Published letters, November 23, 2012

All of us can keep taxes the way they are on the first $250,000 we earn if the House passes a bill approved by the Senate. President Obama has promised to sign it right away, giving businesses and Christmas shoppers stability and keeping the recovery going.

Neither party really wants taxes to go up on the first $250,000, so will Congressman Scott Tipton vote to keep taxes low on that amount? Or will he play politics and let the tax cuts expire?


Grand Junction

Penry is full of sour grapes 
since GOP lost the election

Never one to allow open wounds and salt to go untouched, I remind The Daily Sentinel that on Sunday, Jan. 15, Josh Penry made 20 predictions. His last three were:

“Mitt Romney is elected president of the United States.”

“Barack Obama gives his finest speech yet — a concession speech.”

“America listens to the president’s concession speech, then millions Tebow in thanks.”

What Penry has written since the election amounted to simply sour grapes. Isn’t it time the Sentinel hired someone who really understands this country and can write accordingly?




Families ought to prepare 
for hikes in energy, taxes

Charles Ashby’s article Nov. 19 is nothing more than an effort to embarrass and divide conservatives and Republicans in Mesa County.

His attempt to portray me as something other than an aware citizen concerned about the future of my country and the well-being of Mesa County falls far short of the truth.

It’s the modus operandi of Ashby and others at the Sentinel to marginalize the conservative movement in Mesa County. These writers may want to remember that Mesa County and our sister counties in western Colorado are deep red and voted overwhelmingly for conservative principles and Republican candidates in this last election.

Jerry Hunsinger is an honest broker who is echoing the sentiments of thousands in Mesa County and millions across the United States who understand that the federal government has outgrown its constitutional boundaries and is out of the control of the people.

Ashby might take a moment and remember that, as the U.S. Constitution gives the states the authority to form the federal government, the people have the right to dissolve it.

No one is planning insurrection, but these concerns are in the hearts of patriots who love their freedom and who see that the current administration is whittling away at the very thing that our warriors have fought and died to defend for centuries.

As for me, I want families in Mesa County to have a measure of security in the face of a coming economic storm. Layoffs are pending in many local businesses, and the “fiscal cliff” and “taxmageddon” are realities that loom at the beginning of 2013 if our Congress and president do not act with speed and wisdom.

Families need to be prepared for inflation, increased energy prices and rising taxes — not to mention possible unemployment. One easy way to do that is to store extras of your everyday provisions in your home. This means simply purchasing extras of the food, dry goods, medication, etc. that you use every day.

If Ashby thinks these positions are strange or extreme, he might want to check his own perceptions of the realities we face.


Grand Junction

Talk of secession is 
sickening, unpatriotic

I want to reply to comments made by Republicans Jerry Hunsinger and Marjorie Haun on a local blog, as quoted in the Nov. 19 issue of The Daily Sentinel.

The thought of seceding from the union is sickening, scarey and very unpatriotic.

Talk about sour grapes. Democrats have never acted like that when they have lost elections, and in Mesa County races, that is most of the time.


Grand Junction


Think twice before buying 
natural-gas-fueled vehicle

This is regarding the recent article in The Daily Sentinel about increasing the number of compressed natural gas fueling stations: It is not feasible to make natural gas fuel for everyday use by citizen consumers.

By the time this giant infrastructure is in place, electric cars, bio-fuels, and other sources of fuel technology will be more economically feasible, more competitive and more widespread nationally.  Conversion costs for consumer vehicles are too expensive. This whole system could be obsolete quickly.

Also, the cost of gasoline could drop, and the fuel economy of newer vehicles is getting better. The national fuel standard of 54 mpg is only several years away, and it could be moved up.

Try trading in your natural-gas-converted car or truck. It does not seem to be a good investment in this fragile economy.


New Castle


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I’m not sure how Mr. Ashby could do any more to embarrass or divide conservatives who supported and elected the likes of Jared Wright.  If “aware citizens” are those who subscribe to “the sky is falling” mantra that should be embarrassing enough.  What more movement of the conservative philosophy could take place in Mesa County where people like Bernie Buescher were replaced by Laura Bradford, and now Jared Wright is elected strictly because he has an (R) next to his name.

Many are the same voters who refuse to support school bond issues, libraries, fire station and police buildings, and other infrastructure needs yet sit in circles and complain when services are cut or eliminated.  Basically those who want these things but don’t want to pay for it.

Finally after 2 1/2 years we will have a Congress who will have to find compromise from BOTH sides of the aisle to avoid the very things GOP members thought they could take credit for after the election!  Somehow I am certain this isn’t the first administration faced with the prospect of inflation, rising fuel costs, and yes even rising taxes.

For some to believe and suggest we must stock our homes for the impending doom is ludicrous! 

Maybe just maybe, even in Mesa County people can come together and do what is right for all, not just for those with far right or far left beliefs?

I am thankful everyday to wake up and see the morning sun of western Colorado knowing it will be another beautiful day even in Mesa County where the sky will not be falling.  Stock up on smiles and handshakes they don’t cost a thing and they go along way.

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