Printed Letters: September 29, 2017

Clean air is an 
invaluable public good

On Sept. 24, the Sentinel ran an op-ed touching on the importance of funding the methane rule. If the rule is not funded, operators can burn methane off into the atmosphere and leak methane through inadequately inspected equipment.

This methane threatens our air quality everywhere; especially with the inversion we see every winter that traps polluted air for days or weeks at a time. Methane is harsh on our lungs and asthma attacks spike during these inversions. I don’t want to have to worry about clean air when I’m enjoying beautiful sunny days outside with my family.

Thankfully, Colorado is a leader in preventing leaked methane and as the op-ed says, “state leak detection and repair reports show the average leaks identified per inspections dropped by an incredible 83 percent from 2014 to 2015.” That is good news, but our neighbors in Utah and New Mexico don’t have a similar public health rule in place and methane pollution doesn’t stop at state lines. So, the methane leaked and burned off in our neighboring states blows over here.

Congressman Scott Tipton, I voted for you. Please place greater value on our public health and fight to protect our air quality in Mesa County. Don’t defund a rule that protects our clean air.

Grand Junction

North’s name and businesses both need to be saved

After starting to work on saving the North Avenue name, I have come to realize that it is not just the name we are trying to save, but also the businesses on North Avenue. I would drive down North Avenue but never really took the time to look at the businesses. I have also realized that it is sad to see so many storefronts empty. That is what is so confusing — how changing the name to University Boulevard will help the economy.

I see it as enticing new businesses to come to North Avenue (University Boulevard), while shunning the existing ones. I really don’t see how changing the name is going to help. I see it costing unnecessary money to the existing businesses that are already struggling. Instead, why not use that money to help the remaining businesses with painting so that they catch peoples’ eyes when driving by. Or better yet, go in with the county to help put in sidewalks after 29 Road.

I do want to add one more thing. We are not against the students at CMU. We actually have friends and family that attend school and work there. So to bring in that is a low blow.


Community desperately needs to pass measures 3A and 3B

This community desperately needs to pass measures 3A and 3B to support our schools. It’s true that fancy buildings aren’t necessary for learning, but many of our buildings are deteriorating to the point where basic safety is being compromised. And the reason our students have so few school days — far fewer than the state and national averages — is a direct result of past budget cuts. 3A and 3B will stop the bleeding and put five days back into the school calendar.

There is a detailed plan, and you can read it at It includes replacing roofs and fire alarms and outdated textbooks. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Grand Junction

Worldviews are principles by which we live and govern

I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Fisk, that this country is not a theocracy. In fact, the Constitution prohibits Congress from making any law “respecting the establishment” of a religion. It also protects the rights of those exercising any form of thought thereunder. Even your secular worldview, which is a realm of thought, is protected!

Where I take issue is when you say Christians should not practice their religion as a “guide for government.” Tell me then, what should guide these Christians when making important moral decisions? Shall they adopt your secular humanism or atheism? Shall they suspend the underpinnings of their worldview in order to partake in governance? A worldview is not developed or adopted just to practice “at home.” Worldviews, including yours Mr. Fisk, are the guiding principle by which we live our lives, and this includes governance. The Constitution strongly discourages one vein of thought from monopolizing the public arena, and promotes the debate of ideas and the vetting of proposed legislation in a public forum before they become law. Laws are by definition a moral code, which are enshrined by the public officials and enforced for the amelioration of society.

Good sir, you have the right to your opinion and the freedom to practice whichever worldview you deem fit, at home or in the public sector. However, you do not have the freedom from religion in the public square. If you want freedom from religion, or any thought you deem deficient, stay at home!



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Cody Davis, secular humanism or atheism? You absolutely should follow your worldview AS HOW TO LIVE WITH OTHERS but liberals of all kinds take exemption to any mixture of religion and government. There is no effort to infringe on people’s religion and their right to it except to keep strict separation between government and religion. This is a country , a lot of whom are Christians, which has a secular government and it is not a Christian nation in the sense that any religion is sanctioned as the national religion.
I think your protest is not about what Mr. Fisk said or meant. I’ll stay out of your religious business and you stay out of mine and both of us will keep religion out of government. You think and act in whatever way your religious beliefs guide you, as long as they are legal. If you are advocating some kind of Biblical law then stop. Live your life the way you want but don’t try to foist your ideas of morality on everybody else.

Laitres on vacation?

Mr. Cody Davis submits a letter which can only be referred to as sophomoric, and would have received an “F” from any worthwhile professor at any college or university. 

“Worldview” is really a mouthful, in particular when what is being discussed is only the relation of church an state in this country.  Perhaps the individual should make more of an effort to stick to the “subject at hand” instead of wandering off into some type of never-never land.

Mr. Davis also has a very difficult time comprehending the written word, if he missed the “government…by the people” part of our founding document.  Now, unless the gentleman is not a human being (a person)just like everyone else is, or believes himself some type of superior human being (or creature), he should recognize and accept that the prohibition against any type of “religious test of any position of public trust” applies to him as well.  That part seems to escape the attention of some of our religious “zealots”.

Many like to blame “the government” for everything, because “Saint
Ronnie” (an individual who laid a wreath at a memorial for the SS) told them so.  They all too frequently forget (and only because it serves their selfish purposes that, in this country, the people are supposed to be the government.  Many (far too many) should start thinking and behaving accordingly instead of engaging in self-pity and whining.

As to morality, a term which many like to use, morality without humanity or humanism is just another tool of oppression.

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