Trust compromised 
by feds’ arrogance

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While the Sentinel deserve kudos for it companion editorials – Wednesday’s “Jewell should endorse area sage-grouse efforts” and today’s “Trust compromised by feds’ arrogance” – its editors compromise the Sentinel’s own journalistic integrity every time they mention the fake “scandals” perpetrated by Darrell Issa’s “oversight“ committee.

While the Sentinel is entirely justified in questioning Secretary of the Interior Jewell’s seemingly cavalier disregard for journalistic access to an otherwise “public meeting”,
it may be premature to attribute that gaffe to “arrogance” (rather than to a misguided staffer) – much less to a larger pattern of “hiding and obscuring the truth”.  Hopefully,
the Sentinel will eventually report some cogent explanation.

Nevertheless, while “hiding and obscuring the truth” is inconsistent with President Obama’s publicly expressed commitment to increased governmental transparency (which, according to objective observers, he is fulfilling – albeit incompletely), so too
is purposely perpetuating proven falsehoods inconsistent with responsible journalism.

“Fast and Furious” was the continuation of failed “gun tracking” operations initiated during the Bush Administration – which arose because Republicans refused to enforce Arizona’s state “straw purchaser” laws and/or to support enactment of federal “gun trafficking” laws.  Attorney General Holder disclosed over 1000 documents to Issa’s “witch hunt” committee, but was held in “contempt of Congress” on a partisan vote.

Within the limits of national security directives, the Obama Administration was entirely forthcoming regarding Benghazi – as both the New York Times and the Senate’s recent report confirm.  But Sentinel editorials have been deafeningly silent about the scandalous and baseless partisan pillorying of Susan Rice by Issa and his fellow-Republicans.

Likewise, the Sentinel has propounded a curiously naive disregard for the tradeoffs between the First (freedom of the press) and Fourth (prohibiting only “unreasonable” searches and seizures) Amendments, and the legitimate national security interests served by the NSA (wherein “opaqueness” is a virtue, not a vice).

PART 1: Kudos to the Sentinel for running Gary Harmon’s story about Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel’s in-your-face arrogance. Not so much for the Sentinel’s editorial and its barely politically adequate expression of outrage. At the risk of being caricaturized as “over-wrought”, let’s take a look at the situation and a bit of history and law.
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd President of the United States said that if the 10th Amendment said what John Marshall and the majority in M’Culloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. (4 Wheaton) 316 (1819) said it meant (the de facto unspoken repeal of the 10th Amendment), the states would never have ratified the Constitution. So we haven’t had the form of government envisioned by the Founders since at least that time. Moreover, as constitutional lawyer, Mark Levin, points out, things started getting real gnarly in 1913 with the presidency of the debt-as-money oligarchs’ lackey, Woodrow Wilson and the advent of the neofeudalistic FED/IRS apparatuses.
Fast forward to the faux-presidency of the constitutionally ineligible Barack Hussein Obama II. I believe the gigantic cover up is self-evident (to all but the most reprobate and hard-hearted race dividers and Democrat partisans) that the American people have been deliberately kept in the dark about the man’s history. We know nothing about him other than that the Democrat party loves him and didn’t properly vet him.
Personally, as a proud “birther” (I love to be called names by wannabe-clever sophistic manipulators), I believe the preponderance of the evidence shows he was not born in America. But that’s not the big issue with me. According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874) — the only on point case concerning the Article 2 Section 1 (qualifications of president) term “natural born citizen” — BOTH parents have to be American citizens for one of their offspring to be legally a “natural born citizen”. Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen, and therefore a British national, which excludes Obama from eligibility.
In some ways the situation is a little like the JFK assassination. Some 74% of the American public know the bullet that killed Kennedy came from the front. That means the federal alphabet soup “law” enforcement agencies have been lying to the American public for 50 years, but nothing gets done about it.
So first the U.S. Supreme Court lies to the American public on behalf of the debt-as-money oligarchs, then federal law enforcement agencies lie to the American public as to who killed JFK on behalf of the debt-as-money oligarchs.
I told you all that as a background to tell you this: there has long been a unsustainable erroneous presumption, in large part created by the MSM, that the “feds” run the show no matter what local politicians or local law enforcement officers think, say or do.

