Printed letters, Nov. 27, 2011

Having lived in my country nearly 90 years now, I’ve been privileged to witness things such as the Occupy movement before. The similarity remains constant: great, headless, directionless, leaderless mobs with a goal, intention, purpose, explanation for every one of them, but nearly no clearly defined, common goal. Awesome potential with, usually, minimal lasting overall effect.

On the other hand, the cause of the concern of these folks seems very real and undeniably serious to me. It is the obvious, general downward plunge into which our beloved country is heading and the lack of any real plan to attempt to control the situation. I suggest this is not a situation that our founding fathers did not try to provide for when they wrote that wonderful instrument, our Constitution.

I am very sure that, in their wisdom, they foresaw the potential for damage to their work from that real root of all evil, human greed. So they tried to protect against it with the simple device of vesting the final source of power and authority in the people through the vote, rather than granting it as a birthright or reward for ability to kill or manage killing-of-people or destruction-of-property, as was generally popular then, through kings and other tyrants.

I’m sure our wise forefathers were well aware of the temptations human greed would pose for our Congress folks, given the power, prestige and authority, along with access to funding, talent and facilities necessary to the accomplishment of their vital assignment. I would suppose those forefathers would be well aware that none of us would ever be able to know the on-the-job actions of our Congress folks but that we would be able to judge the job they did running our country’s affairs and, based on that, assign them performance appraisals through our votes.

But think. For the last several decades, while our country continued into the dumper, we have approved the job they do by returning over 90 percent of them back to Congress to continue to do more of the same.

What might be the effect if the Occupiers started calling for the ousting of all incumbents, to continue until we see improvement?


Grand Junction

Delta schools should stop eco-indoctrination

Elementary kids cannot evaluate the claims of anthropogenic (human- caused) global warming, as is part of the present Delta County schools curricula. This amounts to brainwashing our kids. This, in a county whose principal industry is coal mining.

Our entire civilization has flourished and grown during the 10,000 years of the interglacial warm period. Starvation and pestilence, including the Black Plague of Medieval Europe, happened during cold periods such as the mini- ice age, when crops failed and the North Sea froze over.

By attempting to reduce carbon dioxide, the case could equally be made that we are attempting to stop Shangri-La, as in the Eocene period 50 million years ago, when carbon dioxide was four times what it is today. At that time, the Earth’s vegetative output was 500 times what it is today and the Sahara was a Garden of Eden.

Elementary kids cannot be expected to evaluate such claims and counter claims. Therefore, Delta County schools should immediately remove any reference to man-caused global warming.

The new Cedaredge elementary school has a brand new, concentrating solar system that will produce 10 kilowatt hours and 280,000 BTUs of heat per day. On a sunny day, that state-of-the art sun-tracking system replaces $1.20 in electricity and $3 per day in natural gas — or $126 per sunny month — in energy. The payment on the $100,000 parts cost is $555 per month, plus installation, for a loss of more than $429 per month for the entire 20-year life of the project.

At this time, solar power is four times as expensive as fossil-fuel power. Nevertheless, it is the intention of the school district to hold this out as a shining example to elementary kids when it really makes the economic case for coal-fed power plants and natural gas production.

Green plants and trees love carbon dioxide. Without it, plant life and organisms like us that depend on plant life cannot exist. More CO2 is better, not worse. Of all places, we should tell the truth in Delta County rather than being politically correct.

We most certainly should insist that the school district stop eco-indoctrinating our kids and that the curriculum that does this be eliminated, ASAP.



Pace displays mentality of professional politician

Regarding Charles Ashby’s Nov. 16 article on state Rep. Sal Pace: Pace states that he doesn’t have time to be a father of three and care for the job of minority House leader, but he is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional District against Rep. Scott Tipton. This is almost laughable, but may be just the political mentality of professional politicians.

Tipton has come from the business sector and is working very hard to give us good common-sense representation.




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