Printed letters, May 27, 2010

Some voters won’t be disappointed by outsiders

The May 25 column by David Brooks saying “Ben” would be disappointed by voting in outsiders is hogwash.

Brooks’ espousing that newcomers in politics aren’t experienced in “crafting legislation” says it all. Isn’t that the problem — too many laws, too many new ones, too many passed without even being read, too many crafted by slick attorneys that only create more business for themselves, too many full of pork, too many influenced by groups like unions and too many just for the socialistic purpose of taking from those who work to give to the loafers? Having to work to eat, works.

Now the old bulls want to throw in an extra 24 cents a gallon fuel tax.

New blood can’t be worse that what we have experienced in the last 20 years.  I won’t vote for any incumbent this election.


Grand Junction

Arizona immigration law punishes hiring of illegals

Does anybody in the media or politics who spouts an opinion read anything before they spout?

Ruben Navarrette spouts that Arizona has illegal-immigration problems because “employers hire them” (from his column headline in the May 23 edition of The Daily Sentinel.)

Yes, as we’ve all heard over and over, the Arizona bill does establish the ability for Arizona law enforcement officers to question the immigration and/or citizenship legality of individuals, as provided for in great detail on pages 2 through 4 of the bill.

Has Navarrette read Arizona Senate Bill 1070? Me thinks not. The bill is 16-pages.

Navarrette goes to great length to quote Janet Napolitano, the former Arizona governor and current Homeland Security secretary, stating that the problem exists because we (Arizonans) hire illegals. “We have illegal immigrants because we hire illegal immigrants,” says Secretary Napolitano.

Perhaps both Mr. Navarrette and Ms. Napolitano should read the first half of page 5 of the bill and pages 6 through 15. Those pages (65 percent of the bill) are specifically written to provide law enforcement with the enhanced tools necessary to charge, prosecute and penalize employers in Arizona who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Isn’t that a good start? Shouldn’t Arizona be praised for its efforts?

Surprise! The majority of the bill that politicians, media pundits, columnists and self-taught ideologists criticize as being racist and inhumane directly tackles exactly what they say is the real problem — employers who hire illegals.

On my ranch, we walk through the corral with our heads down — looking for the manure before we step in it.



Rick Wagner’s column was thin on actual facts

Rick Wagner’s column on May 20 stated that schools are teaching global warming that is not supported by science, but actually political agendas. His column actually does exactly what he is accusing schools of doing.

He hand-picked two examples (East Anglia and Himalayan Glaciers) that support his agenda out of a 958-page report authored by 152 scientists and reviewed by over 650 experts. He only uses the two mistakes that support his argument, but does not go into the hundreds of other scientific studies in the report or elsewhere that support global warming.

The error about Himalayan glaciers was that they would be gone by 2035, which was a mistake. However the science still supports the idea that glaciers worldwide have shrunk. For a more local glacier example, we only need to go to Montana, where the Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana has shrunk by a quarter between 1993 and 2004 and researchers have projected that by 2030 all glaciers in the park will vanish. Imagine Glacier National Park with no glaciers.

Scientists are nearly unanimous that warming has occurred. There is 90 percent certainty that it is caused by greenhouse gases. If there are 10 doctors who say my child has an illness, and nine out of 10 doctors say they know what the cause and cure is, while one doctor says he does not know what the cause is, you can be sure I would follow the nine doctors’ orders.

If Mr. Wagner wants to argue against policies to help mitigate climate change in the face of the current recession, that is one thing. However, for Mr. Wagner to selectively pick a few anecdotes and claim that the science is not there is misleading and untrue.


Grand Junction


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