Printed Letters: Aug. 19, 2014

WildEarth Guardians wants to keep all users off land
According to Erik Molvar of WildEarth Guardians, the energy companies are not doing enough to protect the greater sage grouse. WildEarth Guardians will not consider anything enough until they have all drilling totally shut down. That is obviously their goal and if the EPA and all of their new regulations don’t succeed, then we have these good people standing by to help with the project.

I do not know how these people exist, but harassing drilling companies, ranchers, farmers, miners and anyone else earning an honest living off the land must be a very lucrative field. Never mind that it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish this.

I think the folks have done commendable things to protect this bird but I do not think the bird should come before honest folks method of earning a living. Personally, I believe their ultimate goal is to keep people totally off all public land, including all drilling companies, ranchers, farmers, four wheelers, motorcycles, bikes, horses and most hikers. If you do not agree, please look around you. 

When the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument was created, I was taking part in the Outlaw Trail 265-mile endurance ride. The ride has not taken place since then because we left horse tracks in the sand and there were more than a certain number of heartbeats. The state of Utah could no longer utilize their school lands and mine coal. These people just want the land to sit there and exist.


Publicity over firearms at Shooters Grill disturbing
I know I’m not alone in being uncomfortable (and almost sick) over all the misplaced attention that Shooters Grill has been getting. This is not good PR for ironically, similarly dubbed Rifle. I can’t help but think of other places in the world where toting firearms is seemingly casual and ubiquitous: places like Somalia, anywhere there’s a civil war in progress, disputed parts of Ukraine, and in the pictures of parades of gun-toting Death-to-America (and Israel) idiots in the Middle East.

Have we finally come to that? Where public welfare, living a life of order, and the thin sheen of civility is so fragile that some people fabricate a “need” to publicly display firearms?

And, what about all the blather about Jesus and Christianity being a major part of the owner’s lives? Does anyone else sense a strong odor of mendacity and hypocrisy here? (I might make a gift to Shooters Grill of a painting of JC, teeth bared in a fierce grin, wielding a sword.)


Climate change the largest 
environmental hoax since DDT
Not since Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring,” in 1962 about the supposed environmental damage done by DDT has a hoax been foisted on the general public like global warming, climate change, or whatever.

Today one of the greatest killers in the world is malaria, which in the 1960s had been brought to near extinction through the use of DDT. “Why?” one could ask, are millions of people dying today from a disease that was all but extinct 40 years ago? The answer is that there are people who call themselves scientists who have agendas or ideologies that are willing to make fraudulent claims backed up by fraudulent data and a willing media to keep repeating these lies until people start to believe the lies.

Most people haven’t the slightest idea whether global warming is happening other than that the media keeps repeating it, so it must be true. Even when the scientists are caught modifying their data to support their claims, the media keeps repeating the falsehood.

The truth is that for almost 18 years now there has been no warming of the atmosphere. There is no evidence of greenhouse gases trapping hot spots here on the planet, which the EPA has used as a reason to bludgeon the coal industry. Has anyone ever wondered how many greenhouse gases are spewed out by all of the active volcanoes here on earth every day?

If you look at weather records for the last century, it shows that the 1930s was the warmest decade in the U.S. If you read about the Anasazi Indians you will find that the archeological record indicates that it was not unusual for them to adapt to “climate change” by moving locations. It is believed that one of the reasons for the migration of the Anasazi Indians from this area in the 12th and 13th century was drought.

If you go back only 13,000 years ago, there were many glaciers in this part of the world. We have had numerous “mini” ice ages since then. To give some context to this; if you take the last 13,000 years and compare it to the age of the earth, 4.5 billion years, and if the 4.5 billion represents one year, then 13,000 years would represent less than 2 seconds.

Human beings don’t live long enough to get a proper perspective of what the temperature of the earth should be or how much CO2 should be in the atmosphere. The only constant is that the weather changes.

The real threat to this country is not climate change, but people with a climate-change agenda.

Grand Junction


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Oscar you are certainly free to express your opinion. A right guaranteed you by the US Constitution. A right protected by good guys dispatching bad guys. Many times with firearms. Should you find yourself in need of a firearm to protect yourself or family feel free to call upon a gun toting deputy or state trooper. Then pray to Jesus that they arrive BEFORE the bad guys dispatch you and/or family. Pistol in hand is worth more than phone or cops in the bush “speeding” your way.

You are absolutely right, Mr. Sanders!

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