Printed letters, Oct. 27, 2010

Under the current state leadership, Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Tom Tancredo, a former Republican, came into the gubernatorial campaign as a minority party spoiler — and he has succeeded. Neither Tancredo nor GOP nominee Dan Maes will win the governor’s office.

So should Republicans vote for Tancredo in the hope that he wins? If they do, that takes votes from Maes.

However, if Maes (the official Republican-ticket candidate) receives less than 10 percent of the total votes cast in this election, then the Colorado Republican Party becomes an official minority party, down the list with the Communist Party and other lesser parties. Also, the Republicans could lose 50 percent of their financial support.

So will Republicans vote for Maes to protect the party for 2012 or vote for Tancredo, a third-party candidate, and hurt the Republicans in the future?

Hmmm, which foot to shoot this time?


Grand Junction

Buck proves his ignorance on question of gay ‘choice’

I cannot believe the stupidity of GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck. On national TV, he equated homosexuality with alcoholism. Does he actually think there is a choice there?

I had two gay brothers and watched both of them fight mightily over the years to attempt to be straight. Who in God’s name would choose to be ostracized, beat upon and continually denigrated by choice?

One of my brothers was killed in San Diego many years ago and the police, back then at least, cared not one whit and followed no leads. My other gay brother died from Parkinson’s. Both were outstanding individuals and, I might add, both my brothers served in the Marines in defense of our (and their) country

Buck is a Neanderthal, and I would be glad to explain the matter to him in person.


Grand Junction

Personhood item doesn’t belong in Constitution

When facts are inconvenient and truth is inconclusive, appeals to emotion are the usual recourse. Recent letters to The Daily Sentinel supporting Amendment 62 use words such as “babies,” “children” and “our youngest brothers and sisters” to describe fertilized eggs and embryos.

It is wrong to call an embryo a “baby,” a “child” or a “sister.” Most fertilized eggs never become babies. More than half are lost by natural causes before or during implantation. Fertilized eggs lost in a woman’s menstrual cycle or trapped in her fallopian tubes are not dead children, nor are they persons, as Amendment 62 would legally define them.

Vote “No” on 62. The theological argument that fertilized eggs have “inalienable rights, equality of justice and due process of law” does not belong in the Colorado Constitution.


Grand Junction

Amendment 62 will end 38 years of Roe v. Wade

This coming Jan. 23 will be the 38th year that the Roe v. Wade decision has been the law of the land. One man broke a tie vote in the Supreme Court and in turn, denied the right to life, liberty and a chance to pursue a happy life to the unborn children of humankind. That one man was Justice Harry Blackmun. And we have lived with this for almost 38 years. We cannot be proud of this insidious fact.

In the words of a good and godly man from Whitehouse, Texas: “There is something very evil stalking us. Transforming a girl or young woman from a life giver to a life taker.”

In our 2010 state ballot book, on Page 28, concerning Amendment 62, the three arguments against this amendment have no basis of truth. These arguments actually speak volumes about the people who wrote them.



Suthers refuses to accept blame for killers’ release

Two recent Republican-appointed U.S. attorneys (Troy Eid and Bob Miller) criticize me and my campaign for raising the sad story of Scott Kimball in the attorney general’s race. They argue that incumbent Attorney General John Suthers acted on the information he had available and that he cares about violent crime. They miss the point.

It was not just the decision to release Kimball that was a mistake, but also the failure, for over two years, to pay any attention while Kimball was killing Colorado women. During that time, Suthers’ top assistants were arguing repeatedly (at least seven hearings over two years while Suthers was U.S. attorney) that Kimball could be trusted and deserved the $20,000 in federal money he was paid. Kimball never provided a shred of usable evidence on any case during this time.

Miller and Eid simply continue the Suthers’ practice of sweeping the whole matter under the rug.

The issue is one of managerial accountability. Suthers refuses to take any responsibility for this sad story, again telling the Associated Press last week that he bears no responsibility for what happened.

Yet he runs ads claiming that the “first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens.”

The simple truth, all set out in court documents, is this: Kimball was released on a motion from Suthers’ office and no one paid any attention while he was killing people. I put him away on Oct. 8, 2009.

This story and the role of the incumbent in it have been avoided long enough. Coloradans deserve the truth as they vote for attorney general and decide who will be accountable and who can best protect the public.



Stop wasting tax dollars: Vote ‘Yes’ on 60, 61 and 101

It’s time to stop the wasteful spending of tax dollars. Every election, politicians promise to balance budgets and reduce deficits, but it never happens. Sure, some government employees will lose their jobs.

The company I work for has less than 50 percent of the employees it had two years ago. Many were my friends and had families. There have also been pay cuts during that period. That’s what it takes to keep the doors open.

It has to start somewhere. Vote “Yes” on Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101.

Since government has the most to lose, it makes you wonder if tax dollars are funding the campaign claiming 60 61, and 101 will cripple Colorado.


Grand Junction

Bashing of opponents drives voters away

This election season is the most appalling I have ever witnessed, despite the fact I am a senior citizen and have witnessed many.

Instead of addressing the issues and outlining a plan to get our country out of the horrific mess we are in, all that some of the candidates can do is bash their opponents with lies, half truths and innuendo.

If they think that is helping their cause and winning them votes, they can think again. They grossly underestimate the intelligence of their audience.

The incumbents obviously have little they can defend and no ideas on how things should proceed, so they bash.

Following the lead of one of my much younger friends, I intend to vote for the candidates who have been bashed the most because they are the true gentlemen in this race, the one with the most integrity and the ones I will trust to represent me in Washington, D.C.


Grand Junction


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