Printed Letters: September 9, 2016

Arts and culture key 
to economic recovery

The city of Grand Junction’s cuts to arts and cultural organizations, as discussed in The Daily Sentinel’s recent editorial, was shortsighted and is in conflict with the city’s newly adopted economic development plan.

The plan emphasizes arts, culture, and quality of life investments as a key to our economic recovery.

When the city’s Finance Department finalized the books for 2015, an additional $1.1 million was discovered. City staff recommended allocation of these funds to various projects, including CMU campus expansion, the Grand Junction Housing Authority’s assisted housing project, and others.

A possible category, left unfunded, was the Arts and Culture program. Now, thanks to the Western Colorado Community Foundation, which is making $14,000 available from its Community Fund, programs such as the Centennial Band concerts, the Riverside Educational Center, and the Art Center may be restored. Even though our economy is struggling, and some cutbacks are necessary, arts and culture projects remain important aspects of our community.

This letter represents my views and may or may not represent the views of the rest of City Council.

Grand Junction City Council member
Grand Junction

Trump will rebuild military, put American jobs first

Hillary Clinton’s primary issue with Donald Trump is his temperament. Trump’s image is fixed in many minds by his reality show persona. A better way to make a judgment about his temperament is to look at his children. Together they run a successful business by bringing projects in on time and on budget.

Middle class workers have been adversely impacted by trade deals. Trump says he is better equipped to make those deals. He will put American jobs first. His business experience will also help him to take a close look at government spending and cut waste. It helps that he is not beholden to special interests.

In foreign affairs Hillary led our retreat. Trump projects strength and those who threaten us will think twice if facing him. He will rebuild our weakened military. We will be safer under Trump leadership.

Has America gone downhill the past eight years? If you think so Trump offers you a better choice.


Support BLM’s adoption of strong natural gas waste rule

On Sept. 7, the Board of County Commissioners for Gunnison County sent a letter to BLM supporting the agency’s adoption of a strong natural gas waste rule to protect Colorado taxpayers and our air.

The bipartisan letter, signed by all three commissioners, notes that more than $26 million worth of natural gas in Colorado is wasted each year from oil and gas operations on federal and tribal lands. The BLM does not assess a royalty on wasted natural gas, which cost Colorado upwards of $36 million in royalty revenue between 2009 and 2014. The County also urged BLM “to enact a strong final natural gas waste rule and to protect the people’s resources you are legislatively charged to safeguard.”

Gunnison County rightly recognizes that public lands are owned by the American people, and any natural gas development on these lands should be managed responsibly. On the other hand, Representative Tipton’s continued statements in opposition to the rulemaking are out of touch with the desires of his constituents as well as local officials from Gunnison County, San Miguel County, La Plata County, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, and elsewhere.

A 2016 poll by Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project found that 81 percent of registered voters in Colorado support common sense rules that cut natural gas waste on public lands. High Country Conservation Advocates thanks Gunnison County for supporting reasonable rules addressing economic waste and environmental pollution from natural gas development.

High Country 
Conservation Advocates
Crested Butte

Consider adopting an animal from the shelter

In my judgment, the only cats or dogs that should be put down are those that become a menace and could be dangerous.

At our house, we have one dog — Jake — and two cats — Penny and Chennel. Chennel is being “cat-sitted” because she was a cat that our daughter found when she was in Venezuela These animals are so easy to care for and a lot of fun.

We would encourage your readers to adopt a cat or dog from one of the shelters available. The Daily Sentinel readers will very much enjoy having them.

Grand Junction


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Sentinel readers should laugh-out-loud at Mesa’s Republican apologist Dave Kearsley’s fatuous search for reasons to support Donald Trump for President (“Trump will rebuild military, put American jobs first”).

While Kearsley asserts that “a better way to make a judgment about” a candidate who is both temperamentally and experientially unfit to be president “is to look at his children”,  all five (like Trump) were born with “silver spoons in their mouths”.
Donald Jr. has done quite well for himself within the Trump Organization, and reportedly supports both marriage equality and marijuana legalization – “to the disgust of his father’s right-wing followers”.

Trump has publicly “ogled” his “favorite daughter” Ivanka (a former teen model)—who nonsensically excuses his racist and sexist appeals as being merely “blunt and direct”.
While vintner Eric’s Foundation gave $30 million to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in California, his father’s surrogates credited that philanthropy to the candidate.  Meanwhile, Eric has been brazenly spouting the obvious falsehood that his father’s still undisclosed tax returns are too complicated for Americans to understand (“like father, like son”), and makes light of his father’s alleged erstwhile mob connections.

