Printed letters, July 31, 2011

Postal Service waste causes post office closings

Here’s a news alert: The postmaster general is now saying that he will be closing over 3,000 post offices in the near future. The reason is that this last quarter they lost more than $2.2 billion. Yes, that is with a “b.”

Keeping up with the Postal Service and its losses in the past 10 years, I have noticed that the postmaster general gets a hefty yearly paycheck and a very hefty bonus at the end of each year. I guess if you run a company and you lose money, you should get an award for doing a good job at losing money.

That is not the only mismanaged problem with the post office. The other one to me it is a thorn in my side. Why does each and every post office have to carry all those different types of stamps, such as the Susan B. Anthony, the state flower, the national parks etc.? And the different boxes, and sizes and shapes. Not all post offices need to carry all the unnecessary items.

When you start adding up what each post office spends to have these items that just sit around, collect dust and wait for the end of the year so that they may be inventoried, it is senseless and sinful.

Because of their mismanagement, we customers will have to sacrifice by getting our mail only three times a week. And what about getting our payments to our creditors on time?

The time is now to get a grip on things and tell the postmaster general to smarten up and get a good handle on things or get out.



America needs manufacturing jobs

There are many contributory actions to our country’s financial downfall. We can certainly blame easy credit, wars, Wall Street, tax credits for corporate America, etc. But at the nexus of our misery is our outsourcing of American jobs.

When we dismantled our manufacturing base, we slowly eroded the middle class that buys these same products.

Washington’s hand wringing over taxes, spending, etc., is reactionary to the problem and fails to address our real issue of this country’s slide from manufacturing to consumerism.

Please support American manufacturing and the jobs it creates.


Grand Junction

Herzog resorts to personal attacks on tea partiers

In reference to Denny Herzog’s column in the July 24 edition of The Daily Sentinel, and other recent columns, please let me opine: Now that Herzog writes something that has his name on it, we can clearly see where he stands. I suppose that is better than having him hide his leftist leanings behind unattributed editorials. Thanks be that he is no longer executive editor.

First, Herzog tells us that “nobody was complaining then” when President Bush started running up deficits. So very untrue.

I, for one, complained, as did many of my conservative friends and every single one of my liberal friends, and all of the liberal columnists, even though they tended, at the time, to agree with the main reason for the increasing debt — the war in Afghanistan after a heinous attack on our country.

Herzog then points out that a “better rallying cry might be no new federal programs.” Well, that is exactly what the tea party people are saying, along with cuts to current ones.

Herzog then criticizes Michele Bachmann. However, not only is he mischaracterizing Bachmann’s comments but, as it turns out, she is right about the fact that the Aug. 2 date is a false one.

It is entirely up to President Obama whether or not debts are paid or checks go out after that date.  He only needs to make hard decisions about which checks go out.

Finally, Herzog finishes by saying that “if we spent the money, we have to pay the bills.” Sure, pay the bills, then stop buying. This administration gives drunken sailors a bad name. When drunken sailors run out of money, they stop spending.

I read every editorial and column on the two Sunday Commentary pages July 24, and only in this one were there personal attacks made, aimed at tea partiers. Is Herzog’s position so weak that he must resort to personal attacks? Even famous liberal David Brooks, who claims, but lacks conservative credentials, made logical arguments. Not so with Herzog.


Grand Junction


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