Printed letters, April 24, 2011

Kudos to The Daily Sentinel editorial staff for coming out in favor of the Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction plan. As hard-liners on both the left and right continue to dig in their heels, it becomes more and more likely that our government’s credit rating will eventually be lowered, as Standard & Poor’s has warned. A Simpson-Bowles compromise is what we need.

Like tea partiers, perhaps those of us in the middle need a catchy phrase to promote our position.  We could call ourselves “Cuisinart (Cut Spending and Raise Taxes) Americans.”

For too long, our political dialogue has been dominated by the likes of Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh. Cuisinart Americans, speak out and support the Simpson-Bowles plan.


Grand Junction

Writer’s ideas as wrong as Ayn Rand’s philosophy

Just because two things have one common trait doesn’t mean they share other similarities. Just because Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan have last names that begin with “R” doesn’t mean their philosophies overlap in all areas.

E. Michael Ervin, in his April 17 letter to the editor, believes that the wealthy or elite should act in certain ways. He believes they are wrong.

Why do liberals appeal to morality? The idea of wrong implies a purpose. Liberals can’t appeal to purpose either, because if there was a purpose or moral imperative, then one would have to judge their position from a point of absolute truth instead of baseless opinion. Liberals certainly cannot allow a reference point beyond themselves.

Why is it not wrong for the government to steal from the wealthy and give to those who refuse to be responsible? Liberals have fostered the parasite mentality of so many whom Dennis Miller calls “the clueless.”

Wrong is wrong, no matter how it is labeled. Just because Ayn Rand’s philosophy is unworkable doesn’t mean Ervin’s error is the only alternative.


Grand Junction

Private insurance firms not answer for Medicare

Incredibly, right-wing politicians are advocating shuffling Medicare recipients to the for-profit health insurance industry. Do they really think a system that leaves 50 million individuals unprotected now and is twice as expensive as other industrialized nations’ is some kind of a cost-saving measure?

Insurance firms add on CEO bonuses, sales commissions, attorneys, PR, private jets, lobbyists, differing paperwork, private investigators and stock dividends that increase health care costs 25 percent more than Medicare’s.

The solution to Medicare insolvency, states’ Medicaid woes and individuals’ and employers’ burdens is to completely remove the for-profit insurance companies from basic health care, not create more customers for them.

Medicare for all, paid by all, contracting with local non-profit HMOs where possible, is our only salvation. The role of government is to protect and advance the welfare of citizens, not to reduce its role by dumping lousy parasitic, reimbursement entities on the poor, sick and elderly.


Grand Junction

Palisade must keep pot dispensary open

I am a Colorado native and have resided in Palisade for over 25 years. I am currently retired. I have managed my health conditions, mostly for pain, with our constitutionally guaranteed alternative medicine. I have found no pharmaceutical substitute to do this.

I like to stay productive, positive and sleep soundly at night. My medicine helps me to do that.

The dispensary system offers me the opportunity to legitimately obtain this medicine without having to develop a growing operation at my residence.

As a responsible parent, I definitely prefer not to expose or conceal a growing operation in my home. I definitely do not want to be pushed back into the black market to obtain my medicine.

The push for abolishing dispensaries from this region shows an intolerance to our state and national constitutions, (should we now ban all stores that sell guns?), and a mind-set to restrict medical choices of others.

The control and taxation by state and local jurisdictions of medical marijuana through the dispensary system is the best way to fund education and prevention programs to curb the use of non-prescribed drugs by our kids.

Please keep the last dispensary in this region open for those who respect our medical choices, our constitutional rights and hold a desire to keep our youngsters off non-prescribed drugs.




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