PART 2: Now comes part most fascinating to me.
Local politicians do a little whining saying they thought the meeting was supposed to open to the public, so they’re off the hook with their local constituencies. The local MSM runs a nice (if a bit overly-wussy) editorial decrying federal arrogance, which gets them off the hook with their local readership. But still nothing substantive gets done gets done about federal arrogance and lawlessness any more than about JFK’s real killers. The feds couldn’t care less what a bunch of local yokels think because the Big Brother Leviathon is an invulnerable immortal whipping boy dedicated to protecting at all costs the emperor status of the debt-as-money oligarchs.
92 million people who could be working aren’t working. The “official” unemployment figures are systematically radically underestimated. Obamacare is a self-evident rollout disaster and unsustainable mathematical fraud. Millions are losing their health care. Sooner or later, the colonials are going to start massing at the Concord Bridge again.
So here’s how I believe the Sally Jewel federal arrogance situation should have been handled:
The Moffat County Commissioners should have told the Secretary of Interior that in Colorado, if they are to attend the meeting, the law requires the meeting be open, and that if that was unacceptable to her, she could leave the meeting and hold her own secret meeting somewhere else. But they wouldn’t do that because most politicians play ball with (aka suck up to) the “bigger shots” in their party, so as to preserve their own future political options (aka run for higher office).
If the Secretary refused to leave the meeting, yet insisted it remain closed, the commissioners should have called the county sheriff who should have come to the meeting followed by enough AR-15-toting deputies to get the job done, and told the federal “security” goons to either stand down or submit to arrest. But come hell or high water, Colorado “Sunshine” laws were going to be enforced.
Of course some will “tut-tut” my suggestion, but I didn’t make it because a care a whit about that. I’m not running for office. My point is that SOMEONE has to say what I just said. SOMEONE has to say “Hey! The emperor has no clothes!” As the thoroughly and unfairly demonized Barry Goldwater once said, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice … and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
I said all this so some of my more weak-kneed and faux-“reasonable” and faux-“respectable” fellow citizens would understand this: you will know when conditions in America have turned the corner toward self-ownership and are getting better, because candidates with enough courage to say pretty much exactly what I have said here will actually start getting elected to office.
Until then, things will pretty much remain their mealy-mouthed, wussy and corrupt same.

PART 3: When talking about the courage it takes to face down arrogant overreaching by a bunch of Bill-of Rights-hating narcissists like Obama, Holder, Jewel & Co., I am reminded of the situation when Boris Yeltsin rose to power. Basically it was because he had genuine “guts”. So did the Russian tank commanders Boris Tesyolkin and Sergey Yevdokimov. Their courage caused a coup d’état by a bunch of communist hardliners (who didn’t like Gorbachev’s reforms) to fail. There was no way Tesyolkin and Yevdokimov were going to open fire on their own people — even if ordered to do so. That’s the kind of military we need in America, and that’s the kind of Sheriff we need in Mesa County. And we need him to tell us in advance of the election that that is the sort of courageous Constitution-loving patriot he is.
I know just the guy who should run for Mesa County Sheriff after Stan Hilkey’s departure. I believe he has the guts of a Boris Tesyolkin or Sergey Yevdokimov. He’s a crack shot with a rifle and has both military and law enforcement experience. He has trained SWAT teams. But he also respects the military oath he took to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He couldn’t be controlled by the local “Good Old Boys”, and he would unhesitatingly defend the U.S. Constitution (especially the 2nd Amendment) against federal arrogance and usurpation, no matter what. I believe he would be an Oath Keeper. I would want him on my side in any fight. But I doubt if he would take the job and I haven’t asked him if he would consider it. (If he would consider it, I might offer to be his campaign manager. I will leave it to him to call me if he happens to read these comments and wants the job of sheriff.)
With a few more county sheriffs of the Tesyolkin-Yevdokimov school of thought and courage, secretive “bully boy” “black bagger” feds like those who enforced Sally Jewel’s Constitution-violative arrogance would learn soon enough to get back in line with the U.S. Constitution and Colorado open meetings law.
And, at the end of the day, wouldn’t a majority of the local citizenry think that would be a wonderfully refreshing thing to see? At least I think so.
P.S. I see good old reliably leftist Obama apologist Bill Hugenberg got his post up before mine. I am proud to stand in contrast to Orwellian sophistry and leftism any time. This time is no exception.

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