Women must stand with Obama to protect health care rights

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In the reality of the natural cause-and-effect universe which leftists routinely ignore, the only defense against the price of something being too high is the right to not buy it. The so-called “individual mandate” of Obamacare takes away that fundamental human natural right.
I am reminded of the fraud under which compulsory auto insurance was foisted off on Coloradoans. The bleeding-heart deceptive talking point was, “nobody should have to get hit by an uninsured driver,” and “uninsured drivers make the price of everybody else’s insurance higher.” At the time, it only cost $25/yr extra for uninsured driver coverage. Guess what? Once mandatory auto insurance was in place, insurance didn’t go down, and it STILL costs extra for uninsured driver coverage. How about them rotten apples?!
Regarding women’s health care and every liberal’s favorite talking point: The abortion issue isn’t about “women’s health decisions”. It’s about politically establishing the point in its development at which a baby is entitled to the same legal rights as everyone else. A baby morally owns its own life, and is not part of “a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding her personal reproductive health.” If a woman doesn’t want a baby, then she shouldn’t do unprotected that which makes them. Killing babies is NOT “birth control”.
While surfing the Internet last night, I ran across a video of a guy pretending to be an official signature gatherer for an official petition to repeal the 1st Amendment. His reasoning was that there is too much hate in the world and that too many people are saying vicious things about government and politicians. He told potential signers that repealing the 1st Amendment would cure those problems and facilitate a more kind and peaceful New World Order, and didn’t the person think that would be a good thing. It was utterly astounding how many functional illiterates signed the joke petition.
Obamacare is a nightmarish joke collectivist “solution” to real market phenomena. The simple fact is that no person has a moral “right” to own the labor of another person. That is called “slavery” NOT a “solution” to any recognizable problem. Government “freebies” (aka “stealing”) are a problem, not a solution.

John Wilkerson, you should be embarassed by your ignorance. Nothing in the Affordable Care Act gives money to women for abortions. It does give women access to birth control (you know something that protects you when you are doing what it takes to make babies) and cancer screenings. I get really irritated with people like you who want to impose your narrow minded, and uninformed ideology on all women. Bill Grant is right. This election is the time for all women to stand up and be heard. We will NOT stay barefoot and pregnant just so that a bunch of macho men can feel good about thinking with their little heads.

Claudette, before you climb up on your soapbox and start spewing liberal talking points, I suggest you read the comment your are responding to a little more carefully.  I see nothing in John’s comment that claims your ACA gives money to women for abortions.  Perhaps you could highlight that part for us??

Barbara, you must have been speed reading.

He said, ” Killing babies is NOT “birth control”.

He said it in the context of “Obamacare.”

Claudette, if you are such a good reader yourself why is it that you cannot figure out what my name is—or were you talking to someone else not part of this conversation?  An imaginary friend perhaps?
Back to John’s comment:  He started the paragraph including it with, “Regarding women’s healthcare…”  ObamacareTax is not even mentioned in that paragraph.  Tell us Claudette—“Read we much?”

My question is why would someone not support the 8 points mentioned in Bill Grant’s article along with the screenings provided since 2010?

Secondly, explain to me why health insurance should not be available to everyone with everyone sharing the cost rather than having me pay $25 for an aspirin at the hospital so as to help cover the cost of those who have NO insurance!

When I go to the hospital I get these arbitrary bills of enormous amounts that no one seems to be able to explain.
Why does that occur?  When I take my vehicle in for repair I can get an estimate for parts and labor.  There are sometimes unknowns but they are within limits.  The unknowns in the medical community may cost you your life for lack of insurance or cost you your way of living through a lifetime of debt.

Health reform?

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