Printed letters, Nov. 12, 2010

I’ll get right to the point. Commissioner Craig Meis is not the villain many are making him out to be, including The Daily Sentinel. It surprises me that so many have suspended their minds as not to think.

Here is the Meis family enjoying family fun and it seems, by reports, that their 14-year-old son was riding a watercraft in a responsible manner, endangering no one. Enter a subjective law that replaces parental responsibility by making it illegal to be a driver of a watercraft if you are not 16 years of age. Suddenly they are lawbreakers instead of a self-governing family teaching responsibility to their children by giving them responsibility.

Is a well-disciplined and loved 14-year-old safer than an irresponsible 16-year-old? Maybe an 18-, 20- or 30-year-old would be even safer. How about me? I’ve been 14 years old for over 50 years. I think I would be even safer and no one younger than me should be trusted with a motorized vehicle of any kind!

I submit that if you ever drove without your seat belt fastened, even for one block, rolled through a stop sign in a quiet neighborhood or caught yourself going a few miles over the speed limit, you are the same kind of lawbreaker that Meis is.

The point is this: If rulers create enough laws, all in the name of protecting us from ourselves, then they can make lawbreakers out of any good citizen. It is the foot in the door to eroding freedom.

I think Commissioner Meis is simply trying to call attention to the folly of such nonsense by asserting his right to due process before being deprived of his property. If the courts want to spend $10 to collect $1, then they are the ones wasting our tax money. How insane is that? If anyone was thinking, this case would have been suspended.

I applaud Meis for his efforts to educate us. I see the commissioner as a man who stood up to the insulting notion that he, as a free, productive and involved citizen of his community, is unfit to govern his own family. I will always, gladly stand up and cheer for that kind of person.


Grand Junction

Meis owes an apology to all county residents

Craig Meis definitely doesn’t wear the mantle of commissioner with any humility does he? His “venting” is, to me, a clear attempt to exert influence based on his position.

As an elected official, he is held to the same standards as the rest of us (preferably a little higher). I would like to see a full disclosure as to the ultimate cost of his little temper tantrum. He doesn’t deserve to continue in his position and we need to initiate a recall.

The rules apply to all of us, regardless to our station in life.

Get over it Mr. Meis and just pay your ticket next time. Oh, by the way, you owe the law-abiding citizens of this county an apology.

CHARLIE POST Grand Junction

With voting options, there’s no reason to wait

In the past election, I had the opportunity to help out with the election process. I had worked at the polls in the past, but this was the first time I actually saw how it all comes together.

I recommend everyone do it. It’s like being called up for jury duty. There are quite a few folks working long hours checking, counting, rechecking, recounting, verifying and doing everything they can to ensure an honest count — from the clerk and recorder all the way down to me.

The voters have the option of early voting, using mail-in ballots and drop boxes all over town. We even went to some of the retirement facilities and

St. Mary’s Hospital to do everything that could be done to make sure as many folks as possible had the chance to vote.

Still some voters chose to wait until Election Day and stand in line to cast their votes. And then some complained about having to wait in line.

You know, people don’t need to stand in line anymore with all the options out there.

Also, I would like to thank the local businesses that donated food for the election workers on Election Day.

Will I do it again? Not sure at this time. Ask me before the next election.


Grand Junction

Where is the outrage over Bernanke’s action?

Wouldn’t it be illegal, or even an act of war, for a private individual or a foreign government or a terrorist organization to flood our marketplace with $800 billion worth of counterfeit currency?

It was when Nazi Germany did it to England during World War II, and when the Soviet Union did so in the post-war divided Germany.

If so, how does one individual named Ben Bernanke, working for a private front organization, aka the “Federal Reserve,” get a free pass for doing so today?

Where are the voices against such fraud? Where is the Republican Party with its newly acquired House majority? Who will speak for our fellow countrymen’s equity?

Where is the audit of the Federal Reserve?



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