Ryan willing to grab ‘third rail’
of entitlement reform

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Paul Ryan is going to be the GOP nominee?  I thought it was that other guy, the one that lost in the CO caucuses.  The one that says its his budget that would be implemented, not Paul Ryan’s, and who says that his Medicare Plan is, may be, is not different than Mr. Ryan’s…which kind of leaves one wondering: just what does Mitt Romney stand for when it comes to Medicare?  Its time for the GOP nominee to be specific and not hide behind or ride upon his VP-pick’s coattails.

Peter, I could be wrong but I have heard both Romney and Ryan say numerous times that there will be no changes to Medicare for anyone 54 years or older.  For younger people and trying to get cost containment in place, I think they will be looking at a number of alternatives, including vouchers for those desiring to get their own private health insurance.  On the other hand Obama is preparing to strip some 700 plus million dollars out of Medicare to help pay for Obamacare.  Ask yourself, what will that do the existing Medicare services and co-payments?  The bottom line is that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the Healthcare System in the United States, starting with ways to reduce the costs of both medical services and private insurance premiums.  That is the first thing that should have been done with Obamacare, but wasn’t.  Most Americans still have no idea of the crap that is still hidden away in those 2000 pages of legislation and the damage it will do to healthcare in the country.  Romney/Ryan will repeal Obamacare, go back to square one and start all over again.  Let’s face it, if the entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicade, Social Security & Welfare) are not revised and put on a financially sound footing, they will all go bankrupt and the recipients will then get nothing.  One has to wonder, could this be Obama’s vision for the future of America as the new Socialist Utopia?  Peronally, I don’t want to find out and come November, Obama has to go.

“There you go again”, Ronald Reagan might have chided Josh Penry for rejoining the team of pathological Republican liars (Romney-Ryan) to sprinkle “fairy dust” on gullible local “conservatives” (“Ryan willing to grab ‘third rail’ of entitlement reform”, August 17, 2012).

Apparently, Penry missed Monday’s Republican “talking point”:  because of Ryan’s proliferating prevarications, the term “entitlement reform” is now discouraged in favor of the deliberately misleading, disingenuous, and oxymoronic “saving” or “preserving” those programs (particularly Medicare).

Moreover, to glibly characterize President Obama as a “fiscal miscreant” willfully and dishonestly ignores thirty years of empirical evidence to the contrary.

Republican icon Reagan and Bush I doubled the national debt (as percent of GDP) by using massive deficit spending to “stimulate” the economy while attributing economic growth to tax cuts (“Voodoo economics’), prompting Reagan’s own Budget Director David Stockman to resign in protest.

Bush II increased the national debt by another 50% by using “off-the-books” deficit spending to fund two more tax cuts (hoping to magically “stimulate” the economy), two wars, and Medicare Part D – all of which “fiscal conservative” Paul Ryan voted for. 

Since President Obama took office, the national debt has increased by another 33%—much of which is attributable to Bush and Ryan.  As Stockman wrote in the New York Times on Monday, President Obama inherited a debacle caused by “thirty years of Republican apostasy” that “crippled the engines of capitalism and buried us in debt”.

When President Obama responsibly proposed similar fiscal stimuli as employed by Republicans, Ryan voted “no” – opining that they would be ineffectual.  Ryan then aggressively sought stimulus funds for his district, because they would “create jobs”—but lied to his constituents and the press about doing so, all-the-while preaching that Obama’s stimulus was “a failure”.

Welcome back to the liars’ club, Josh.
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