You Said It, August 28, 2016

Here we go again. People on each side of the issue will take a stance and not consider a moderate solution. A young girl is given marijuana, so many will see it as reason to ban marijuana. It’s not the marijuana’s fault. It’s the fault of poor parenting and an even more poorly educated parent. When guns are used, it’s not the gun’s fault. It’s the person holding the gun. But as long as both sides of any argument continue to resist education and discussion, things will remain just as they have always. I don’t care whose fault it is anymore, let’s work on fixing the problem. With compromise this country could move forward and improve itself. Without it our children are doomed to dangerous living until the current generation dies off.

Wow, Grand Junction! A nice, new multimillion-dollar roundabout and beautiful new artwork to go with it, too. But still no pedestrian crossing on Horizon Drive for the tourists to cross safely. What happened there?


Thank you so much to the woman cyclist who stopped and helped my father on the bike path near Fruita on Aug. 24. You were so kind to let him use your cellphone and help him get in touch with his daughters. You, and others like you, are what make Grand Junction a wonderful place to live.


Here is a suggestion. The county can prohibit burning in the spring and fall. And since the winter months are so bad for air quality, they can ban all driving for December, January and February. The air quality is much worse during the inversion than it is during burn season. You give up driving for three months and we will give up burning for three months.


To “Political Discourse in 2016” who had a problem with the man and his political bumper sticker on Hillary and his only response was, “She’s a crook!” You are right! Good Lord! Could he not come up with the response she’s unethical, a liar and, if elected, will continue us down an eight-year wayward course of striking out our constitutional rights and installing a Supreme Court that will change our American life for generations?


Those who want to eliminate local agriculture-related burning should notice that the fires in California are bringing in a haze and toxic materials from the unfortunate burning of vegetation, homes and vehicles. This may be a greater threat to health than that which they want to shut down locally. Should California and the other western states whose wildfires impact our area be compensating us for their great negative impact here? The western wildfires have been so bad at times that the smoke in the area is so thick that the Grand Mesa is not visible. Where is the common sense in all of this?


To Sen. Scott on his statement that Trump is “saying what everybody’s thinking”: You may think that women are “horse-faced,” “pigs,” or “on their flow.” I do not. You may think Mexican immigrants are all “rapists” and “drug dealers.” I do not. You may think Trump’s “sacrifice” of erecting huge buildings is comparable to parents’ loss of a child in the military. I do not. Man up, sir. If you adopt Trump’s positions and statements, say so, and don’t hide behind what “everybody’s thinking.”


As I was driving down 28 Road, I could not help notice the number of tents on the property right past the Brass Rail. I understand that there is a shortage of homeless housing, but really, is this the answer? No facilities, no trash removal. The tents are popping up all over.


Clifton paramedics took me to Community Hospital after I fell in the gravel pulling weeds. After I arrived at the hospital I was immediately seen by a registered nurse, student nurse and student tech. I was treated like a queen, not just some physical problem that needed to be repaired. The physician who stitched the wound on my face did fantastic work. As a retired registered nurse, I cannot praise Community Hospital staff enough for their sincere care. For me, they are a 10-star facility with 10-star staff. They have my greatest esteem for their personable attention.


A big “congratulations” to the three gals who organized everything at Pine Ridge for the pickleball tournament. You kept everything running so smoothly it made it a lot of fun for the players. The food table was overflowing with wonderful snacks, fruit and veggies. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the day.


Thank you to whoever paid for our breakfast this morning, Aug. 20, at the Egg and I. We will certainly pass it on. God bless you.


A guy is arrested in Glenwood Springs and found to be in possession of an “illegal weapon.” I assumed the weapon would be a gun, but it was instead brass knuckles. That’s right, brass knuckles (and switchblade knives) are illegal weapons — no doubt because of the outrageous number of mass murders committed with them. And semi-automatic guns are legal? What the hell is wrong with our country?


When our child was small we taught her to use her “indoor” voice when in a restaurant and out and about. It is not an enjoyable meal at a restaurant if we have to listen to your loud, screaming children. Thank you.


Cleaned the back window of our car and applied a fresh, thin blue line, nice and tight. To remember our own Deputy Geer, and in support of all of our first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs and, of course, our armed forces: Please know that you are all in my prayers each night and you have my forever thanks. Be safe.


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I agree with the comment about Horizon Drive. It’s makes a sad statement about Grand Junction citizens’ values that so much was invested to build a roundabout on Horizon Drive for traffic while three tourists to our area have gotten killed crossing Horizon Drive and no one has done a thing to improve pedestrian safety on what is well established now to be a deadly street.

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