Threats about out-of-state boycott 
of new state gun laws prove empty

For most of us, this is good news. For some gun advocates, not so much.

You’ll recall all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that occurred during the last legislative session when new laws limiting the size of ammunition magazines and providing for universal background checks were passed by Colorado lawmakers. We were told all manufacturers of gun parts would be leaving the state, hunters would avoid Colorado and the gun laws signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper would supposedly drive politics in Colorado for the near future.

To be fair, there has been political blowback from passage of the two common-sense gun laws, which polling shows are supported by large numbers of Coloradans. An August poll by Quinnipiac University showed 82 percent of Colorado voters surveyed, including seven of 10 Republicans, supported background checks on gun sales, while support for limits on magazine capacity was more evenly split with 49 percent in support and 48 percent opposing.

Two lawmakers in Colorado Springs who supported the gun laws have been recalled. Another attempt to recall a Durango-area legislator failed. A fourth attempt, in Adams County, is struggling but still pending.

At least one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates has posted pictures of his entire family gunned-up, so he must feel there’s some residual ill will against Hickenlooper out there.

But in mid-October, six months after threatening to move operations out of Colorado if new gun laws were passed, Magpul Industries was still in business in Boulder County. And the supposed boycott by out-of-state hunters has fizzled, with both numbers of applicants and numbers of licenses purchased showing increases.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials were cautious earlier in the year when applications for limited licenses showed growth, saying it would be more appropriate to wait until the numbers of actual licenses purchased indicated whether or not the boycott was successful. Additional numbers are now in, and they don’t provide much to cheer about if you were one of those hoping a decline in hunter numbers would bolster your political case against the new gun laws.

There were more than 5,000 additional hunters in the field for the big game seasons just concluded, based on hunter numbers compared to last year, prior to passage of new gun legislation. Significant numbers of big game licenses are sold to out-of-state hunters, good news for Parks and Wildlife, which depends on license revenue for much of its budget, and for Colorado communities for whom the $1.8 billion hunting and fishing economy provides significant revenue.

If the boycott by out-of-state hunters had materialized, it could have been disastrous. 

For most of us in our hunting party south of Gunnison during the third rifle season, the price of admission was a $49 resident license. For a couple of our party, the ante was a $589 out-of-state license. That’s the piece that supports CPW efforts to manage wildlife. The rest of what we spent, on food, gas, hunting supplies, processing and the like stayed mostly in Gunnison County.

With total license numbers and net sales up, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where out-of-state license purchases declined.

Personally, I’d have been surprised at any negative impact from the calls for a hunter boycott. The combination of more elk and lower license fees than in most states makes Colorado a very attractive locale for out-of-state big game hunters. Why pay more to hunt fewer animals elsewhere?

One might also wonder — I know I do — why anyone would cheer the potential loss of jobs should companies like Magpul leave or the negative impact a hunter boycott might have on Colorado communities, including the ones where they live. Doesn’t sound much like patriotism to me, but then I’m not a single-issue patriot.

Undoubtedly, the political pawing and snorting will continue. It’s hard to imagine another signature issue for Republicans, what with the economy improving and unemployment declining. It would be hard to out-Hickenlooper our present governor on oil and gas issues. It’ll be interesting to see whether the gun laws have much residual political play come next November, 20 months after they were passed.

Jim Spehar managed to fill his in-state elk tag without the aid of even a 15-round magazine. Your comments are welcome at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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Jim, just so that you know, Evie Hudak—the legislator currently fighting recall—represents Jefferson County:

PART 1. I see Jim Spehar is up to his usual “liberal” political-hack language-torturing tricks again. I refer specifically to his phrase “political pawing and snorting” — which all duopoly political hacks should look in a mirror before using — and his phrase “what with the economy improving and unemployment declining”. The only thing that keeps the latter phrase from being an outright lie is the conspicuous lack of specific definition of the words “economy” and “unemployment”.
By simple mathematical definition, no economy can improve in the face of infinite unending debt-as-money currency creation, or “QE Infinity”, two quadrillion “dollars” or so of phony derivatives floating around in the marketplace, a couple of hundred trillion “dollars” in unfunded liabilities (e.g. Soc Sec, Medicare, Medicaid, etc) and a fraudulent “national” debt.
As for the issue of unemployment, real figures, honest figures, are far higher than official debt-as-money establishment figures. Furthermore, exponentially increasing numbers of jobs are low-wage, part-time jobs with no health or pension benefits. Unemployment isn’t “improving” when more people are working for less buying power.
[NOTE: As an aside, if I wanted to use Bill Grant’s polemic strategy in speaking of Spehar’s hunting of deer and elk, I would call Jim a “deer hater” or an “elk hater”. I won’t, because I’m fine with Jim eating what he pleases. Besides, it’s none of my business.]
Duopoly political hacks of both parties like to accuse the “other side” of “complaining without offering any solutions”. A pox on that cutesy little manipulation. I thought I’d take a shot at solving “all the world’s problems” in one libertarian swoop by offering any interested reader some ideas s/he may not have given serious consideration.
Let’s start by undoing the coup d’etat that the government-by-secrecy Police Intelligence & Surveillance State (P.I.S.S.) oligarchs perpetrated with their 1963 assassination of JFK and the attendant nullification of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is not to confer sainthood on a charismatic, serial-philandering manipulator, it’s just to recognize the political and economic realities of what actually happened to the American society and constitution. The first step in finding a solution is to identify the problem: for some mysterious reason, Americans tend to believe in, and vote for, rich lying politicians of both major parties who couldn’t care less about them. As a result, they get what is jocularly called the “government” they deserve. The situation will dramatically improve when Americans start voting in significant numbers for political candidates who, instead of engaging in wannabe-clever triangulation and vague mealy-mouthed, say-nothing rhetoric, will openly shout from the mountain tops what I am saying here. In other words, lead, follow, or get out of the way.

