Printed letters, September 3, 2013

Consider the following: Our commander in chief makes foolish statement about drawing a red line in the sand regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons. He does this without any coordination with other countries to sign on.

He then unilaterally moves military assets (several ships) into the region, for an attack of some kind, to show Assad how serious he is. His attempt to get international support nets only France (France?). He nevertheless outlines what the ships and their missiles will do in an attack.

All of a sudden, there is seemingly worldwide condemnation of his plans, including by some in Congress. He keenly notes this, and apparently abandons his claim of “I can do it on my own,” and asks for Congress to authorize an attack.

Could it possibly be that our commander in chief has finally recognized the futility of unilateral action? Now, he may be able to blame Congress for not allowing him to make this “humanitarian” strike, thus getting him out of the corner he has painted himself into.

If Congress, for whatever reason, does approve of his plans, and we lose even one single life of an American serviceman, I would vote to expel them all, from the commander in chief on down.


Grand Junction

Good Samaritan Clinic thanks 
community’s good Samaritans

The Good Samaritan Clinic recently found itself in need of a new home. In June, we moved from our location on Patterson Road to a space donated by Mesa County Public Library District right next to its main location.

The offer was for the library to donate space to the clinic until it sold the building. Then, the building, which had been on the market for a long time, sold.

We found ourselves looking for a new home. The word went out, distributed kindly through many local media outlets in the Grand Valley, and emails and calls started coming in with offers of space.

Recently, the clinic moved to the Grand Junction Therapies Building at 321 Rood Ave. We are excited to team up with fellow providers in the medical field who believe in our mission to offer free health care to those in our area who are either uninsured or underinsured.

The Good Samaritan Clinic and I, personally, would like to extend our thanks to the many organizations, businesses and individuals who reached out to help. We greatly appreciate the support of the community as we strive to provide care for those who are very much in need.


Good Samaritan Clinic

of Western Colorado

Grand Junction


Daily Sentinel’s work vital 
in maintaining a democracy

When we renew our subscription to The Daily Sentinel, we reflect on what it means to have a daily paper, and we are ever so grateful.

Without the Sentinel, we would have no idea what is going on politically at the local level. Without the paper, we would begin to think that our views are the only ones and not have the huge benefit of hearing many sides to an issue. We can usually count on knowing what columnists are going to say on a particular issue, and it’s gratifying to know our voice isn’t the only one. Occasionally, we even change our minds. 

Without the paper, we wouldn’t know about our schools, building projects and proposed improvements and expenditures. Without the paper, we wouldn’t know about sales and good bargains, and without the paper, I couldn’t start my day with a smile caused by reading my favorite cartoons. Not to mention, without the paper, we wouldn’t exercise our brains with the Jumble and the crossword.

Please accept our thanks to all who make a daily paper possible. It is such an important instrument in a democracy. Whatever your job, you contribute to our local paper, and you are appreciated.


Grand Junction


Consider the moral, economic 
benefits of yard composting

As we approach another open-burning season, I ask those who are planning on burning their yard waste to consider hauling it to the Mesa County landfill composting facility instead. There, yard waste is turned into garden gold. There are many benefits of composting over burning and none but convenience to you of burning over composting.

If you hire someone to haul the waste, you will be providing income to a local worker. By hauling instead of burning, you will help keep our air cleaner and your soil healthier by not adding high pH ash to it. So, please, give all of us who live and breathe in the valley a break and haul or chip your yard waste this year instead of burning.


Grand Junction


Fire state legislators who 
fail to uphold Constitution

Don’t like how the state is run?

Throw out the senators and representatives who aren’t doing their jobs, and especially the ones who don’t or won’t uphold the Constitution of the state and the United States.

It’s simple. If someon does not do the job he or she was hired to do, then fire that person.


Grand Junction


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By delaying punitive strikes in Syria until Congress reconvenes, President Obama has placed the onus on 535 would-be military and/or foreign policy “experts” to expose their respective renditions of America’s “national interest”.  While military adventurism “by committee” is inherently suspect, so too is our too-toxic partisan political environment.  So, President Obama expressly reaffirmed his constitutional prerogative as Commander-in-Chief to act unilaterally and/or contrary to Congressional consensus—if he so decides.

The moral rationale for punishing the Assad regime’s use of sarin begs the question of why gassing one’s own population is morally more reprehensible than using conventional weapons.  Arguably, genocidal killing with nerve agents is more “humane” (but certain) than indiscriminately killing with bombs and/or bullets (even if some are un-maimed).

The legal question is also problematic, because the Geneva Convention’s protocol (1925) does not prohibit Syria’s use of “asphyxiating, poisonous, or other gasses” within its own borders in a civil conflict.

The unequivocally prohibitve Chemical Weapons Convention (1993) is now considered “customary international law”—which is presumptively enforceable by the international community (even though Syria has never ratified it).

International legal and moral legitimacy – achieveable only through “due process” – were forfeited by Bush/Cheney in 2002, who hubristicallly ignored Colin Powell’s advice and cynically short-circuited U.N. inspectors while citing deliberately skewed “intelligence”.  President Obama isn’t repeating that “high crime”. 

In 2002, the only unimpeachably legitimate grounds for invading Iraq were Saddam’s violations of 16 U.N. Security Council resolutions—for the U.N. (not just us) to enforce.
Today, the Arab League’s “call for action” may trump Russia’s and/or China’s veto.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul has exposed his application of “libertarianism” to international relations by effectively siding with genocide – because Assad is “protecting Christians” and opposing Al-Qaeda (just like we abrogated international accords in Viet Nam to support Diem, who was aiding Catholics, killing Buddhists, and “fighting communism”)!

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