Printed letters, Oct. 24, 2010

Voters have chance to do right on abortion

Before us we have a unique opportunity to do something very important for our country and for our society. We can each begin to swing the pendulum back to a deepening respect for human life by casting our vote in favor of Amendment 62 (the “personhood” amendment).

Each and every “Yes” vote on Amendment 62, whether the amendment passes or not, will demonstrate to Colorado and the rest of the nation that another citizen cares enough to stand up for what they know to be right.

Abortion is wrong because it stops the life of a developing human being. There are situations where it may be medically necessary (i.e. to save the life of the mother), but the decision to proceed should always be taken with a clear understanding of just what is occurring and with a deep respect for that in-utero life.

The reality is that with every abortion performed there is always at least one fatality.

Citizens of Colorado have now a chance to stand up and stop this loss of innocent life by casting a “Yes” vote on Amendment 62.

Give these, our youngest brothers and sisters, the legal right to be recognized as a person, as a living human being. Please don’t miss this opportunity to do what you know deep in your heart to be right.


Grand Junction

Many legal, safe abortions save women’s lives

I take issue with Pastor Hale’s Oct. 19 letter to the editor on several points.

First, he states that biblical counsel “plainly says life is valued as life from the beginning of biological development,” yet Leviticus 27, which establishes temple fees for persons of different ages, has no payment for a child under one month old.

Exodus 21:22-23 is even more explicit, describing a fight between two men in which a pregnant wife is injured, causing a miscarriage. If that is the only result, the aggressor is commanded to pay a fine to the woman’s husband —

to compensate him for lost property — but if the woman dies, then the man shall pay with his life. Clearly the woman has more value than the fetus.

Pastor Hale states that since 1973, the lives of over 52 million little ones have been terminated. I would point out that the lives of many desperate women, unable to face an unplanned pregnancy, were saved by having access to safe, legal abortions.

Most of us recognize that many of the abortions he cites were medically necessary, preventing maternal deaths or lifetime impairments. Women with ectopic pregnancies or other life-threatening situations can die without abortions. Women with pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and epilepsy and women receiving chemotherapy or taking certain medications rely heavily on the availability of birth control with abortion as a fall-back.

Do we really want to create an America where it is dangerous to be a young woman — an America where a law like Amendment 62 can become your death sentence?


Colorado Springs

Sentinel is just endorsing more of the same

As a Grand Junction native, it is difficult for me to remember a time when The Daily Sentinel was so far out of touch with the citizens of Mesa County, and indeed, the nation.

In a year when the economy continues to teeter on the brink of disaster, one in which a tidal wave of change seems poised to roll over the country due to disfavor with the failed policies that have been enacted by the Democratic Party on a state and national level, save for its endorsements of Scott Tipton, the Sentinel has amazingly said, “More, please.” More of the same failed policies from the same kinds of Democratic Party politicians. Very strange indeed.


Grand Junction

Garfield County should keep Gorman as assessor

Jim Yellico is running for Garfield County assessor this Nov. 2 against John Gorman, an official who has done as he pledged: to ensure that all property is fairly and accurately valued. Audits conducted on his watch have ensured the collection of back taxes and interest amounting to $6 million as of September 2010. Such efforts have promoted fairness in taxation to the benefit of individual property owners and corporations alike.

Reports from the campaign trail indicate that Mr. Yellico is an upstanding and amiable enough person, yet doesn’t appear to embody the voice of reason and deliberation of a candidate for an office of this gravity. John Gorman epitomizes reason and deliberation. He is regarded highly not only among informed constituents, but also by others in his line of work who named him co-chair of the Oil and Gas Committee, Colorado Assessors Association.

Jim Yellico’s campaign literature shows him grasping for something of substance to say without much success, e.g.:

✓ Upgrading the assessor’s website — the website is new and provides easy access to up to the minute property and sales information;

✓ Refraining from hiring outside professionals — using contract commercial appraisers has proven to be very cost effective and improved service over time;

✓ Working with the gas industry, which Gorman does now to the benefit of all taxpayers.

Such examples are slender reeds indeed to support a campaign for a position charged with responsible, incisive accounting for millions of dollars in public monies. No, favoring some at the expense of others is inappropriate. Taxpayers are taxpayers at the assessor’s office, all entitled to the same fair treatment.

John Gorman has rendered and will continue to render admirable service for Garfield County, Colorado. He should be re-elected. A vote for John Gorman is a vote for experience and knowledge of the job and a promise for a fair assessment for all.


Glenwood Springs

City employees shoud have same benefits as public

Finally, the city of Grand Junction has to look at their budget in a more conservative light. Really? Now they do?

I have fought with people that work for the city and county and state that they are spoiled. Welcome to the real world and people that have to manage their business every day and have to make cuts everywhere.

I have said that it is ludicrous that we, the taxpayers, pay the government employees for all the time off they get. They should only get the big five holidays off: Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Memorial Day. That is it.

They should only get one week of paid vacation a year for the first three years, just like private enterprise. One week a year of sick leave. If you really want to be generous on our dime, you could add one week of family time. It would be interesting to see how much the city would save going to these parameters.




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