Printed letter, August 5, 2010

Tipton is best candidate for Colorado’s energy

I urge every voter concerned about Colorado energy development to support Scott Tipton for the U.S. Congress. Mr. Tipton is sensitive to the social impacts associated with energy development. He has the proven skills to address the huge complexity of impacts upon the health and welfare of society.

Mr. Tipton will stand by his basic principles, which have guided his actions with constituents and peers in the Legislature. His goals are result-oriented, tempered with common sense, and based upon his successful business experience.

We must not have a congressman who thinks he has all the answers or is unwilling to meet his constituents. Scott Tipton’s track record is that of a statesman who will effectively stand up to pressure from party leadership in Washington.

Colorado has some of the largest deposits in the United States of high-quality coal, oil, oil shale, natural gas and uranium. We also have huge potential for solar and wind power generation. Our national interest demands the nation rapidly secure energy independence. That means Colorado will surely experience changes that can and should be done in an orderly manner to protect our water resources, commercial sectors and air quality with balanced laws and policies.

We need a principled, humble and experienced leader. Scott Tipton is the only candidate who fits that description.



Rowland ignores key info about Tipton, McConnell

Janet Rowland’s letter to the editor encouraging a vote for Scott Tipton reminds me of Republican Party traitors whose 2002 Daily Sentinel ad encouraged voters not to support Republican pro-life candidate Shari Bjorklund. House District 55 got tax-and-spend Democrat Bernie Buescher as their legislator, thanks to them. The ad came from a group fearful of losing control over Mesa County Republican Party politics.

Rowland encourages people to vote for Scott Tipton, the candidate of the party. She doesn’t remind readers that Tipton lost to Congressman John Salazar, the Democratic candidate this November, four years ago. He lost big. Salazar received 62 percent of the vote. Tipton hasn’t and won’t beat John Salazar. McConnell can and will win.

Bob McConnell isn’t the candidate of the party — he’s the candidate of the people. I won’t imitate Rowland, telling people for whom they should vote. Instead, go to each candidate’s website. Watch the videos. You’ll see why Tipton lost this same congressional race to Salazar four years ago.

Tipton’s site is: McConnell’s site is:

Rowland also fails to mention that McConnell has been endorsed by Sarah Palin (I know that traumatizes liberals and Republicans afraid of losing control of the party, but it’s true). Tipton is endorsed by Dick Morris (Tipton’s been advertising on Bill O’Reilly — I wonder where a small business owner in Cortez gets that kind of political funding?). Morris has always been a “party” guy.

If you want to know what Bob McConnell thinks about the Second Amendment, why he wants to do away with the Federal Reserve, the actual plans he has for job creation, go to his website. It’s much better than listening to politicians worried about loss of party control.

I support McConnell.



Tipton has excellent record as a Colorado legislator

Scott Tipton has only been a legislator for two years. But in this short time, Tipton’s voting record is proof of his ability to lead and serve the people.

Recently, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers released its 2010 CUT scores, rating Scott Tipton’s voting record at 91.67 percent, a nearly perfect record.

Scott has been married to his wife, Jean Tipton, for 27 years and together they’ve raised their family here in western Colorado. This demonstrates hard work and a selfless commitment to others.

Scott has applied these same principles of hard work and commitment to the operation of his small business for the past 30 years. Tipton’s leadership and ability to make tough choices has ensured that his small business grew in good times, so it was sustainable in hard economic times.

Scott Tipton has a proven, life-long record of responsibility, commitment and hard work. If small business is the key to improving our economy, we ought to be smart enough to send someone to Washington who actually has run one successfully.


Grand Junction

It looks like sour grapes from Tipton’s supporters

So, let me get this straight. While Bob McConnell is receiving national-level endorsements, including one from Sarah Palin, while he is being interviewed by Time and Red State, Scott Tipton’s campaign is circling the drain and sending out complaining e-mails and letters to the editor. How do you spell “sour grapes”?

When Bob was endorsed by Palin, you know what Tipton’s reaction was? “Why didn’t she call me?” Whine, whine, stomp his feet and demand the entitlement of a Republican good-old-boy politician.

Titpon’s campaign has been sluggish, lackluster and white-bread-party politics from the start. And now, of course, comes the mud slinging. How disgraceful that it comes from a county commissioner and how typical of the Mesa County GOP. Disgraceful.

Janet Rowland should resign. There are too many misrepresentations in her letter to the editor to even address.

Bob always tells his supporters to take the high road. Tipton — a retread and loser by a huge margin — obviously tells his supporters otherwise.

We are done with Scott Tipton. He should call off his dogs and face the music. His campaign is circling the drain and Bob is going to win big on Aug. 10 because he has the integrity and leadership we so badly need. GOP party hacks take note: We’re through with you.


Grand Junction

McInnis displays his disinterest in reading

I’m writing regarding a Colorado Matters interview with gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis on July 28.

McInnis spoke about education, stressing the need for teachers to regain control of the classroom. He was not referring to curriculum or testing, but rather to discipline. He explained that his sister, an educator, shared with him that she is only able to teach to the level and attention span of the least well-behaved student in her classroom.

That being said, the interviewer moved on to a question about books that may have inspired McInnis’ worldview. After what seemed like a long pause, the interviewer rephrased the question to explain what he meant by worldview. The gubernatorial candidate hesitated again then answered that “Seabiscuit” — citing the movie, not the book —had been inspiring because of its portrayal of working-class Americans rising to the top. When the interviewer pressed McInnis on the fact that he was speaking of a movie and not a book, McInnis responded that he was “not an academic.”

This is just one example of a long list of offensive behaviors by all four Colorado candidates. When our politicians speak of education, but don’t read books, I suppose we are left to vote for the candidate who is the least offensive or the most well-behaved. What else are voters to do when none of the four candidates put forth are truly leaders fit to govern?


Grand Junction

Tancredo cannot derail Scott McInnis’ campaign

Tom Tancredo was nothing when he left Congress and he is nothing now. He is as worthless as boobs on a boar hog. If he thinks he will derail Scott McInnis, he is wrong!




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