Printed Letters: July 16, 2014

Voting, not guns, should be most potent weapon
Did no one read the county commissioners’ announcement in the July 3 Daily Sentinel referring to “threats will be tweaked” in the headline? In essence the new policy says guns are OK, although it’s vague whether that’s for both county employees and the public.

However, intimidating or threatening behavior from the public is not OK. Is there something more threatening or intimidating than a gun? Oh, the possibilities:  “Gunfight at the OK commissioners hearing,” or “Shootout in the building department” or “County clerk takes down angry taxpayer.”

I’ve been told I’m intimidating. What happens if I heatedly state my case at a hearing and John Justman pulls his concealed-carry and tells me I’m too hostile?  He’s stated before that “the one with the gun” will be in charge.  He works for me. I’ve engaged in many heated exchanges with both city and county. Thankfully, guns weren’t allowed. There was a time when it wasn’t civilized to bring guns or even curses to such meetings. 

A gun is not God, backbone or manhood. And if the NRA and its acolytes continue to threaten by bringing guns into our public where it’s never been experienced in our lifetimes, it will backfire. The more they promote everyone’s right to guns, the more all the weak individual characteristics of gun ownership will emerge, and by this they promote their own loss of rights. Most of the public wants gun regulation, although it does not want gun rights abolished. Voting is our most powerful weapon, not guns. We would be better served by a 90-percent voter turnout than having everyone armed. 

Grand Junction

Monfort needs to apologize
 for treatment of Rockies fans
Dick Monfort’s recent actions are the final straw for me: I am boycotting the Rockies. I have been a Rockies fan since the team started. I went to the inaugural games at Mile High and Coors Field.

I will not go to another game this season, nor any season from here forward unless major changes are made in the front office, and until Monfort apologizes to all fans, not just the Grand Junction man he told, “If product and experience that bad don’t come!” I, for one, am taking his advice and urge others to do the same.

We have been to the playoffs three times in our 22 seasons and have never won the division, yet Dan O’Dowd remains one the longest tenured general managers in baseball. Monfort thinks he owns a restaurant/bar that people will still come to no matter the quality of the entertainment. Let’s prove him wrong.


November elections a good time to start changing politics
Benghazi 24/7, previously known as Fox News, has taken a break from constantly demonizing Hillary Clinton while regrouping to further attempt to destroy the Obama administration’s efforts. 

When President Obama was first elected, the Republican leadership in Congress vowed to stop him from accomplishing anything. They have been far too successful. Their ridiculous and almost always counterproductive tactics have included more than 50 votes in the House to kill the Affordable Care Act. (Note: In recent days they have dropped their constant allusions to “train wrecks” and “national disasters.” Why? Because Obamacare, whether they like it or not, is actually working.) Both that enormous waste of time, effort and money and their unwillingness to be rational, responsible legislators have seriously hindered many possible accomplishments that this most do-nothing of all of our more than 100 Congresses has managed to avoid.

And who is suffering from this outrageous, totally negative policy? You, me and the 300 million people in the country who are not preposterously wealthy.

It is past time for the fine people of this once-great nation to break out of their stupor and realize what is being done to them and their American way of life by people like the Koch brothers, those folks who feel buying an election is the right thing to do.

Look at how your representatives vote. If they are voting contrary to your best interests, something that happens far too often, the time has come for a change. The election this November would be a good place to begin. And the defeat of Scott McInnis would be a perfect start.


Land’s End Fire Department did exemplary job responding

I want to thank members of the Land’s End Fire Department for the wonderful job they did in putting out a fire on my property on July 7. I can’t thank the fire department enough for the prompt and professional work of its men and women. I am so grateful to live in a community that has a great bunch of people who are watching over us.



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Have some more Kool Aid David. You failed to mention George Soros. You failed to mention the big bad bergdahl trade. You certainly did NOT mention the crisis of open borders, Benghazi, Hillaty’s absolute failed book, one thing hillary has accomplished, IRS, Fast and Furious, VA. Yes indeed all of these great accomplishments. And husseincare is NOT working. You failed to mention Udall avoiding the photo-op with Barry and Hick drinking beer and shooting pool. You failed to mention Udall attacking a political foe because he damned sure cannot run on his own record. You failed to mention Udall voting to turn gun rights over to the United Nation.

In essence all you attempted to do is prop up democraps and rail on Fox News. Indeed what is your point. I suggest you may be infected with the Maddow stupor.

Kudos Patrick.

I believe you Eileen. You are a concerned drama queen.

Monfort should just apologize for the Rockies period.

What does Hillary Clinton’s book have too do with ANything

Not one dog gone thing. It is a loser just like her. “Hard Choices” indeed.

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