Printed Letters: September 23, 2016

Government keeps shutting things down

It’s never going to stop. Government and radical environmentalists just keep shutting down activities and lands. And we keep letting them. It started with logging. As a result, Western forests are now full of dead and dying trees and forest fires burn more acres and homes every year.

Increasing numbers of people are evacuated. Carbon from people (vehicles/utilities) is terrible, but carbon-laden smoke from massive and numerous forest fires somehow poses no problems?

It moved to mining. Mining, which supplies all the materials that farming and logging don’t, became an evil use of land. Now many of our mining jobs — including energy production — are overseas.

We have so many restrictions on farmers and ranchers that it is often cheaper to import our food. So we now eat food from countries that don’t have our pesticide/herbicide restrictions, and somehow that food is OK.

Meanwhile, they’ve put farmers, ranchers, miners, and loggers out of business and crippled far too many small communities.

But they didn’t stop at legislating major operators out of business. Now they’re after the weekend prospector, putting more and more land off-limits to recreational miners and putting nonsensical restrictions on them. Ditto for OHV riders.

And now the BLM wants to put limitations on 8,560 acres of our local ‘dobies because a Colorado Hookless Cactus exists in (according to one account) 2,000 acres of it, “to protect downstream waters,” and because “fragile soil” might be eroded. What in heck created the ‘dobies anyway? Erosion is fine when nature does it, but evil if people contribute?

Never say never when government is involved. They can always find something more to shut down. It’s never going to stop — unless people stand up and stop it.


Tipton needs to move 
on from coal

I guess Tipton has no other claim to fame — look at Mesa County’s economy — so he debates coal.

What rock has he been under? At least 40 years ago, people dropped coal furnaces in their homes because yes, gas was cleaner. Corporate America and government: look at Rifle’s big solar field along I-70. We have decided that gas, solar and wind are better sources of energy. Look at eastern Colorado and northern Colorado’s big wind farms. China is moving away from coal. In China’s case it’s well documented, as during the Olympics, the air was dirty from coal-fired factories.

So, Tipton, where are coal’s customers? It’s a matter of supply and demand: the demand in down, so move on!


Sentinel didn’t fail in 
reporting on Powell’s emails

Gary Stetler’s letter to the editor last Friday chastised The Sentinel for what he called “false equivalency” in reporting General Colin Powell’s emails blasting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Powell, a prominent Republican, expressed different views of Clinton (ambitious, greedy and non-transformational) and Trump (a national disgrace, an international pariah with racist leanings for promoting the Birther movement). Stetler stated that Powell revealed completely different views of Clinton and Trump. Powell went on to say he would find it difficult to vote for Clinton and voting for Trump is a danger to the country.

I fail to see where the media erred in it’s reporting. Colin Powell has different opinions of Clinton and Trump. If that doesn’t sit well with Stetler, it’s Trump’s fault, not the media’s.

Grand Junction

Which letter to the editor are we to believe?

In the letters to the editor on Sept. 9, David Kearsley of Mesa endorsed Donald Trump. His letter is essentially a rehash of Trump’s latest television commercial claiming that he will create jobs and help the middle class. He also intimates that Trump “projects strength and those who will threaten us will think twice in facing him.” Is this the same Trump who regularly expresses his “man crush” for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? Is this the same Trump who changes his mind on policies from day to day, perhaps hour to hour depending on his audience? Or perhaps the one who will not reveal his plans, other than to fire some generals, because he has no plans?

On March 18, The Sentinel printed a letter from Mr. Kearsley in which he told us “Trump cannot unite our party.” He also pointed out that Trump admitted to “gaming the system all his life.” Lastly, in expressing his support for Sen. Ted Cruz and impliedly comparing Cruz to Trump stated, “Senator Cruz is not an embarrassment.”

Which Kearsley are we to believe, the one who now supports Donald Trump or the one who led us to believe that Trump is an “embarrassment” six months ago?

Grand Junction


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Such as Mr. Many need to divest themselves of the past, and stop attempting to live in it. Their view of it is, as it is for far too many, but a romanticized version, and very much self-serving. 

As human knowledge expands (at least for some)it is incumbent upon everyone to use that new knowledge to improve things, either change the things we are doing or doing them in a better way.  Those who fail to do so are not only neglectful but irresponsible.  That is true in all facets, and extends to everything, even to the field of energy, forests, and the use of public lands.  The latter, by the way, are owned by the public.

