Rubio shows backbone in his contributions to ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration overhaul

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As a registered Republican — Machiavelli told us it’s easier to change an existing power than raise up a new one — I had been watching Penry with some interest. He lost me when he played the role of typical party hack and fell on his sword rather than oppose Scott McInnis, who, due to excess political baggage from apparent problems with plagiarism, gave us Hickenlooper and the attacks on the 2nd Amendment. At that point, Penry identified himself as no more than another party hack and I lost interest.
What political hacks of all colors and brands these days don’t “get” is that, in the Information Age of computer and internet technology, the people are becoming the MSM through various websites and blogs. The grassroots have had it with the traditional cutesy and manipulative duopoly BS rhetoric and talking points of which Penry’s latest column is an example.
The illegal immigrant problem is complex. Maybe because the Latinos themselves, not being a monolith, are complex. Many appear to be harder workers than many whites. Many own small businesses, so you would think they would have entrepreneurship-friendly attitudes of being pro-limited government and limited taxes. Yet, at the same time, too many support the illegal immigration of family members and “freebies” scammed off “the gringo” system. Whatever your talking points may be, the result is a survival-oriented culture in which the majority routinely votes for “freebies” promised by lying fascists such as OKenyan, Pelosi, Reid et al, and their state counterparts.
America (as we used to know it) simply cannot afford to stop the flow of illegal immigrants as the self-evident first step to solving the problem. That means sealing the border between Mexico and the United States. Everything else can be argued out after that. But that’s something all the cutesy little “gangs” of political hacks, including Rubio and Penry, are unwilling to admit. At least poor Rubio has an excuse for his problems: he is caught between his ethnicity and his allegedly “conservative” principles. Much of his voter base is Hispanic. Penry has no such excuse. He merely craves higher political office and possession of the One Ring of Power (over the Other). I would hope Mesa County and Colorado voters can do better than political-hack dinosaurs like Penry and McInnis. (And that doesn’t mean totalitarian constitution-hating Democrats.)
Perhaps you will notice that no duopoly political hack will ever talk about, or openly oppose, things like the fraudulent, fascistic and UNSUSTAINABLE global debt-as-money oligarchy and America’s blatantly and provably unconstitutional monetary and tax structure. Maybe some Weimar-style hyperinflation and Cyprus-style bank account “haircuts” will soon remedy that deficiency.

ERRATA: The sentence was supposed to be: “America (as we used to know it) simply cannot afford to NOT stop the flow of illegal immigrants as the self-evident first step to solving the problem.” Sorry for any inconvenience.

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