Printed letters, Oct. 26, 2010

Have you driven along Redlands Parkway from Patterson Road heading west recently? If so, you may have seen the brand-new junkyard that has been building up over the past few months.

This totally inappropriate eyesore is certainly one way to deter cyclists, walkers, hikers and strollers from using the beautiful Colorado Riverfront Trail at the Blue Heron Gazebo. The junked cars and oil-field trash diminish the beauty of the Colorado Riverfront Trail, not to mention the first views of the Colorado National Monument when heading west along 24 Road.

Is there a statute or law the City Council can enforce to mandate that these junked and wrecked cars be hidden from view along Redlands Parkway and the Colorado Riverfront Trail?

The riverfront trail in the Roaring Fork Valley has miles of stunning riverfront scenery with no junkyards or dumped cars. Is it too much to think Grand Junction could actually try to clean up this area so that our cycling and walking trails might attract tourists and visitors from out of town?

Grand Junction has a sizeable budget to attract tourists, but once the out-of-towners arrive, what can they expect to see? A wasteland of junked cars right next to the Colorado River.


Grand Junction

John Salazar showed guts in opposing Wall Street

Early voting has begun. Big money is trying to buy Colorado’s votes. I have to counter their too-often-untrue, simple-minded slogans with some not-so-short words of my own.

I want the man who has shown guts. I want the guy who has shown savvy. I want the man who can come up with solutions for overlapping issues. I will vote for John Salazar for Congress.

Here’s why: Salazar showed guts when he did not sign the Wall Street bailout to the rich and reckless.

Instead, he has created jobs for his citizens by the dollars he has brought to Colorado for important water projects to expand, rehabilitate and repair dams, canals, reservoirs for both drinking water and irrigation.

Salazar gets Colorado water issues and land issues — showing guts and savvy on behalf of rural families — by protecting their property rights against government take-over of their farms and ranches, by leading efforts to permanently reduce the estate tax, by working to overturn the Bush veto of the farm bill.

Salazar has worked to bring quality-of-life benefits (water included) and increased job opportunities to his district. Expansion of rural broadband access, additions to veterans health care, incentives to bring more practicing doctors and nurses to serve western Colorado, as well as expansion of medical facilities and training. Transportation improvements at Grand Junction airport and for the Glenwood Springs corridor connections.

To Salazar’s support of health care, I say “Hurrah.” He showed guts and savvy by supporting a cost-saving idea that can improve the lives of so many Americans, juggling that life benefit against companies that will spend millions to lobby on behalf of their profits, but will price even children out of their markets. He has shown courage.

I want to see John Salazar re-elected.



Ads attacking Suthers are outrageous, irresponsible

As former United States attorneys for Colorado, we are shocked and offended by the political ads that attorney general candidate Stan Garnett has been running against John Suthers. Garnett desperately and unfairly attempts to blame the murders committed by Scott Kimball on Suthers, who, while U.S. attorney, reasonably relied on law enforcement officials and trusted assistants in his office in approving the use of Kimball as a confidential informant.

As a district attorney, Garnett should know better. He knows that John Suthers acted on the best information he had at his disposal at the time. Five years later, to point to the attorney general as complicit in the murders of innocent victims, is an outrageous and irresponsible political charade — especially when used against John Suthers, who has devoted his entire professional career to protecting the public.




Democratic ads mislead about the ‘Fair Tax’ plan

The Democratic-sponsored commercials need to have a fact check.

First, the “Fair Tax” does not raise taxes by 23 percent on everyone. The “Fair Tax” being discussed by Ken Buck and Scott Tipton is a replacement tax of all the hidden taxes in every product during its production. It would replace taxes already charged.

Next, it would eliminate the IRS. There would be no federal income tax, no withholding or Social Security tax. These all go away with the enactment of HR 25, the “Fair Tax” bill. Everyone will receive all of their paychecks.

Finally, everyone will receive a monthly rebate (actually a “prebate”) of taxes paid on the necessities of life, based on poverty tables. Based on 2006 estimates, a family of four with an income of $26,400 a year would receive $506 per month in prebate. Each additional family member would result in an additional $65 per month.

No increase in taxes, a prebate and you get to keep all of your paycheck. This is bad?

Only according to the Democrats. If HR 25 is enacted, the Democrats will lose power.

Also, waiting in the wings of Congress at this time is HR 4646, a 1 percent transaction fee on all financial transactions conducted by each and every one of us.

Also, as discussed previously by some of the Democrats currently in Congress, a value added tax may be enacted to help pay for the free spending going on.

These are the things that the current crop of Democrats and commercials do not tell you. Watch your wallets if the Democrats are returned to Congress.


Grand Junction

Voters deserve integrity in political advertising

We have a serious problem among the current crop of political candidates. Simply put, I haven’t seen one single commercial — from any party — that hasn’t in some way manipulated facts or distorted information about the opposition. I appreciate The Daily Sentinel and other sources that have researched these ads and given perspective in the name of accuracy.

Here’s the problem: If politicians are willing to lie to us to get elected (yeah, that‘s what it is, lying), how can we trust they won’t lie to us after you’re in office? Their ads thus far have cost them my trust. Perhaps the old gag is true: “The only time a politician tells the truth is when he calls another politician a liar.”

Republicans, Democrats, independents or tea partiers, if you want us to see you as honest politicians, then run an honest campaign. Stop portraying your opponent as the Antichrist and present the facts accurately. Let the voters decide on the true merits of the issues, not your corrupted spin of them.

If we voters must suffer through campaign ads, then could politicians please show some campaign integrity?  Or is that too heavy a burden for them to bear?

Let the politicians know if you approve this message.


Grand Junction


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