Printed letters, Oct. 22, 2010

Help get monument national park status

The members of the board of directors of the Colorado National Monument Association are urging the public to show their support for the designation of Colorado National Monument as a national park by writing letters to members of our congressional delegation.

Their contact information can be found on our website. The monument, with its unique geology, its paleontology and fossil localities, its flora and fauna and its human history including the 23-mile road constructed by the CCC and other Depression-era groups, meets the standards to be granted national park status.

If Colorado National Monument were to be designated as a national park, all current uses would be allowed to continue and no additional acreage would be added. In addition, the name change would be a tremendous boon to our local economy as increasing numbers of travelers, who are often confused by the current name, would stay longer — and spend more — in our communities.

To find out more information, and to learn what you can do, please visit the CNMA website at Together let’s honor the work John Otto began so nobly 100 years ago.


Colorado National Monument Association

Board of Directors


Consider consequences of governor’s race

As disappointing as this governor’s race has been, we need to keep in mind that there will be critical, long-range consequences from whomever we elect.

The next governor may be appointing new Supreme Court judges, if the current ones are not retained in next month’s election. We don’t need more liberal judges who ignore TABOR’s tax limitation and the Constitution and countless issues will nullify laws passed by conservatives.

Then there is the business of redrawing the boundary lines for our seven congressional seats in this once-a-decade event. A lot is at stake for western Colorado being represented in Washington, D.C. for our water interests, values and principles. Redistricting has been a notorious tool for promoting the interests of the liberals.

If Republicans take back one or both chambers of the Legislature, what good will it do if we have a Democrat governor to veto the conservative agenda?

There has been a lot of frustration about voting for Tom Tancredo, but any other vote insures another term for a tax-and-spend, job-killing, liberal governor that Colorado can ill afford.

Please think carefully about what’s at stake before you vote.



John Salazar fights for his constituents

John Salazar saved our home from being destroyed by the BLM. In 1999, a GPS survey by the BLM showed the BLM borderline went through our home. In the prior survey in the ‘80s, all of our home was on our own property. After several years of negotiation with the BLM to reach a settlement, in 2007 they refused any kind of an agreement. Our lawyer managed to get us a lease that kept them from destroying our home. A few weeks after renewing this lease, BLM terminated our lease. On the day before Thanksgiving, we were notified that in 20 days, BLM would be down to destroy our home.

We sent letters to all our congressmen and anyone else who we thought might help us. The only one to answer our plea was John Salazar. Gail Gnirk from his Grand Junction office called us immediately. She told us she had contacted Washington. Orders were sent that there would be no demolition of our home until some agreement had been reached.

When we met with the BLM in Glenwood Springs in January 2009, Gail Gnirk was there representing John Salazar. We agreed to purchase the .625 acres in question and saved our home from being destroyed.

If not for John Salazar, our Christmas of 2008 would have been a pile of rubble.

Thank you, John Salazar, for helping us in our time of need. John Salazar is a congressman who cares about the people he serves.



Tancredo has finagled rules to fit his whim

I’ve always been a registered Republican, and this election year I will support those with Republican ideals. I hope for a new governor who will follow the rules — not reframe rules to fit his whim.

The method in which Tom Tancredo enabled himself to make the ballot (even though the court turned a blind eye) broke state party rules. He was a registered Republican when the five American Constitution Party leaders voted him to be their candidate. They violated their own rule, which required a six-month tenure in their party to run.

I guess five people can bypass the whole primary system. Why even have a primary? It’s a sham!

Tancredo told tea partiers months earlier to work within the Republican Party to affect change. That’s exactly what they did. Then he leaves the party to run. Where is the honesty?

I want a governor who will enforce the law, not change it to fit one’s whim. Tancredo does not fit my vision for the next leader of Colorado. His federal voting record shows he looked to the biggest central power in Washington, D.C. to solve problems in the past. He voted for the Patriot Act that slammed constitutional civil liberties. He voted for the TARP bailout.

Tancredo shows it is expediency that counts. What can we believe about what he says? As Congressman, Tom promised he would run for only four terms. He must have forgotten before he ran and won the fifth time.

Tancredo would be a governor who finagles the rules to suit his wishes. The track record shows that is the case. He is the other side of the Washington political machine. We don’t need them.

I support the Republican candidate Dan Maes, not a professional politician.



Buck is out of touch regarding homosexuality

Those of you who watched NBC’s Meet the Press or who read The Daily Sentinel’s article recently, saw Ken Buck make a comparison between homosexuality and alcoholism. Any well-read, knowledgeable person knows this is totally false. There is no comparison whatsoever between homosexuality and alcoholism.

Mr. Buck should not speak about such matters without studying the facts. Homosexuality is no more a choice for a gay individual than heterosexuality is for a straight person. You cannot decide to be gay.

I would urge the public to check other facts that Mr. Buck feels are correct. He is wrong about much that he purports to be true.


Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Western Colorado

Grand Junction

Democratic campaigns sink to new lows

I am absolutely amazed at the depths to which the Democratic Party will slither to retain power. The blatant lies being spread in scorched earth campaigns against Ken Buck, Scott Tipton and others, make me wonder how those responsible can even bear the sight of their own reflections. If voters are ignorant enough to base their decisions on vile tripe of this nature, I will be forever convinced the lowest common denominator dictates our future and mob rule will trump common sense.

If recent political ads have you wondering in disgust how Ken Buck and Scott Tipton can possibly support a “23 percent tax increase on everything we buy,” you need to take a moment to educate yourself on the finer points of the Fair Tax plan. You may find your disgust shift from one of disbelief that Buck and Tipton support such a plan, to a fury that power brokers in Washington will not allow such an economic boon to see the light of day.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. On Nov. 2, we have the opportunity to put a stop to the insanity emanating from the halls of Congress. We must be educated on the truth, reject the lies and use common sense in order to right this ship of state. Doing anything less is terribly irresponsible when exercising one of the most important civic duties we hold as American citizens.




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