Trump avoids talking about his other “hot” daughter Tiffany, a Manhattan “playgirl’ and “one of the Rich Kids of Instagram – a group of girls and guys in their early twenties who record every moment of their extravagant parent-funded lifestyles online”.

10-year old Barron is reportedly a spoiled brat enjoying an entire floor in Trump Tower.

While Trump promises to “put American jobs first”, he fails to practice what he preaches.  While Trump promises to “rebuild our weakened military”, he offers no way to pay for it and his tax proposals would balloon the national debt and enrich himself.

While Kearsley’s oil & gas investment products may have “gone downhill the past eight years”, the U.S. economy has not:  the stock market has doubled and the price of gas has nearly halved, increasing “middle class workers” disposable incomes (as evidenced by record car sales from a U.S. industry Kearsley would have allowed to go bankrupt).

On Wednesday, for the first time in 75 years, the conservative Dallas Morning News endorsed a Democrat—Hillary Clinton—“as the only serious candidate on the presidential ballot”.

On Thursday, Trump took to Russian state-owned TV to attack U.S. foreign policy and the free American press.

Clearly, the Daily Sentinel should rethink its cowardly “no endorsement” stance.

Since the DS and Hugenberg himself seem to think he is SO important and knowledgeable I wish they would do a poll on just how many people actually read Hugenbergs “comments” and actually go the the websites he posts on here.  Personally I don’t have the time or desire to read all of those www.s nor do I believe that you can find really dependable/believable information on the internet.  He must spend all of his time frantically searching for any positive thing he can find about his beloved Hillary. True or not…  and Iles?  before you come roaring in to defend your buddy and his beloved, whatever you have to say I won’t see.  Computer off.

It doesn’t matter whether you see it or not, Mrs. Dry. You refuse to even risk learning something that might jeopardize your preconceptions, and you just admitted it.

It is possible to find reliable information online, but you can’t just assume that anything you agree with is true, as the majority of the “true believers” here do. At least Mr. Hugenberg backs up what he claims. That’s something few of those you agree with can say.

Mr. BOESCHENSTEIN,Perhaps a word with you?

Taxes are “Taken at the point of a gun”, threat of imprisonment, loss of property, etc, and as such, should ONLY BE USED for the repair, replacement and maintenance of the Infrastructure, policing, protecting the Rights of the Citizens.

Any ‘touchy feely’ things like ‘arts, entertainment, the avalon, CMU, downtown development, western center for the arts, and all the other items you mentioned ARE NOT legitimate concerns of the government.

Most of the list is ‘private non-profits’ that derive the majority of their funding from PRIVATE DONATIONS from people or groups that actively, WILLINGLY SUPPORT the cause.

Government has no legitimate authority to STEAL from the taxpayers simply to fund groups that few actively support.

That ‘extra 1.1 million’ dollars IS NOT a slush fund to be spent, just because it’s there.

Like the riverside trails, few people actually use the system, but those who do DID NOT PAY FOR IT!
The funds were stolen from others to create a playground for others.

Again, not a legitimate use of Public Funds.

Ms. Patton

Ms. Patton,

Consider that those “touchy-feely” things you disagree with make life better for all citizens, and make businesses more likely to settle here, bringing jobs. Whether you agree or not, those “touchy-feely” things are investments on the future.

Mr. Patton;

    Some of us are not into what you call “touchy feelings” such as “it feels good” or “it sounds good” when serious issues are at stake.  But, on the other hand, we make an attempt to give serious consideration as to what we attach those emotions to, something which very frequently requires some serious thinking in order to assign the correct priorities.  Some preach, Mr. Patton, while other do.  And if one is to talk, one has to “Walk that talk”, something which such as yourself (and Mr. Ron Bain - the local self-appointed Libertarian and Tea Party spokesperson) are simply unable to do, a consequence of thinking of, and caring for, only oneself;  i.e. being self-centered and thereby selfish, somethin which can only come about if one is afflicted with what can only be referred to as an intellectually narrow and shallow mind.

It IS not the responsibility of government to “make life better” for anybody.

Every person is responsible for ‘making their own lives better’ without having to make any other persons life better.

Government is there to provide for safe streets, provide maintenance, repairs and replacement as needed.  “as needed: does not include fantasies of every new batch of politicians ‘for a better place’.

You may NEED to have government hold your hand, but MOST CITIZENS DO NOT!

Ms. Patton

Ms. Patton,

Thank you for your opinion. Some of us feel that it is also the responsibility of local government to make the area attractive enough for new businesses to relocate here, thus growing the economy. Paved streets don’t do that. High quality of living does. You don’t have to agree, but your opinion does not change reality.

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