Tinfoil hat brigade demands fealty from group of local county sheriffs

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It is in the nature of wannabe-clever political hacks like Spehar to demonize their opponents rather than directly address specific intellectual points. Hence the reason they so commonly resort to demeaning and meaninglessly unspecific euphemisms such as “tin foil hat brigade.” Stan Hilkey was tad smarter. He merely demonized his opponents by pretending they were “a big group that wants me to be a federal government hater”. Truth be told, the “tin foil hat wearers” and “federal government haters” probably just hate it when disingenuous, self-important government officials deliberately disobey the U.S. Constitution.
There are seven things which are so fatally destructive of reciprocal justice between individuals in society that, in view of the fact their perpetration is entirely a matter of deliberate strategy and implementation by evil elitist individuals, no politician, judge, MSM hack or law enforcement officer of any type will EVER talk about them: 1) The mechanics and ramifications of legal tender laws. 2) The mechanics and ramifications of the differences between commodity (nonfluctuating) mediums of exchange versus political (fluctuating) mediums of exchange. 3) The mechanics and ramifications of taxing consumption (sales tax) versus taxing production (so-called “income” tax). 4) The mechanics and ramifications of the PROVABLE documented fact the Founders voted 9-2 against giving the national (aka “federal”) government the power to print paper money (aka “emit bills of credit”.) 5) The mechanics and ramifications of the fact the states were given the power to declare a legal tender within their boundaries, provided that (pursuant to Article 1 Section 10, Clause 16) any legal tender so declared by a state was restricted to gold and silver coin. 6) The mechanics and ramifications of the blatant, self-evident, UNconstitutional — and, yes, EVIL — unequal protection of law which de facto exists between the buyers of labor and the sellers of labor which is deliberately designed by fascistic criminals in government to facilitate the theft of labor by so-called “capital”. 7) The inherent mechanical/structural flaw and UNsustainability of coercion-based, Power-over-the-Other, One-Ring “government”, which I call the “Government Glitch”. (See http://bit.ly/LAvLI4.)
I suspect that the people Spehar so snottily ridiculed share the philosophy that, regarding the U.S. Constitution, you either obey it or, per Article V, amend it. I happen to share that philosophy. Apparently Spehar doesn’t, although virtually all politicians can be expected to glibly lie about that inconvenient little fact. To me, that makes him the real “tin foil hat” wearer and U.S. Constitution “hater”.

One cannot help but notice the radical decline in the number of commenters since the Sentinel instituted the policy of attaching commenters’ real names to their comments. Ostensibly the intent of the new policy was to increase civility. The unintended consequence seems to be a radical decline in participation in the public dialog. To me, at least, it seems that there was a certain distasteful “it’s my newpaper, so I’ll censor as I please” arrogance to the new policy anyway. That will probably prevent any meaningful lessons being learned by the self-anointed censors. Unfortunately, the censors probably see no point in the fact some of the authors of the Federalist Papers used pseudonyms. Personally, I would find increased participation to be more interesting than misguided attempts to control “civility”.

Western Slope Conservative Alliance sent out an Activist Alert to its membership on June 19 telling everyone to write letters to the Editor at the Sentinel taking exception to
a column Jim Spehar wrote on the sheriff’s forum they sponsored last week. There was an Alert sent out at 11:20 a.m.  asking for emails, phone calls, and snail mail letters
to Mr.  Spehar‘s home address, which they printed.  It is a despicable and ingenuous way to get others to harass and attack someone they disagree with.

This is the way this bunch of MCRP henchmen have been operating and getting away with it by saying it was a “mistake” or someone “misinterpreted” something. They are now lashing out everyone who is not in lock step with them.  They are showing their true colors as more and more information surfaces about them. They can’t refute the documented, provable facts that are coming out and are now available at

Mr. Spehar did not deserve the attack that was leveled at him and the people responsible owe him a public apology and should be held responsible for their actions. FYI, the name at the bottom of the notice was non other than the prolific Letter to the Editor writer Ms. Marjorie Haun.

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