Published letters, August 1, 2010

Despite his politics, Tancredo has immigrant roots, too

If you’re looking for a poster boy to best illustrate the old phrase, “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face,” look no further than Tom Tancredo. Miffed that neither Scott McInnis nor Dan Maes was willing to step down from the Colorado governor’s race, Tancredo announced July 26 that he is now a candidate for that office, representing the American Constitution Party.

Bully for Tom. It’s a free country and it’s his money to spend in his bid for office. There no doubt will be others who will contribute to his campaign, which will be akin to pouring money down the proverbial rat hole. Worse yet, many others will vote for Tom solely on the basis of his stance on illegal immigration.

There is a certain degree of irony in his desire to secure and seal our southern borders. Google Tom Tancredo and you will learn that he is a second-generation Italian-American. His grandparents on his father’s side were born in Italy and would not have arrived in the United States were it not for liberal immigration policies that were in place near the turn of the 20th century. Replace those policies with today’s law imposing strict quotas, and Tom would be running for office in Campania, Toscana or Liguria.

My ancestry is much the same as Tom’s. My grandfather, Guido, arrived at Ellis Island on July 3, 1893. I am concerned, as well, by our inability to control the flow of illegal aliens across our borders, especially when many are felons or would-be terrorists. Additionally, neither of us has any business being the governor of Colorado. I recognize that fact. Unfortunately, Tom does not.


Grand Junction

Ray Scott has experience to represent Western Slope

If you review the credits for Ray Scott and Bob Hislop, running for House District 54, you cannot help but be impressed with both of them. So how do you make a choice with so much talent?

I was born and raised in Colorado. I lived half my life on the East Slope and the rest on the west side of the mountain. I am 65, and I care very much about my state.

One candidate has a history in a wide variety of fields working on the Western Slope, and the other does not. It angers me when people move into town and think they know how things should be done. Growing up in Boulder most likely will give an Eastern Slope edge to Hislop’s thinking.

The fact that both our sheriff and district attorney support Mr. Hislop makes me think they hope to gain from having someone with a law enforcement background in office. With his remarkable background, I see absolutely nothing that equips him with the knowledge and experience to be a representative.

I prefer to have someone who has earned his way locally to represent my interests and those of the Western Slope, rather than someone who has come here to retire, but thinks he, with his very limited experience (except in law enforcement), can go to Denver and represent anything I want, need, and require for my well being. We are all witness to the damage politicians can do when they have little or no experience.

The choice is real easy. Vote for the one who has the experience to represent you.


Grand Junction

Tom Tancredo has joined ranks of political weasels

I really dislike the PWs (political weasels) who place their egos, arrogance and self-importance above even those in their own particular political party which helped get them were they are.  Suddenly, it is all about them and not the wishes of their party, the voters or their country. They are the worst! These party jumpers or spoilers are proof they will stab anyone in the back for themselves.

The most recent examples at a national level are U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who switched from a likely-primary-losing Republican race to the Democratic Party, and still lost a primary, and U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who went from a primary-losing Democrat to an Independent. There are others.

Well, now Colorado can claim its own PW, former Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, who recently issued arrogant high-noon ultimatums to the two top gubernatorial candidates in his (now) former party to drop out or he would come in as an independent. Should I trust he cares more about Colorado and its citizens than himself? Not likely!

I am proudly unaffiliated from any political party.


Grand Junction

Bob Hislop supports responsible gun ownership

Ray Scott must be losing in House District 54. Why else is he allowing Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC to distribute a mailing with a blatant error about his opponent?

Bob Hislop is not anti-gun. He believes in responsible gun ownership and supports the current requirements that those wanting a concealed handgun permit have some training. I, too, believe it is prudent that those who want such a permit should know how to handle a handgun.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons our top law enforcement — District Attorney Pete Hautzinger, Sheriff Stan Hilkey and Delta County Sheriff McKee — have all endorsed Bob Hislop for House District 54.

Ray can say he doesn’t have any control over Rocky Mountain Gun Owners sending out such a vile piece of mail. But Bob’s supporters will clearly see through this and vote accordingly.


Grand Junction

Western Colorado needs Tipton in Congress

For those of you who haven’t voted yet, I’m encouraging a vote for Scott Tipton in the 3rd Congressional District. Scott has spent the last 30 years operating a small business. He’s created jobs, met a payroll and made tough choices along the way. These are all things that Congress had failed to do. Scott is a true conservative and he’s the kind of leader we need.

I also want to share with you some concerning facts about the other candidate in this primary, Bob McConnell. I don’t usually do this, but Bob McConnell’s public comments are quite strange and very concerning. In fact, these comments are why The Durango Herald concluded that Bob is “off the deep end.”

In an interview with the Herald, McConnell said he wrote up his own Declaration of Independence to create his own country, a country he claimed existed in his head, called “Bobistan.” We are facing serious issues and we deserve a serious candidate.

Bob McConnell’s health care plan is a more extreme form of socialism than Obamacare. In a recorded candidate forum that aired on Channel 12 in Grand Junction, Bob McConnell suggested a public health care policy where local governments buy foreclosed homes, turn them into public health care clinics that are run by EMTs and provide health care to the people who live in those neighborhoods.

In a recent letter to the editor in The Durango Herald, McConnell was chastised for falsely claiming an endorsement (the guy actually endorsed John Salazar).

Compare all of this nonsense to Scott Tipton, a husband, father and small business owner who knows how to live within a budget and expects the same of Congress. Scott is a true conservative and he’s the kind of leader we need. Please join me in voting for Scott Tipton for Congress.


Grand Junction


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