Sal Pace, like many politicians,

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As usual, familiar Republican apologist Rick Wagner—by focusing on the minutiae of Sal Pace’s recent campaign ads (without mentioning either the pervasive dishonesty of the Romney-Ryan campaigns ads and/or Scott Tipton’s Tea Party voting record), Rick Wagner once again avoids the larger issues facing the electorate this November.

Rather, Paul Didier’s letter (“Signing Taxpayer Protection Pledge verges on sedition”) accurately and aptly castigates the signatories – including Paul Ryan and our own “representative” Scott Tipton – of anti-tax extremist Grover Norquist’s “pledge”.

By subordinating his oath of office to an un-elected self-appointed lobbyist, by disloyally pledging his allegiance to a subversive Tea Party agenda rather than to the Constitution, and by voting accordingly, Tipton has disqualified himself for re-election in the 3d CD.

Moreover, not only is “the pledge” effectively seditious, it is also oxymoronic – because it fails to afford “taxpayer protection” against the mounting burden of our national debt and has had a pernicious delaying effect on bipartisan efforts to confront that issue.

In late 2009, the House passed legislation to create a bipartisan debt commission.  In January 2010, six Republicans sponsoring it in the Senate voted against their own bill – with another abstaining.  On February 18, 2010, President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform by executive order.  That “Simpson-Bowles Commission” – which included Paul Ryan – began deliberating in April 2010.

When the Commission announced that it was considering “revenue enhancements” (e.g., “closing loopholes”, “eliminating unneeded subsidies”, and/or “limiting deductions”) in addition to substantial budget cuts, Norquist proclaimed that all such “enhancements” would violate “the pledge” if they raised anyone’s taxes. 

In November 2010, the 111th Congress was elected – buoyed by the mindless “no tax” pledge.  On November 10, 2010, the Commission’s co-chairmen released their debt reduction recommendations.  On December 3, 2010, Ryan and other signatories of “the pledge” irresponsibly voted against them – killing the bipartisan effort.

Ryan then falsely accused President Obama of “walking away” from the Commission’s proposals!  And Ryan and Tipton both voted against the American Jobs Act of 2011!

In fact, Republicans created the $16 trillion national debt and Republican signatories of “the pledge” have been obstructing all efforts to address the problem for two years now.

                Bill Hugenberg

I think both of you need to be knocked off your high horse.  As far as I can tell there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.  You are both waiting around for some savior to show up and fix your lives.  Why don’t you just do it yourself?  Wouldn’t that be easier?

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