Printed letters, September 26, 2013

The Republicans need to soon figure out that as long as Harry Reid and his fellow socialists control the Senate, they are not going to defund or repeal the nightmare called “Obamacare.”

Even while corporations are laying off employees, families are looking at double or triple insurance costs, small businesses aren’t hiring and the 40-hour work week is dissolving; the left still thinks this is the right path for America. However, trying to change the legislation while the left controls the Senate and the White House is futile.

While defunding a portion of the law might delay things, without at least a majority in the Senate and House that can override a veto, the law stands no chance of repeal. The only course I can see right now for the Republicans is to get through the continuing resolution and debt ceiling issues without looking too weak, producing an alternative health care plan and concentrating all their efforts on the 2014 elections.

I still think the only way to fix Washington is for Congress to impose comparable term limits on themselves as they did on the presidency. As I said before: “Who is John Galt?” (If you haven’t read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, you should.)


Grand Junction

Nation’s debt is like 
a cancer that we ignore

I found Sunday’s Commentary section to be a real study of contradictions.

The editorial headline implies our federal government is operating with a budget. There hasn’t been a federal budget approved since April 29, 2009. That’s 53 months!

The now almost-accepted (and recognized) Senate way of operating our federal finances is so fiscally irresponsible there’s no recognized accounting procedure to describe it properly.

“Continuing resolution”? Wow! I guess the closest comparison would be to diagnose breast cancer and then tell the patient to just continue doing whatever they were doing before — but do more of it every year. Don’t even treat the symptoms, much less the disease.

If other diagnosticians suggest changing something — like providing a proven treatment for the cancer — call them “quacks” and discount any suggestion they may have to treat the ailment as absolutely irresponsible because it “might” have worse side effects.

Hey, it’s cancer folks. Left untreated it is going to kill you.

Our nation is suffering from increasing national debt cancer and the “continuing resolution” method of automatically spending more each year (without even considering a change in the way or why we spend) is killing our nation. Look around, you can see it.

So who should do what to fix this? The House of Representatives has sent numerous budgets to the Senate each year since 2009. The Senate has continuously shirked its responsibility to process the budget for approval – many times not even acknowledging receipt.

This year the House budget includes de-funding ObamacCare. That immediately defines the House as “quacks” (see above) by the administration, the Senate and to some extent by The Daily Sentinel.

Left untreated ...?




Parrish’s education career 
makes him strong candidate

I support Tom Parrish for the School District 51 Board of Education. Tom progressed from teacher to school principal and then district administrator over duringf his 30-plus-year career.

I have known Parrish since 2000, when I began working as a program evaluator and Parrish was my supervisor as the executive director of school effectiveness. He always looks for ways to make organizational improvements. His leadership with him included:

• Sponsoring a study of the effectiveness of reading instructional assistants;

• Conceptualizing a way to measure instruction by integrating test scores of student performance and growth;

• Supporting the participation of three district schools in the Colorado Performance Excellence program;

• Facilitating district-wide curriculum decisions in reading programs; and

• Implementing an extensive leadership-training program for principals.

As a member of the school board, Parrish would, I expect, play an active role in developing ways to assess the effectiveness of existing education programs, ways of supporting staff through ongoing development and ways of tailoring education to the unique needs and interests of students.

I expect Parrish to be a strong and influential member of the board because of his personal qualities that include:

—Acting with integrity on what needs to be done, not what is popular;

—Supporting students, teachers, principals and parents;

—Being guided by principles derived from years of educational experience;

—Enacting leadership through example that is respectful, humble and empowering of others.

Without a doubt the schools and students of Mesa County would be better served by Tom Parrish on the board than anyone else I can imagine.




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Kudos to the Daily Sentinel for chronicling the on-going “debate” over the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) by publishing competing editorials (“Cruz carnivals”) and letters (Glenn Menard’s “GOP should concentrate on 2014 to end Obamacare”, and Tom Howe’s “Nation’s debt is like a cancer that we ignore”).

Unfortunately, even if Menard genuinely believes that NRA-member Harry Reid is a “socialist” and that ObamaCare is a “nightmare” (albeit not even fully implemented), his opinions are colored by blind acceptance of familiarly false Republican “talking points”.

For example, when the Cleveland Clinic – touted by President Obama as exemplifying quality health care delivery—recently announced that it would lay-off employees and cut its budget by $330 million, Fox Noise falsely blamed those cuts on “ObamaCare” (even though they were actually precipitated by Ohio’s refusal to accept Medicaid expansion funds – prompting a petition drive to overturn that Republican decision by referendum).

Likewise, families currently unable to obtain any health insurance at any cost will soon be paying “infinitely more” (than zero) for coverage, but the average family will actually pay less (not more) for comparably comprehensive coverage than was initially projected.

Small businesses aren’t hiring because Republicans refuse to support fiscal policies that would stimulate employment and thus consumer demand.  The 40-hour work week was decimated by the near-Depression, but involuntary part-time work is falling not rising.

Rather than wait to say “I told you so” if ObamaCare “trainwrecks”, Republicans most realistically fear that it will succeed—thoroughly discrediting them by the 2014 election.

Meanwhile, Howe seems totally unaware that the Senate has passed budget resolutions, but Senate Republicans are filibustering the appointment of a conference committee to resolve differences between the Senate’s responsible and the House’s fatuous versions.

Thus, as “Cruz carnival” cleverly suggests, the most dangerously metastasizing “cancer” is “Tea Party”/Republican refusal to responsibly govern.

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