Printed Letters: Aug. 5, 2014

Udall, Sentinel guilty of rush to judgment in CIA snooping
While subsequent revelations may prove Sen. Mark Udall and the Daily Sentinel (“Change of culture needed at CIA”) correct in calling for John Brennan’s resignation/removal as CIA director, both may be guilty of a premature “rush to judgment” while begging the ultimate question as to who would be better suited and more motivated than Brennan to doggedly effectuate that “change of culture.”

First, we continue to operate in a polarized partisan environment wherein vestiges of the lawless Bush administration continue percolating up to the surface of public awareness — only to be historically and hysterically blamed on the Obama administration.

Thus, second, the actual subject matter of the CIA’s spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computer files were its source documents for a report on CIA misconduct during the post-9/11 Bush years — including torture, rendition, and secret prisons. Thus, no one had more motivation to “spy” on the committee’s activities than Bush-holdover CIA officials whose complicity might be documented in the committee’s report.

Third, while “this grave misconduct not only is illegal” and arguably “violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of separation of powers,” Bush/Cheney’s “grave misconduct” arguably constituted “war crimes” and violated both U.S. law (prohibiting torture) and the Geneva Conventions (concerning the treatment of captured combatants).

Thus, fourth, just as “insiders” made General Eric Shinseki (the only senior official to publicly question the Bush administration’s pollyannic “planning” for the Iraq War ) a scapegoat for that debacle and their budget-cutting neglect of the VA, so too would they now make Brennan the scapegoat for the “culture of recklessness” within the CIA — which was actually “fostered” by his predecessors and facilitated by Bush’s lawyers.

Fifth, perhaps equally alarming (given Manning’s “WikiLeaks” and Snowden’s NSA disclosures) is that the CIA “got caught” — suggesting a pervasive incompetence in our intelligence establishment that threatens our national security.

Meanwhile, despite his apparently naive belief that no one in the CIA could be so stupid, Brennan himself ordered the CIA’s inspector general report that identified the culprits. Thus, perhaps Brennan deserves a chance to prove the credibility of his apologies by forcefully pursuing accountability wherever the evidence leads.

Grand Junction

IRS transgressions more 
concerning than CIA hacking
Sunday’s editorial (“Change of culture needed at CIA”) dumped all over the CIA for hacking into the computers of the staffers of the U.S. Senate Select Committee. Oh my, how dastardly of them. The Senate and House principals and staffers are the largest leakers of classified information in our government. Sen. Udall called for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan. Personally, I have no issue over that incident.

Try as I might, I could find no such fiery editorial over the transgressions of the IRS. That, to me, is far more a tragedy than the CIA’s hacking. But, President Obama said there’s not a “smidgeon” of evidence of IRS transgressions in dumping on perceived conservative groups with overly complex data requests. Talk about who needs a “culture change.” Does Sen. Udall have a comment?

Grand Junction

Livestock committee thanks community for supporting sale
Sunday’s Daily Sentinel carried a large thank you at the end of the Lifestyles section that recognized the businesses and individuals who supported the annual Mesa County 4-H Fair and Livestock sale.

The weeklong event concluded with the largest livestock sale in the history of Mesa County. This outstanding event was made possible by the investment and generosity from our local businesses, and folks associated with the energy industry.

The generous financial contributions by our community’s long-standing local businessmen and women, coupled with energy-related operators provide a way for these youth to invest in their secondary education or their vocational field of choice. These businesses know that an investment in 4H and FFA youth will pay dividends for our community and our country for decades ahead.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce Livestock Marketing Committee, we are very appreciative of the support of our local businesses, and the investment by the energy industry. Thank you to all who attended, and for those who missed this year’s sale, we look forward to seeing you next year.

 Chamber of Commerce
Livestock Marketing Committee
Grand Junction


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I envision Buffaloed Bill with an aluminum hat and TV antenna coming out of it locked in his basement with the lights out. The only reason we have the paper any more is for the weather reports and crossword puzzles, it almost seems like it’s written in Boulder or other communist communities. Semper Fi Jerry
Mr. Bright

Mr. Sanders, you have hit a point here, it seems to me that Mr. Hugenburg has unlimited, unfettered abilities with the Sentinel. I have had several letters rejected by the Sentinel because they were over 300 words long, some less than 10 over 300. This diatribe by Mr. Hugenburg is 362 words of rambling crap that I couldn’t get through without being bored to death by the “It’s Bush’s fault” moronic rant.
Why does the Sentinel allow Mr. Hugenburg the opportunities to post, that it denies everyone else?

Geesh, you don’t think the Sentinel is biased do you?

Hmmmpt, perhaps I too should re-evaluate my subscription as well. If they won’t allow us to post as easily as he, why bother to continue to read his (Hugenburgs) rants? Mr. Hugenburg is the worst offender when it comes to name calling, unlimited ranting and divisionary tactics that I have yet seen. I offer the comments under this ‘letter to the editor’ as proof.

Mr. Hugenburg, your comments are as unwelcome as a skunk in a living room. (I really wanted to say a turd in a swimming pool but realized this is a family paper.)


Just a minor correction—-Hugenburg gets PRINT about as often as Penry, Grant, etc etc.

Buffaloed Bill is a Lawyer, he has created jobs, he is great, he loves himself, he has nothing but the facts according to Bill, if you google the goof he comes up as a reporter for the Daily Sentinel. I blame every Liberal that voted for the (0) in office and Hugy especially. Bash Bill day at the Sentinel. Mr.Bright

Creighton Bricker’s opinion that “IRS transgressions [are] more concerning than CIA hacking” assumes a false equivalency unsupported by facts.

The purported “IRS scandal” arose from the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United (January 21, 2010), after which the IRS was deluged with applications for tax exempt status under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(4).

Under that 1913 IRS code, only organizations devoted “exclusively” to “social welfare” activities are entitled to 501(c)(4) status, but—during the Eisenhower administration—IRS implementing guidance redefined
“exclusively” to mean “primarily” (50+ %).

Two principal benefits arise from 501(c)(4) status:  first, corporate donations to such entities become tax-deductible business expenses; and, second, the entity need not disclose donors’ identities.

Therefore, there was ample incentive for scofflaws to masquerade as “social welfare organizations” to obtain those benefits.  Consequently, some 300 “conservative” political groups (including about 75 self-identified “Tea Party” groups) applied for 501(c)(4) status, as did fewer ostensibly
“progressive” groups.

While “Tea Party” witch-hunter-in-chief Darrel Issa (R-CA) claimed that the Obama administration had “targeted” conservative groups, no such group was denied 501(c)(4) status (while several “progressive” groups were) – but many “conservative” groups were subjected to inexcusably long processing delays (because of their dubious eligibility).

In January 2014, the FBI concluded that there were no grounds for criminal charges (only bureaucratic confusion), but its investigation of Lois Lerner’s missing e-mails continues.

In July 2014, the “scandal” erupted again when Issa released a 2012 e-mail wherein Lerner described right-wing radio talk-show hosts as “assholes” (aptly adding that “we don’t need to worry about alien terrorists.  Our own crazies will bring us down”).

Republicans seem determined to prove her right!  While the Obama administration seeks to increase the IRS enforcement budget, Republicans keep cutting it – thereby depriving the federal government of $400 to $600 billion in uncollected tax revenues annually.

Thanks to Mrs./Mrs. Not-so-Bright and sad-sack Sanders for proving Lois Lerner right again!

Dear buffaloed bill kiss my ass, there I said it, you are a loser, a communist and a liar. keep up the good work. America needs more Liberals like you to show them what is wrong in the world, when were you moving again? God love ya man, if you are a man. Mr. Bright

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