PART 2. The first thing we have to do is start stigmatizing the so-called “entitlement” way of thinking. Start teaching the self-sufficiency-based parables of “The Little Red Hen” and “The Ant and the Grasshopper” to elementary school children again. It should be self-evident to every intelligent and reasonable person that any individual who doesn’t want to work in the garden plowing the soil, planting the seeds, and pulling the weeds has no right whatsoever to expect to any share in the harvest.
At the very core of all America’s (and the world’s) economic woes lies the fraudulent debt-as-money monetary/tax “system” and its attendant inherent destruction of reciprocal Golden-Rule justice between individuals. You simply cannot allow a global neofeudalistic violent criminal cabal to — without producing anything useful to the human species — control the supply of money by controlling governments and charging interest on the money it creates out of thin air and lends to them. That’s a nonstarter on its face. Fixing that unimaginably huge and complex calamity means abolishing the American part of the global Police Intelligence & Surveillance State and all its agencies, “Black Ops” and “off budget” trillions-of-dollar expenditures for war. Let all those overpaid war-and-fear-mongering psychopaths work as burger flippers or big-box-store greeters. Let’s keep our nukes though, just in case some of the other international criminal cabal members try to get aggressive.
Abolish the FED/IRS root and branch, along with so-called “fractional” banking. Abolish our criminal “flexible” debt-as-money currency along with its attendant inherent “inflation” whose only real purpose is to allow clever people to steal the labor of naïve, gullible and ignorant people. We need to establish a hard/inflexible commodity-based — as contrasted with political-manipulation-based — monetary system of metals.
Unsustainable monetary dishonesty starts with the imaginary word “money” and all its attendant imaginary monetary units such as “dollar”, “franc”, “mark:”, “yen”, ad infinitum, which are all designed to confuse the line between what is real and what is purely imaginary. What is actually happening when the criminal activity of international currency speculation goes on is that the politically ignorant, gullible and naïve productive classes of all the various countries are being unwittingly forced by the political classes into bidding against each other for who will produce goods and services for the entire planet for the cheapest possible price. Real “money” is actually BARTER/EXCHANGE. Fraudulent debt-based, interest-bearing “money” is actually POLITICAL POWER. Night-and-day difference. Freedom-vs-serfdom difference.

PART 3. In honest “monetary” exchanges, the units of measure would be carefully measured specific AMOUNTS of a specified purity of a specified real commodity, such as the metals, gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, iron, etc. The “monetary” units would be grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, etc. The metals would be uniformly as pure as reasonably possible, say, 99% pure, so a monetary unit would be, say one ounce of 99% pure silver, or 99% pure copper, 99% pure iron, and so on. The ingots of metal could be stored in big warehouses. We could still do all our transactions with plastic personal-account cards and computers just like we already do right now. The difference would be that miners and metal recycling enterprises would create/control the “money” supply instead of psychopathic transnational central banksters and their corrupt politician and war-and-fear-mongering P.I.S.S. “law” enforcement agent toadies.
“Inflation” is the “flexible” monetary mechanism by which clever people steal the labor of the naïve, gullible and ignorant productive classes. “Inflation” happens when the money supply is increased, but the supply of real stuff it is exchanged for is not increased. When that happens, the parity between money and the stuff it buys is changed.
“Parity” is the word used for expressing the price of one commodity in terms of another. Parities will always be in a state of change in nature and in a free enterprise system (which we profess to have, but do not have). In a year of plenty for apples and scarcity for wheat, it might take four bushels of apples to trade for one bushel of wheat. In a year of scarcity for apples and plenty for wheat, it might take four bushels of wheat to trade for one bushel of apples. And so it goes. In an honest economy (which we do not have), individuals are always free to channel the direction and extent of their efforts into producing whatever commodities they believe will best reward their efforts and meet their needs.
We see “inflation” as a gallon of milk “costing” more money numbers (aka “dollars”) at the supermarket this month than it did last month. What has actually happened is that the parity between milk and money changed. The more money that is created, the more its parity with all other products in the marketplace changes. The more money there is, the more its exchange “value” (aka “purchasing power”) depreciates. To see through the paper money fraud, it is necessary to understand that a gallon of milk is what it is, it does for your life what it does, and it is totally irrelevant to clear vision on the point whether it takes one copper “penny” or a wheelbarrow full of trillion “dollar” paper notes to affect a voluntary exchange for that gallon of milk. We have to train ourselves to keep our eyes on what is actually real instead of the “bread and circuses” diversions the clever cutesy-pie political classes want us to see.

