Printed letters, April 3, 2014

I have known Steve Acquafresca since he first ran for public office. Over the years, I’ve known him as a commissioner and as a committed individual involved in our community at various functions I have attended.

Acquafresca is now running for the Statehouse seat, and I believe he has the knowledge and understanding one needs to accomplish what that position demands. I have seen over the years how well informed he is about current issues, political or not; he has a realistic point of view.

Acquafresca is sincere and wants to be aware of what people are trying to tell him. Even when people are long-winded and don’t know when to stop talking, Steve listens to them.

When it comes to conversations, he always shows kindness, charm and courtesy. When needed, he can still get his evaluation of the subject heard based on his knowledge, understanding and commitment.


Grand Junction

Mesa County voters urged 
to stop recycling politicians

My wife and I relocated to the Grand Junction area almost 18 years ago now. We have also lived off and on in other states in this great country of ours. But never have we ever lived in an area, Mesa County, where the people continue to recycle politicians like they do here.

These politicians are like professional leeches in that all they want to do is live off the government and collect money for doing nothing to actually help the people who elect them. They say anything and will do anything to get themselves elected and then turn around and rob people blind just to continue to try to live the lifestyle they believe people owe them.

I am not affiliated with any of the so-called parties that supposedly serve the people. I quit believing the lies and “bs” that any politician puts out a long time ago. But I do believe that if the people continue to just recycle the same old politicians that they’ll get the same old “bs” and never ever realize that there are actually two sides to a coin.

Good luck to you and your recycles.




Citizens should do homework 
to vote wisely in mid-terms

Prior to the last election for Congress, Gallup polls showed that more than 90 percent of voters were dissatisfied with the job Congress was doing. Of those surveyed, 80 percent felt Congress was more interested in serving special interests than those who voted them into office. These numbers were consistent with surveys done by CBS News and The New York Times around the same time.

This being said, we should assume that most of these inept politicians lost their seats in office. Amazingly, 91 percent of the incumbents who ran for re-election won.

This is not a new phenomenon; it has prevailed in our society for the past four decades. It appears that it is easier to vote along party lines or by name recognition than doing one’s homework and putting the most qualified person in office.

We are coming up on another chance to change the status quo. It goes unsaid that the people we have entrusted to run our country have not been taking care of business. We can only influence a small part of the results of the election process, but it is our small part. We should all plan on doing due diligence and understand who it is we are putting into those seats.

All the information is at our fingertips, with a keystroke or two on our computer. Perhaps it is time to start holding those, to whom we have entrusted our quality of life, accountable.


Grand Junction


Background checks cramp 
individuals’ freedom, privacy

Letter writer D.B. Cooper wants to know how clear-thinking people could oppose background checks for gun purchases. If it really matters, here’s a bit of the other side.

✓ The laws are predicated on the asinine assumption that it is reasonable to have, wandering around loose in society, convicted (not alleged but convicted) felons who are so dangerous we have to restrict everyone else’s rights to accommodate the felons. That’s like addressing rape by requiring all women to wear government-controlled chastity belts and submit to background checks for consensual sex because it’s so inhumane to incarcerate rapists.

✓ It’s always easy and reprehensible to sacrifice somebody else’s freedom for your perceived security. My rights are not yours to barter away. If you are really bothered by the risk, buy a shotgun and some ammo and then never leave your house. If you think the trade’s worth it, trade your own freedom.

✓  If background checks worked, identity theft would be impossible. It’s just as easy to pass a background check with a stolen identity as it is to open a fraudulent credit-card account.

✓  While these checks are a great way for the government to keep tabs on the law-abiding (something our government is not supposed to be doing), there is no evidence that they reduce crime at all. But I suspect reducing crime was never more than a pretext, anyway.




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-Do not forget that our illustrious senators UDALL and BENNET both voted to DISARM us and give the UN authority over our guns.
-Well stated Mr OWEN.
-I am with you Mr Kufahl. Odds on favorite Mr Tipton has sat on his donkey and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop this worthless House of Representatives. His every vote was predicated upon his re-election.
-Term limits anyone?
-Grand nail striking Mr Kelly.

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