some “savior” that will protect them and take care of them, with all that is required in turn is do blindly do what they are told to do and believe what they are told to believe. In other words, they lack the courage to have an identity and a life of their own and, as such is the case, nobody else should either.

Such as Ms. Many when they see something they don’t like, will never look for the primary cause of things, and will therefore end up treating only symptoms, never the disease.  That is true whether it is crime, poverty, etc.  And, in their haste will always end up blaming those “others” or “It’s their fault, because they are the ones that failed”. Such as Ms. Many never really look at themselves or to their own failures for they, or so they believe, are either blameless or better than those “others”, and thereby deserving of more; i.e. entitled to more.

Meyers and Blosser, they are called comments. You comment on this venue, I shouldn’t? You have a public voice here. So do I . In fact it is you that take offense of what someone observes that you don’t agree with. You seem to thrive on alternative facts which means that they are not even meant to be true, by definition.

Meyers: Hannity is an con man and a danger because people like you believe him. It is a lucrative business and has nothing to do with his beliefs. He relishes the fact that you think he has something valuable to say. It is more money in his pocket. Aren’t you offended by being taken for a sucker? Yeah, he deserves what ever I call him. He deserves name calling.

Mr. Borgen, congratulations on your admission that Mr. Blosser and I are allowed to have a voice here.
I don’t watch Sean Hannity, but somehow he’s so potent I “get his message through the atmosphere?”.  I think your tin foil hat has slipped!
So are you attacking Hannity now (for the first time) because his show is moved so he’ll be going directly against Rachel Madcow for ratings, or are you responding to the Media Matters campaign to get him off the air?
I know you are a good little soldier, so you keep on keepin’ on following your marching orders and I’ll continue to enjoy sitting back and watching you try to reinvent yourself over and over.

Mr. Laitres, Ms Many, “hit the nail on the head”.  The things she discussed are real primary problems that need to be addressed.  Accusing her of being in search of a savior is bizarre.  I have a feeling every one of us “NOT HILLARY” voters were saying no to business as usual in the form of Obama 2.0, I know that was the case for me.  There was only one alternative…..get it?
We took a chance on the unknown to avoid the known.

Meyers,  and you lost, big time! Trump could care less for those like you. You are kidding yourself if you think Trump is all-in for people who could also care less about your well-being.

Mr. Borgen, can you tell me why you think Hillary gives a damn about anyone else’s well being?  Remember, there were 2 candidates.  One was going to be president.  We chose NOT Hillary.

Wow, so the Mods removed Mr. Blosser’s post from this thread.  Is it because he used the “t” word?  The one that Borgen gets away with using all the time?

Mr. Meyers.
  While you may personally believe that Ms. Many has “hit the nail on the head” as you refer to it, it is (in my own opinion)only because such as yourself want to believe it, and for no other reason.  Reading Ms. Many’s letter, it is all to evident that while she likes to point at those “others”, she does not present any solution, and not even any positive suggestion.  Therefore, some of us would characterize her as nothing more than a whiner, which far to many really are, that accompanied with a hefty dose of “self-pity” (with the two all too frequently closely intertwined).  As to the analogy of “hitting the nail on the head”, some of us look at her opinion and see someone who not only has not “hit the nail on the head” but missed the nail altogether, that is provided she even knows what a nail is.

You can say it, Mr. Laitres.  Ms Many is pointing at the political establishment in Washington, DC.  Better known as “the Swamp”.
She does offer a solution, “reduce the government to its constitutional limits”. 
Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired.

Look closer to home, Mr. Meyers, as that is where it begins.  In other words, what you an Ms. Many do is look everywhere but what is happening in your own community.  Perhaps you and Ms. Many have never learned to do that, but “point far away”, which is all too frequently due to a lack of courage and integrity, or simply used to divert the attention from one’s own failures.  After all, if it is someone else’s fault, it cannot possibly be mine.

Mr. Laitres, Personal attacks on Ms. Many and me for having an opinion are totally inappropriate and you are just continuing to make a fool of yourself.  If you are looking for someone who seems to lack courage and integrity I suggest he’s as close as your bathroom mirror.
Ms Many identified a problem, expanded on it, and offered a solution in the 250 or 300 words allowed for a LTE.  Now you want to whine about the local level. 
Tell you what…’ll be talking to yourself.

Oh yes, Mr. Laitres, One more thing.  As usual you will blame someone else.

Part 2:

Many has every reason to be “weary” of dishonest pastors, politicians, commentators, and government officials – particularly those who hypocritically espouse family values and patriotism in public while cheating, stealing, lying, seducing, molesting, sexting, and/or colluding with the Russians in secret – but by now (after falsely accusing Hillary of corruption) should be tired of the most blatant “pay to play” administration in history
Meanwhile, the rest of us should be “tired” of Many and her ilk pontificating about lost Constitutional idealism – when they elected and still blindly accept the corruption of “a blundering dotard” President and a venal Republican Congress more “tainted by money and power” than any of their predecessors, and when their only policy prescriptions are to “throw the baby out with the bath water” when it comes to health care and to mindlessly cut taxes for the already wealthy (to be “paid for” by imaginary economic growth and increased deficit spending), while reflexively railing against the National Debt.

Perhaps John McCain now “gets it”, but – reliant as they appear to be on “Faux Noise”—Angie and many others certainly do not.

Part 1:

Thanks to Eckert’s Angie Many for chronicling why the “American people are tired of politics as usual” – a litany that exposes why so many of them were so easily conned by Donald Trump.  Now, the real question is when they will realize that “politics as usual” and “regular order” are preferable to what they are getting for their misguided votes.

Of course, contrary to Many’s assertion, both the Republican and Democratic “political establishments” do “get it”:  the former’s wealthy campaign contributors expect to get the huge tax cuts they paid for, while the latter can only hope that the American people will also eventually tire of Trump’s faithless incompetence and instead will “Lock him up”.

Apparently, Many still mistakenly believes that Congress exempted itself from the ACA,  but not that Trump’s Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price (who is now in charge of the nation’s health care programs) may have violated the STOCK Act (“Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge’) by trading in pharmaceutical stocks while introducing legislation that increased their value; or that foreign aid is preferable to foreign wars; or that Republicans’ “repeal and replace” crusade would deprive thousands of veterans of their insurance, thereby doubling the VA’s patient load when it has 50,000 personnel vacancies which Trump has failed to fill.

Obviously, Many still thinks our borders are “out of control” (even though apprehensions have reached “a 17-year low”, per Trump), but still doesn’t appreciate that illegal entrants make a net positive contribution to our tax base or that Trump’s immigration crackdown could cost the economy $5 trillion in lost growth over the next decade; or that smuggling wouldn’t be a problem if white Americans didn’t buy illegal drugs; or that only legal (or legalized) immigrants can ever obtain the right to vote; or that racist Republicans are determined to suppress the votes of U.S. citizens; or that scofflaw businessmen (often, Republicans) prefer “cheap labor” to rigorous enforcement of existing laws; or that the crime rate among illegal immigrants is lower than for legal residents; or that schools are overburdened because educated immigrants cost less than uneducated ones (but locals vote down property tax hikes); or that prisons are overburdened by disparate sentencing for minor drug offenses; or that hospitals are being bankrupted by Red State Republicans’ refusal to expand Medicaid; and/or that unemployment is at its lowest since 2008.

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