Far too many (such as Mr. Many) apparently believe that they don’t only own what they hold title to, but own anything else they can get their hands on.  That type of thinking revolves around one central belief they have, “The entire universe revolves around me” or “I am the center of the universe”.  They are also individuals who have answered the question “Does anything matter but money (and the things it can purchase)”, with a resounding “NO”.  Therefore they are individuals who have a totally materialistic core value and therefore they reduce the value of the human being to little else than a material thing, just as they would their car, their house, their bank account, etc.

This election is really all about two fundamental core values, and it is seen in the candidates and what they represent.  On the one hand we have Ms. Clinton who, while she may not be perfect (nobody is)sees that the responsibility of government is to all of the people.  On the other hand, we have Mr. Trump who is the candidate of what has been referred to as “affluenza”, infected with that virus almost since birth, and who has displayed the symptoms, acted accordingly all of his life, and infected many along the way.

No, Mr. Many, don’t look at the government (or should we say “gubmint” for those think as you do, look at yourself as you are supposedly part of that “government” (or “gubmint”, as see what you really “bring to the table” when discussing issues. Is it humanism or materialism?  Is it your acceptance of your responsibilities and obligations as a human being and as a citizen, or is merely the “Me, myself and I, here and now”?

Thank you Mr. Laitres for reminding me why I won’t miss this website.

Having one’s preconceptions challenged is often uncomfortable, Mrs. Kneisel. Its often rewarding too, but its obviously not for everyone.

No, having your comments “disappear” makes it obvious commenting here is a waste of time.

Perhaps there will be less of that once you’re no longer here.

That’s right.  You should be so proud.  You’ve run off another person who dares disagree with you.  We can’t have people here who dare to think for themselves!!!

No, someone is taking their ball and running home because they refuse to think for themselves.

Awww.  You’re so bright.  (sarcasm)  I’m not going “home” by any means, but there are a lot of interesting people to “converse” with online and none of them are here anymore.  It’s far more interesting than refighting the same ole battles with you and your little friends over an over because you can never get past your personal insults to me.

Have a nice night, Mrs. Kneisel. It was never personal for me. Sorry it was for you.

You saw the last exchange I had with Borgen.  That’s fairly typical for this place.  Who needs it?

It doesn’t have to be. Its your choice.

I cannot change other people, Mr. Iles.  I can only change myself and this is not a place for me.
Besides, I told these people in the past “If my comments that are within their stated TOS disappear again it’s Bye Bye”.  And more comments did disappear and it’s Bye Bye.

Bye, bye then. I wish you well in your preferred discussion site where you can ban someone for daring to disagree with you. Obviously that’s more to your liking.

People don’t get banned for disagreeing.  They get banned for being jerks!!!  And yes, I do like that.

But you get to decide who qualifies as a “jerk”. Your time here has shown that you define anyone who disagrees with you as a jerk, so…

The last jerk who got banned called a regular poster “trailer trash” because she said she buys things @ the Dollar Store.  The Dollar store is the only store within 50 miles of her house, but he didn’t know that.  The MOD told him, You don’t come here and call my regular bloggers Trailer Trash. 
Comments never vanish unless they are leaving with someone like the trailer trash guy.  btw that was 6 months of so ago.

Well, you’ll have someone there to protect your delicate sensibilities then. I’m guessing he was a liberal?

I have no idea what his political persuasion was.  Politics had nothing to do with his interaction with my friends.

The night I joined I was checking the place out and this guy (I think it was a guy) wrote a whole nasty paragraph about something some other person had written.  Turns out she’s ESL and she wrote it the best she could.  I was able to figure out what she meant.  I copied the whole thing and sent it to the MOD. who I had just met that night.  By the time I refreshed to go back and see what she did with that nasty comment it was gone along with the guy who wrote it.  The little gal he picked on never knew it happened because it was late @ night.

Ms. Kneisel;
  It would seem that any time someone disagrees with you, or with someone you agree, you take it personally and as a personal affront.  Your current post in response to my initial comment indicates just such a reaction.  Well, Ms. Kneisel, if you are not prepared (either intellectually or emotionally)to respond to the issues or points others raise, that might by your fault and not theirs.  Perhaps you might be more comfortable in an environment where you agree with everyone else, and everyone else agrees with you.  You won’t learn anything new, but that is your choice.

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