Printed letters, March 30, 2010

Smart, engaged young will pay Obama’s bills

I found myself amused by the column written by Denny Herzog, referencing his daughter and other young people as being “smart and engaged” and noting that this is the reason that they don’t like Sarah Palin. Some of them are almost concerned enough about the economy to be Republicans, but feel that things are too complicated to resort to jingoism.

Amazing analogy.

One would clearly have to be suffering from chronic tunnel vision, as well as “don’t confuse me with the facts disorder,” to not see the recklessness with which the Obama administration has handled the economy and national defense over the past year,  let alone the corrupt manner in which the very unsavory health care bill was passed (against the will of a majority of Americans).

Then there are the blatantly broken campaign promises (lies) of Obama: debate on C-Span, posting bills on line for five days before signing, “saving or creating 3 million jobs,” keeping unemployment below 8 percent, “no lobbyist in my administration,”  “no earmarks,” “reaching across the aisle,” “changing the way we do business in Washington.”

There is also his apologizing to the world for all the sacrifices and good America has done around the world.

President Obama was elected by a confused, uninformed electorate, although he had no executive experience, no military experience, no business experience, no foreign experience, no experience at all except being a community organizer and the experience he gained from the tutelage of radical, anti-American ideologues.

How does that compare to Sarah Palin’s experience? Yeah, the young people referenced by Herzog are “smart and engaged” indeed. Sadly, these smart and engaged young people will only find out how “smart” they really are, once they realize that it is they who will be “engaged” in footing the bill for all of Obama’s reckless spending for the balance of their lives.


Grand Junction

Despite the challenges, autistics can contribute

As a mother reading about jury selection in the Allen Grabe murder trial, I’m thankful I was not summoned. It is very difficult to understand or apply the law in a case like this.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder with no definitive roadmap for treatment or cure. It is so hard to define it is diagnosed on a spectrum. It is a condition that can permeate every aspect of a family’s life. One in 150 children has an autism disorder.

Autism breaks up marriages, isolates families socially and emotionally and drains bank accounts.

Researchers report that parents of autistics suffer the highest levels of depression, anxiety and parenting stress among parents of children with disabling conditions.

Nobody knows what goes on in the life of a family. To speculate in this case is dangerous.

It does feel safe to say, though, that Allen Grabe had lost hope that his life or his son’s could improve. That his circumstances would lead him to such a desperate act is beyond comprehension to me, even when my own life as a parent has been impacted by autism.

Life for an autistic can be an enormous challenge but there’s good fruit that can come from their quirky personalities. Autistic individuals throughout history have made significant contributions to society when they have been well-supported by their family, friends and community.

Knowing this, I can’t help but hope that, even though justice can never be served in this case, it can be one we all learn from. Support from every sector of the community for parents of disabled kids serves the greater good.

Every life serves a purpose. Jacob’s will not be fulfilled and we all lost because of this.


Grand Junction

Immigration will be Obama’s next push

With President Obama getting the controversial health care package passed, I believe his next big legislation package will be immigration reform.

Based on what we have just seen of his strong-arm, behind-closed-door, persuasion tactics, I believe we can see similar tactics used for immigration reform to declare citizenship for up to 12 million illegal immigrants.

The vote of these grateful people would almost guarantee his re-election.

I remember President George H.W. Bush granting amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. Now we have at least three times that number of illegal immigrants awaiting another free pass to citizenship. One can only wonder how many million more will be here waiting for citizenship next time, if amnesty is granted to this group.




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