Rep. Tipton continues to support 
discredited Republican positions

Why does Rep. Scott Tipton continue to misinform his 3rd Congressional District constituents by promoting disproven claims that the Congressional Budget Office reported that the Affordable Care Act will cost the nation more than 2 million lost jobs?

Tipton’s position is so last week.

When the startling “news” broke that the CBO had reported implementation of the ACA would result in a loss of more than 2 million American jobs, congressional Republicans and their supporters were giddy with excitement.

Breaking news initially appeared to support that conclusion. As The Washington Post explained in its corrected later editions, “The headline of an earlier version of this study incorrectly stated the CBO study estimated that health care law will result in 2 million fewer jobs. The CBO report says the health care law will lead to 2 million fewer workers.”

The same questions were asked and answered last fall, when the Republicans first tried to use the threat of ACA-caused unemployment to discredit the program. As MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reported at the time, “The jobs report came out today (Oct. 22) and the ‘Obamacare Kills Jobs’ lie was completely dispelled.”

Nevertheless, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor pounced when the first, incorrect reading of the CBO study was reported. He quickly fired off a tweet to Republicans that the latest report from the CBO “confirms what Republicans have been saying for years now: Under Obamacare, millions of hardworking Americans will lose their jobs and those who keep them will see their hours and wages reduced.”

Tipton quickly posted his own press release. assuring his constituents that “the President’s healthcare law is once more proving to be one of the worst policies ever enacted.”

Essentially embracing Cantor’s misinterpretation of the report, Tipton repeated the discredited Republican anti-Obamacare propaganda.

“The report this week from the non-partisan CBO unfortunately confirms what many of us expected,” Tipton said, “the law will cost the economy millions of American jobs. This impact is devastating.”

CBO authorities explained they were not talking about millions of newly displaced workers joining the ranks of the unemployed. Rather, the unemployment figure was based on working Americans who would willingly leave their jobs or reduce their working hours if they were not tied to their jobs by the necessity of employer-based health insurance.

As the CBO said, “The estimated (employment) reduction stems almost entirely from a net decline in the amount of labor that workers choose to supply, rather than from a net drop in businesses’ demand for labor.”

The full- and part-time jobs vacated when 2.5 million currently employed Americans are free to work fewer hours, or not at all, without jeopardizing their health insurance, are expected to be filled by willing workers who don’t have to take the job just because it comes with medical insurance benefits.

These are among the conclusions drawn by the CBO, which wasted no time debunking the Republican claims of rising unemployment as a result of Obamacare. Shortly after the misinterpretation was detected, the mistake was widely reported and rejoinders were appearing in both traditional and digital media.

The Daily Sentinel ran a front page AP story Feb. 6 thoroughly repudiating the GOP charges. Pointedly, the story appears under a headline announcing “Fact Check,” with an editor’s note that identifies the AP report as “an occasional look at political claims that take shortcuts with the facts or don’t tell the whole story.”

It would be difficult to find a better candidate for this dubious distinction than Tipton’s verbal onslaught against the ACA. His most recent accusations against Obamacare are inaccurate, prejudiced, misleading and devoid of facts.

Tipton’s constituents, whether they like Obamacare or not, deserve more accurate information than they get from Cantor, Tipton and other GOP anti-Obamacare crusaders regarding the opportunities, obligations and benefits that come with ACA insurance programs.

Far from increasing unemployment, the ACA will free workers from the health insurance bondage that keeps them on the job against their will, opening up new opportunities for those who will take their places. It won’t cure chronic unemployment, but it will help.

Is Tipton really opposed to that?

Bill Grant lives in Grand Junction. He can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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Three items in Wednesday’s Sentinel—Bill Grant’s “Rep. Tipton continues to support discredited Republican positions”, Gary Harmon’s contribution to “House GOP lets debt bill through”, and Charles Ashby’s “Dem to challenge Tipton for House seat”—demand its editors’ attention.

On Tuesday, the House voted 221-201 (193 Democratic and 28 Republican “Yeas”, 199 Republican—including “Teapublican” Scott Tipton—and 2 Democratic “Nays”, with 10 members not voting), to suspend Debt Ceiling enforcement until March 15, 2015.

Sentinel readers in the 3rd C.D. should properly wonder why Tipton and his like-minded “Jumping Frogs” reflexively voted against guaranteeing the “full faith and credit of the United States” – which they cavalierly jeopardized in 2011, causing the largest one day increase in our national debt in history.

Tipton’s typically disingenuous explanation was that the bill “contained no spending cuts” – and then reconfirmed his support for the same irresponsible extortionist tactics that caused last October’s “government shut down” and cost the economy $28 billion.

While President Obama and his fellow Democrats have been responsibly repairing the nearly cataclysmic repercussions of Republicans’ misguided economic policies (which actually produced our “staggering debt”), dishonest charlatans like Tipton continue to lie.

Tipton consistently opposes the “bread and butter” interests of his constituency – voting to cut Food Stamps (while continuing subsidies to his millionaire “farmer” cronies on the House Ag Committee), voting against extending unemployment benefits, and voting 40+ times to deny his constituents access to affordable health insurance and health care – while cynically deluding gullible loyalists into believing that “spending is the problem”.

Tipton’s misleading rhetoric conceals his ideological opposition to cutting federal “tax expenditures” – spending on tax breaks/subsidies for profitable corporations and already wealthy individuals – which could generate sufficient revenues to close the “deficit gap”.

Hopefully, “Buffie” McFadyn will “run rings around” Tipton this Fall.

McFadyen also has had her notoriety, being the subject of news reports last November about whether Pueblo County sheriff’s deputies gave her preferential treatment in January 2013 when she was found sitting in a vehicle with Pueblo County Democratic Chairman Ron Greenwell and both acknowledged they’d been drinking at a party.

McFadyen wasn’t behind the wheel and her blood-alcohol wasn’t tested. Greenwell’s was and was measured at too high to drive.

Deputies allowed McFadyen’s husband, Troy Manchego, to come to the scene and drive her home.
- See more at:
This is your choice to represent us, Bill?


Probably not my first choice—but certainly better than Tipton.

If local Republicans could elect Laura Bradford over Bernie Buescher, then 3rd C.D. voters might prefer McFadyn to reelecting a “Teapublican”.

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