Printed letters, September 12, 2010

Ballot measure will be a disaster for Colorado

The language of proposed Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 was difficult for me to read and understand. So I decided to get educated by attending discussions and by researching online. What I have found is that these three measures, if passed, will bring a permanent recession to Colorado.

Some 73,000 primary jobs will be lost in the first year. School classroom size will dramatically increase. In short order, there will be no money to maintain college buildings, state parks, a good judicial system — the very things that make Colorado a great place to live. All Coloradans will lose.

Proponents of the bill claim that the measures are needed to balance the budget and to reinstate the meaning of TABOR. Both claims are false. The Colorado Constitution already requires a balanced budget. We cannot spend more than revenues received, unlike the federal government. Likewise, TABOR is alive and well in this state. All tax increases at all levels of government require a vote of the people.

I urge the good people of Mesa County to be skeptical. Do your research and then vote “No” on Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101.


Grand Junction

We need conservatives such as Scott Tipton

I am writing this letter in support of Scott Tipton, who is running for Congress. As a former resident and businessman in Cortez, I have known Scott and his family since 1973.

Scott was one of the youngest representatives to the Republican National Convention. He has always been a sincere, committed conservative, the kind of person (honest, dedicated, hard-working and family oriented), that this district, state and nation need so badly.

Today’s incumbents consistently put their re-election first in everything they say and do. Their party’s interests are a close second. Then the good of the nation comes a distant third. This practice must come to an end. The most annoying part of their attitude is that they take us to be fools.

I believe with all my heart that at no time in our nation’s history have we needed honest, common sense, moral, far-thinking leaders as badly as now.

It behooves every citizen to educate himself thoroughly. We need conservatives (fiscally and socially) to get us out of the horrible mess this Congress and administration have put us in.

Lend your support, as a volunteer, as a fundraiser or as a contributor. Every dollar you invest in this election, could save your children and grandchildren hundreds of dollars in the future.

Let’s all get involved and send Scott Tipton to Congress, along with all the other common-sense candidates, to help clean out the rat’s nest that Congress has become.


Grand Junction

Republicans had chance but failed on health care

So people want to repeal health care reform by electing Republicans, who promise to do so and replace it with their better ideas instead of working on needed adjustments to make the new law better. This means we go back to only coverage for the old and very poor and also coverage for those who can afford the escalating insurance premiums.

In 1993, I encouraged the members of the Colorado delegation to support reform and recently, I, by chance, came across their replies:

Ben Nighthorse Campbell, then a Democrat, stated in his March 12, 1993 letters, “Approximately 35 million Americans have no health care insurance …  Health care costs are rising at an alarming rate … 25 percent goes to administrative costs — twice the rate of any other nation … insurance premiums have risen at an average of 15.2 percent a year …” “I support national health care reform.”

And then-3rd District Rep. Scott McInnis, recently running for governor, stated on Feb. 10, 1993, “The rising costs of health care, the availability and affordability of health insurance and the accessibility of health care are significant concerns to all of us today.”  He also said, “We need to expand availability of health care insurance, control costs of prescription drugs, and make long-term care a priority in all our health care reform measures.”

So after 12 years of these Republicans and their successors controlling Congress, we got what? There are now 47 million people uninsured, premiums and hospital costs rising faster than inflation, families economically destroyed by catastrophic illnesses and people shut out of getting insurance. And what do you think a Republican Congress will accomplish on solving this in the future? What will we have in another 17 years if we step back?


Grand Junction

King wrong in views about ballot measures

I respond to Rep. Steve King’s letter against tax relief. I was first struck by his using a royal “we.” (“We have taken a close look at these measures and we urge you…”). A strange tone for someone who claims to be a public servant.

Why are government officials so afraid of initiatives brought by citizens? These initiatives got about 420,000 petition signatures to make the November ballot, and will pass, because we the people don’t trust the politicians. King’s letter telling us how to vote is arrogant. Citizens don’t need lawmakers’ help to vote.

Citizens reject the doubling of car registration fees (taxes) that politicians passed in Denver last year without voter approval. Citizens reject the billions of dollars in future school property taxes politicians passed in Denver in 2007 without voter approval. Citizens reject the doubling of property taxes on senior citizens that politicians passed in Denver, which took effect this year. Citizens reject the tripling state debt without voter approval over the past 10 years. Citizens reject the $18,000 per year tax-free expense accounts taken by politicians, while raising our taxes with what they call fees.

Citizens know from reading that state spending has soared 476 percent since 1984, mostly under Republican Legislatures. Property tax revenue has escalated 183 percent since TABOR passed, thanks to the loopholes politicians invented.  If government spending were the key to prosperity, totalitarian nations would be the wealthiest on Earth. I suggest King learns to respect the private sector, which pays for government.

His time is up. Citizens want our state back. When the ballots are counted, you will find out your “we” is not as numerous as you thought.

Readers, if you are ready to help pass issues 60, 61, and 101, contact and join the real we, the people!



King is the best choice to serve in state Senate

The upcoming election is an important one for the direction of our state. In the case of Mesa County, we are fortunate to have someone like Rep. Steve King running for the state Senate.

King has proved himself in the House as being someone who understands the complex and challenging issues of the state. He also has been a strong and clear voice on behalf of his constituents in western Colorado.

King recognizes the importance and value of our business community and the need to create jobs in the private sector. Also, he has made it known that it is important that the state, like any family, live within its means and not pursue additional taxes and fees when the public can least afford it.

This year’s state Senate election offers Mesa County a stark choice. We can choose someone, like Steve King, who has a proven track record and experience as being a strong supporter of Western Slope interests, someone who has earned the trust of the business community, or we can roll the dice with an unknown.

During this challenging period for our state, I think the choice is clear: Steve King.


Grand Junction

Don’t publish so much by liberal Associated Press

Judging by the number of articles The Daily Sentinel uses by the Associated Press,it is hard-pressed to have local writers write about local news.

The AP leans quite hard to the left, and a lot of what it provides is not of interest to our right-of-center area population. Yes there is a minority that thinks the AP and such is great. I don’t.



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