Robinson in District 55

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The ignorance of the Daily Sentinel’s editorial staff can not be understated. If we don’t fix the economy of Western Colorado, we will not have funds for anything.

Dan Robinson will vote the way Governor Hickenlooper tells him to vote. That is bad for the Oil and Gas Industry and Bad for the Economy of the Western Slope. There are 4000 Western Slope jobs currently being held up by Hickenlooper and his Democrat cronies. Imagine the impact of those 4000 jobs on the budget for School District 51, the Grand Junction City Budget and The Mesa County Budget.

We know Hickenlooper’s stance on the Roan that will be Dan Robinson’s as well.

Robinson’s Tourism is the answer is straight from the To Be Determined plan of the Governor. We have had three years of the Tourism economy. How is that working out? Have property values increased? Wages? Unemployment gone down?

Robinson is completely ignorant of The State Constitution. Every plan he has brought up from his shortening of the Legislative Session, to micro-loans, have to be Constitutional Amendments and voted by the people.

He is for the lawsuit that will destroy the Colorado Budget by forcing up educational funding.

As for Bipartisanship, how can we believe that when every campaign Robinson has ever run has denigrated his opponent and ignored the issues.When he loses, he equates the voters of Mesa County to uneducated morons.

Finally we come to the real Dan Robinson, the one the Daily Sentinel will not tell you about. The Dan Robinson that prefers to help illegal aliens break the laws of the United States. The one who supports La Raza, the Hispanic movement that wants to reconquer the Southwest and give it to Mexico. The one who tried to force the Gay and Lesbian agenda into School District 51. The one who sat on the school board for 8 years and increased spending without restraint, leaving the current Board to fight for every penny now.

Dan Robinson does not represent the values of the Western Slope, does not represent the values of Mesa County. He is the worst possible choice for HD 55.

It didn’t take long for Kevin McCarney to weigh in with a tirade based on oil and gas talking points in support of Ray Scott.

I know that the Sentinel takes heat from both sides. The far right thinks they are liberal. The far left thinks they are conservative. I think this endorsement proves that they are concerned with the future of this city, and I applaud their acknowlegement that youth and education will be important issues over the next two years.

Congrats to Dan for winning this endorsement!

P.S. if you want a counter-argument to Kevin McCarney’s rant, visit my website. Yesterday I blogged about why I wouldn’t vote for Ray Scott, even if he were running unopposed.

“Additionally, Robinson has pledged to work with members of both parties on these issues, not hew to a strict party line.”
On Saturday (Oct 13), Robinson tried to make this point at a pro-second amendment forum. He tried to tell us that he had not received donations from the Democrat Party but as is shown on Tracer, he reported receiving $6,100.00 from them! It sounds to me that he will say whatever it takes to get elected whether it is true or not!

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