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Is there anyone in the Grand Valley who sincerely believes Pramenko is remotely a “serious” thinker in the aubject of Economics 101? If so, I have some nice oceanfront property near Mack I’d love to sell them real cheap. Besides, since when was Pramemko promoted to the position of definer of what constitutes “serious” thought on any subject? In and of itself, that notion is a self-evident joke.
From an intellectual point of view, I find it amazing that the shrinking vestigial dinosaur Sentinel wastes any of it’s precious space promoting the various incarnations of long-failed socialist/fascist economics. Perhaps a closer look at the old “follow the money” axiom is in order.
Obamacare is like trying to herd cats. It’s impossible. It’s a mathematical, political and moral fraud. It’s not for nothing that a huge majority of Americans hate it.
Before America can get past the ongoing debt-as-money currency collapse, it will be a necessary first step to shrink the size of government to a degree not seen since the days of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency.
Under “normal” political circumstances, Americans would not elect another Democrat for 100 years. But watch the GOP RINOs try to save the Democrats’ political bacon. The GOP desperately needs the Democrat Party to continue the duopoly “dog-and-pony” show for the amusement of the masses, just as the elite used “bread and circuses” to amuse the yokels during the Fall of the Roman Empire.
Collectivists of Pramenko’s ilk don’t want to learn anything. It’s a major strategy error to not understand that simple fact. They just doggedly (and shamelessly) keep spewing their same old tired blather and trying to demonize and destroy as “uncaring” those who hold opinions with which they disagree.
I’ve noticed fewer and fewer people respond to Pramenko’s neofeudalistic garbage. The only reason I bother is to demonstrate that opposition to such determined collectivist propaganda needs to be just as tireless and unyielding as the propaganda itself. The alternative is to risk allowing the propaganda to “gain traction” by virtue of sheer mindless attrition.
And the very thought of that must necessarily be anathema to any person who believes, as I do, in self-ownership, self-determination and free marketplaces of both material goods and ideas.

I called Primary Care Partners and asked if they are taking new MediCaid patients.  I was transferred and spent a long time on hold and was finally told, “on a case by case basis”.  You would think a physician who constantly expounds on the the wonders of Obamacare would be willing to see patients who need care because of it.  MediCaid patients can’t find physicians now, what happens when we add a bunch more to MediCaid?  I feel really sorry for patients who need this care.

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