PART 4. Just as by far the cheapest energy source is insulation, so too by far the cheapest health care is good nutrition, a subject in which Big Medicine and Big Pharma are functionally illiterate. Whenever you want to know the real answer to a political question, remember the ancient axiom: follow the money. It may sound mean-spirited to some, but we have to keep our eyes on the FACT that if humans knew how to stay healthy and at peace, establishment doctors and lawyers would have to find something else to do instead of using their government-granted monopolies to overcharge everybody who doesn’t have powerful lobbies in Congress like the AMA, Big Pharma, and the ABA do.
We have to remember that “government” — actually just the most dominant members of the mindless never-ending stupid-human pecking-order struggle best known by the deceptive euphemism “politics” — always names its statutes by the exact opposite of their real unspoken intent. For example, “Affordable Health Care” Act actually means “More Money for Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine” Act, or UNaffordable Health Care” Act.
So what would be a libertarian free-market solution? Easy. Abolish all lobbying in federal and state legislatures. Abolish the FDA root and branch immediately. That would open up competition for new drugs that might actually work better and cost less. Some have estimated it would also reduce health care costs by 80% virtually overnight. Pass a Freedom of Self-Medication Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would abolish “unauthorized practice” of medicine and grant adults legal access — for the purpose of self-medication only (not third parties) — to all the same tools and medicines allopathic establishment docs use. Competition in a free marketplace would allow prices to find their natural levels. That is the only means by which the “value” of A’s labor can with Golden-Rule fairness be expressed in terms of B’s labor. A suitable Judicial Reform Amendment would cure the legal profession’s pandemic elitist arrogance and paternalism.
Real national security as opposed to police-state “government” by secrecy? Easy. Bring all military troops home. Radically downsize the existing branches of the military and replace the current system with a Swiss-Israeli-type national guard system where all able bodied men of suitable age were a national militia. All young able-bodied men could undergo two years of military training and then go back home with their weapons, ammo and equipment where, thanks to modern technologies, they could be called up at a moment’s notice in the event of a legitimate military emergency. Talk about REAL national strength and security — Wow!

PART 5. For any foreign would-be aggressor, imagine an America where there was an AR-15 behind every blade of grass, not merely a “rifle” behind every blade of grass. Of course, keep and maintain all our nukes as a credible and formidable MAD (mutual assured destruction) deterrent, just in case, say, Russian or Chinese or Islamic debt-as-money criminal oligarchs didn’t get the message that the American people had changed the rules of the game.
The money that we save on such a fundamental change in military strategy could be used to help sustain the old folks who have spent their entire lives contributing to a fraudulent Ponzi-like monetary-tax political “system”. A Boortz-Linder-type no-exceptions national sales tax could also be set at whatever percentage would be necessary and for whatever length of time would be necessary to transform a fundamentally corrupt and unfair “system” into a fundamentally honest and fair one.
For a very real “stimulus” to jump start America’s dying economy, forgive all mortgages on every person’s primary place of residence. It would be sort of like a Leviticus-25-type “jubilee” since the fraudulent banking-monetary-tax system didn’t lend anybody anything real anyway.
Stop all “stimuli”, “bailouts”, “bail-ins” and “haircuts” and let all failing banks fail. Eliminate the federal government’s fraudulently usurped powers — compare the truth of Hepburn v. Griswold 75 U.S. (8 Wallace) 603 (Feb 7, 1870) to the revisionist-history lies of Legal Tender Cases (Knox v. Lee, Parker v. Davis), 79 U.S. (12 Wallace) 457 (1870) and Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 (1884) —  to declare a legal tender and restore the 10th Amendment along with Article 1 §10 — “No State shall … make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts” — to power.
Self-sufficiency trumps helpless inter-dependency every time. As John Marshall said, the power to tax is the power to destroy. A sales tax rewards self-sufficiency and penalizes helpless inter-dependency: if you can make a thing for yourself, you don’t have to sell your labor for “money” to pay somebody else to make it for you and pay the attendant sales tax.
The details of all these issues would be relatively easy to work out because they would be based on the implied fundamental constitutional right — as noted by Justice Louis Brandeis in his famous Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928) dissent — of every person to be let alone.
When Americans start voting for candidates who espouse and articulate these core moral values held by most Founders instead of voting for mealy-mouthed duopoly hacks from both parties who spew wannabe-clever “right-vs-left” talking points, we can restore the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to power as Supreme Law of the Land and start making real progress towards peace and prosperity for all (especially “for the children”).

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