You Said It, Aug. 7, 2016

So, do you think the recent local outbursts of racism are part of the “Trump Effect”?

I would bet the farm that the racist “wetback” rant woman and all her friends are Trump supporters. They wonder what is wrong with the United States and don’t even realize that it’s them.


The headline story on the front page of the Aug. 4 newspaper about the Flores family is probably going to be a regular occurrence if Donald Trump is elected president. I fear that his mouth and behavior will incite more riots and discontent in our country. Hopefully, this family knows that this was an isolated thing and not how the majority of folks in Grand Junction feel.


The real solution to the Redlands Parkway traffic issue is to build a double converging infinity loop traffic collector. This way everyone who can’t control their speed or understand what yellow means will be stuck inside it forever and off the streets. Problem solved, no more accidents!


Well, it didn’t take long. Less than five days after our local newspaper claims in its editorial “RMHP’s local management and workforce will remain in place,” the company cuts about 40 positions and adds to our unemployment, surely the first wave of cuts before United officially takes over. RMHMO cut many customers’ insurance plans previously, now staff, and surely physicians’ contracts next, but for sure the buyout will protect their executives and upper shareholders’ interests as usual in these sorts of things. Once again leaving the workers and customers with little to show for all their efforts.


So Obamacare has finally knocked out the company that was supposed to be the perfect model for the whole U.S. What if the 30 employees who have all lost their jobs voted for Obama? Talk about ironic.


Obamacare has come to Mesa County! And Rocky Mountain HMO, a long-known great example of what local communities can do, is going away. Thirty people will lose their jobs and Mesa County residents will get a 30 percent increase in their premiums next year. And now we are told of “market benefits”! Let’s all celebrate.


Too bad we lose a great benefit such as Enoch Lake camping because of a few who abuse the privilege. And thank you Fruita for not closing it completely. Parents, explain to your children the importance of doing what’s right so we don’t lose more of our open spaces for recreation. The BLM north of here may not tolerate much more abuse such as dumping trash and old appliances, leaving spent shell casings, and tearing up the land and roads after rain showers by spinning out. I sure don’t want to lose this bit of recreation due to inconsiderate, abusive people.

Another accident at the intersection of Redlands Parkway and Broadway about three weeks ago. I can’t wait for that roundabout to be constructed. It will make that intersection more safe and create a smoother traffic pattern. I am all for those roundabouts, and they are easy to drive. Let’s get more in the city.


How are the driving dopes out in the Redlands going to handle a roundabout when they can’t handle a right turn merge lane as it is? For those traveling from Redlands Parkway turning right onto Highway 340, there is no stop or yield sign. Honking is nothing. You are going to get rear-ended one of these days by drivers actually following the rules of the road.


What a nice, informational postcard the drainage district sent out. According to them, they have been able to charge fees since 1983, and only now are attempting to do so. Seems like if the district had been properly managed, it could have more easily prepared for the situation it is in now. Long-term planning is vital to any community, and a lack of preparation on their part does not constitute an emergency on the part of people living in the district. They already receive property tax funding, seems like they can ask for a mill levy increase just as other entities would have to do. Can you imagine what would happen if the school district sent out letters demanding extra payment for fees they decided to impose above and beyond their property tax funds?


And so the city is in dire straits about how to pay for road repair and other infrastructure problems, which are in a sad state. Perhaps it’s time for them to come back down from Mount Olympus and put some of the unnecessary projects like park expansion, event centers, rec centers, and amphitheaters on a back burner. After all, what good are those expensive hobbies if you haven’t a road or freeway worth a tinker’s damn to get you there? Priorities, people, priorities!


To the very chatty family at the Avalon during Tuesday’s dinner and a movie event: Don’t tell your children to be quiet because it bothers the lady ahead of him, tell them to be quiet because it’s a movie and they should be quiet so as not to distract from anyone’s viewing pleasure. Your children were bothering more people than just me, but I was the only one who had enough guts to shush them. Maybe next time you could do that, as it is your job!


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Rather have Trump than the criminal Hillary….

I’m so amazed.  We are constantly told that Latinas hate Trump and will never vote for him.  Then a Latina does a “racist rant” and suddenly she’s a Trump supporter.  In the real world you cannot have it both ways….in the Sentinel of course, anything goes as long as it Trump bashing.

For all of you hussein supporters and Pramenko your industry leading model is gone. Arent you glad you voted hussein in? Where are you Pramenko? You hussein care evangelist you. Where are you now. Got any more brilliant ideas. Do not worry you hillary denizens the Sentinel has your back.

I sent the editor (loosely speaking) stating I will NOT renew my subscription. Further I stated I would quit now if he would REFUND my remaining weeks. NO ANSWER.

DO NOT be confused about bubba’s claims of “I am the last prez to have a budget surplus.” BS. He had a republican congress for his full eight years.

But remember, Mr. Sanders. The president is the one who is responsible for everything during his administration. Remember how the recession became Obama’s fault the second he took office? So by the same token, Clinton gets credit for the budget surplus during his term.

Or does that only work when you want it to?

I’m with you, Jerry.  When our subscription runs out that’s the end of paying for endless left wing editorials and articles.  Some of the people who don’t post anymore are just tired of continual attacks by the Senile’s resident Click-troll, Iles, but a lot of them have dumped the paper.  That’s probably why they had to raise their rates.

Another irony-meter shattered. I seem to go through an awfully lot of them here.

And Jerry, Andy Smith probably isn’t responding to my last email because I asked what exactly Iles’ job description is.

Ah, yes. The paranoia that is so prevalent among conservatives. Just one of their more endearing traits.

To quote Mr. Iles, “But remember, Mr. Sanders. The president is the one who is responsible for everything during his administration.”
If that is the case, Mr. Iles, why have Hugenberg and his ilk and Obama blamed GW Bush for everything that has gone wrong for Obama?  Blaming Bush only ended when Trump showed up.

If you’ll look again, Mrs. Kneisel, I believe you’ll find that Bush was only blamed for things that happened during his administration, such as the recession of 2008 and the two wars he started. Of course, you won’t bother to do any such thing.

I’m assuming that you are serious, Mr. Iles, so I’ll leave you with this:  I’ve got a lovely bridge for sale….

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