Printed Letters: September 30, 2016

Gail Schwartz isn’t fit for Congress

I have grown tired of the absolute lies that are being foisted on us via TV ads on behalf of Gail Schwartz, who is running against Congressman Scott Tipton for the 3rd District congressional seat. In two ads she claims that Tipton wants to sell off our public lands to the highest bidder and restrict our access to them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Tipton has been working to preserve access that environmental radical associates of Gail Schwartz are trying to shut off to public access. He has been working against the BLM, which is trying to do the same.

It is sad that the only issue that she seems to have is one she has made up in her head. She is the one that is trying to close off access. She is against coal mining and oil and gas production. She works closely with radical environmentalists to restrict access for her enviro buds. In one ad, she speaks about a car accident of 35 years ago, vainly trying to make a connection that it was somehow Tipton’s fault. What other purpose is there to bring that up?

She is typical of Democrat candidates everywhere that make up lies about their opposition when they are the ones that are trying to achieve the same thing. There is a psychological behavior called projection in doing so. Projecting on another what one does themselves. Gail Schwartz is not fit for Congress. She is obviously a single-issue candidate and that one issue is based on a lie.

Grand Junction

Those who value federal public lands, vote for Schwartz

Voters who value federal public lands need to vote for Gail Schwartz, candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, and not her opponent Scott Tipton. Gail has an eight-year track record as a Colorado state senator of fighting for sustainable, multi-use access to public lands.

Gail understands the value of a balanced approach to the use of our public lands, an approach that includes recreational users, hunters and anglers, ranchers and oil and gas and mineral developers. She believes all users must be good stewards and cooperate in the preservation and health of our public lands. She does not believe in selling off our lands to the highest bidder. She would never jeopardize our public lands for short-term profit.

Her opponent Tipton, on the other hand, is associated with a group in Congress known as the “Anti-Parks Caucus,” and has co-sponsored bills to privatize public lands and weaken laws protecting them. In 2015 Mr. Tipton co-sponsored H.R. 866, which advocates turning over federal public lands to the states without any oversight from NEPA, or the Endangered Species Act or the National Historic Preservation Act. This bill opens the door to privatizing and selling our public lands for oil and gas development.

Our public lands are held in trust for our children and grandchildren. Voters need to oppose these efforts to privatize our public lands and open them up for sale and lease. Scott Tipton would jeopardize the future of our public lands in the interest of short-term profits or to benefit the interests of a single industry or lobbying group.

I urge you to vote for Gail Schwartz, who will continue to fight for public access — for all Coloradans and for all Americans — to our valuable and also vulnerable public lands.

Grand Junction

Remembering Arnold Palmer

The year was 1965, the setting was the annual PGA Tournament near Pittsburgh, PA, and I was fortunate enough to be there. Arnold Palmer (Arnie, as his Army called him) gave me something for life; golf should be fun even though it can be competitive.

On a par three hole, paired with Billy Casper, Arnie was addressing his shot when a butterfly started flying around his head. He brushed it away and readdressed his shot. Again, the butterfly did its thing, only this time Arnie took off his cap and started chasing the butterfly around the tee box. Not to be outdone, Casper joined Arnie running around trying to catch the butterfly (unsuccessfully, I might add). The fans were having a ball, including me. This is the Arnie I remember. He was “the fans’” golfer, never to be forgotten by ” his Army.”

Grand Junction

Amendment 72 is another attack on our freedoms

Amendment 72 is another attack on freedom. It is being sold as a cigarette tax, but it also raises the tax on other tobacco products, like cigars and pipe tobacco, by 22 percent. The current tax is already 40 percent, taking the tax to 62 percent.  Smokers know that tobacco use is unhealthy. Those who use tobacco know the risks. There are plenty of people who enjoy the flavor and relaxing experience of smoking a pipe or cigar on occasion and do not have an addiction to nicotine.

As a business owner, this tax will affect my sales. A large number of people already buy cigars and pipe tobacco on the internet tax-free. This amendment will drive more people to do the same, resulting in a loss of revenue for our state.

Grand Junction


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Talk about “projection”, Don Pettygrove’s Friday letter (“Gail Schwartz isn’t fit for Congress”) takes the cake!

As the Sentinel’s Charles Ashby has previously chronicled (“Tipton ad:  Schwartz is enemy of coal; Claim is murky; bill had support of GOP leaders”), Congressman Scott Tipton – not Gail Schwartz – has a proven proclivity for lying to his 3rd C.D. constituents.

Thus, Tipton’s first 2016 campaign ad falsely claimed that Schwartz is part of a non-existent “war on coal” because in 2010 she voted for a bill sponsored by Western Slope Republicans, and then in 2013 sponsored a bill “to help boost new jobs for coal miners” in the renewable energy field—supported by the Delta-Montrose Electric Association.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Tipton represents the Koch Brothers at the expense of the 3rd C.D., and has himself waged a “war on coal workers” and all rural Coloradans by voting for cutting Food Stamp funding and against extended unemployment benefits.

As to public lands specifically, as recently as July 14, 2016, Tipton voted against an amendment to H.R. 5538, the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017, which would have preemptively thwarted attempts to divest from federal control any of America’s parks and public lands that remain outside the established land-use planning process.  See:

Likewise, in his periodic “Updates”, Tipton has expressed support for others’ bills that would transfer control of federal public lands to states – thereby endorsing the public pronouncements of such bills’ avid proponents who openly seek to transfer national public lands to states control, which could then sell-off such lands to the same developers and polluters who have been generously supporting Tipton with campaign contributions since 2010. See:

In fact, Tipton’s entire incumbency has been based on lies.  Remember, this is the same Scott Tipton who defeated Democrat John Salazar in 2010 by cynically lying about the financial impacts of “ObamaCare” on Medicare, as well as about TARP, the Stimulus, and the auto bailout.

In 2011, Tipton joined his fellow “Tea Partiers” to threaten “the full-faith and credit of the United States”, costing taxpayers billions in increased interest expenses on that debt.

In 2013, Tipton voted to “shut down” the Government – and then publicly lied about his vote at a local “town hall” meeting (at which he also fear-mongered about the National Debt using fraudulent projections ginned-up by fellow-Republicans), before admitting to his irate zealots that the scheme to extort repeal of ObamaCare had been futile all along.

With a record like that, it is obviously Tipton – not Gail Schwartz – who “isn’t fit for Congress”!!

If for no other reason to dump Tipton it should be for term limits!  Come up with a different candidate rather than expect the same from a lame representative at best!

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