Progressives in Colorado Legislature 
demonstrate they care little about jobs

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The Realist’s Dictionary: “politics” = person or group A trying to get person or group B to obey the will, fiats and edicts of A.
Politics definitely suck. Politics these days are enough to turn any common-sense person into a misanthrope.
I particularly liked Rick Wagner’s statement that libs hope to “bury prior mistakes under piles of taxpayer dollars.” It’s exactly on the money.
In describing the difference between government “jobs” and private-sector jobs, merely saying “jobs associated with the firearms industry are private and pay their own way” is not enough.
With the private sector, your personal life, labor and property are not at risk because with private sector jobs the paradigm is that you have to make things and sell them for a profit to people who want to buy them. Jobs and wages are pretty much determined by how many customers want to buy the product/s being offered for sale. If the business doesn’t make a profit, it goes out of business, or bankrupt.
With government “jobs”, your personal life, labor and property absolutely ARE at risk because in the case of government “jobs” the paridigm is that government doesn’t make and sell things useful to humans at a profit. It simply steals money from the taxpayers to pay its employees. It sets its own agenda, decides how big it wants to be, decides how much it wants to pay its employees, decides how much it otherwise wants to spend, and if you disagree, it can steal your property, give your bank account 60% “haircuts, imprison you or even kill you with no adverse ramifications to itself whatsoever.
And how do these laws and policies get made? Politics. It’s truly ugly. As in the courtroom scenarios, everybody in the room is a liar. Everybody into the room tries to make the “other guy” look bad, instead of presenting well-reasoned arguments on behalf of sustainability.
The “left” thinks the world’ biggest problem is that there aren’t enough bicycle paths and “freebies”, while the “right” thinks fossil fuels and debt-as-money fiat currency are a raison d’etre. A pox on both houses.

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