You Said it Column November 09, 2008

• I hope that the city officials will make the safety complex the No. 1 priority now. It should have been pushed ahead of parking garages, roundabouts, and “beautifying” areas of the city. I guess they thought that spending money on these “nice-to-have” improvements were more important, and that the citizens would certainly not turn down the tax for the complex.

• Would it be possible for the appropriate highway department to adjust the cycle of the new stop lights at 28 Road and U.S. Highway 50? While trying to turn north onto 28 late last night, I sat through three long light changes and got no turn arrow before I (carefully) ran the red light. This isn’t the first time the left turn light has not worked for my turn and I’ve seen the cycle ignore north-south bound cars for several cycles also. The light at 29 and Highway 50 could use some adjustment also.

• Attention McCain supporters: You had your chance to prove that you believed in the ideals of sel- sacrifice and service but you failed. You voted against improved schools and our children and ultimately our countries future. Shame on you.

• Thank you Bud’s Signs for the Halloween signs you displayed during Halloween. They looked really nice and I enjoyed them.

• This is directed at the sore loser in Moonridge Falls. You can take my yard sign, but he’s still my president ... and yours.

• Get your test scores up. Utilize school facilities year round. Don’t give money away that is not yours, quit building “bonus” schools, and get rid of dead-wood administration. Then ask us next year.

• Hey, good job Grand Junction. Maybe you can take the money you’ll be saving by voting down 2a and 2b and take classes on how to save a life, how to put out a fire and how to arrest someone. Shame on you people who voted no, even though you won’t admit to anyone you voted no.

• Oh please! Janet Rowland is scared by president-elect Obama. Why wasn’t she frightened as Bush and his cronies ran our country and economy into the ground?

• To the woman who backed into the me while in the drive-thru at the American National Bank, Clifton branch, on Monday: Thanks for the broken headlight. Sure it was only “a little” bump, but I would think that common courtesy dictates that you get out of your car, check for mutual damages, and apologize ... not drive off with a shrug and a “what are you going to do about it?” attitude. The cost to replace the headlight literally took food out of the mouths of my family.

• I voted for 3A and 3B in good faith and in hopes of alleviating overcrowding in our schools. I voted early because of my passion for politics I wanted to have the day free to volunteer. Imagine my surprise when I found out the kids had another day off. I hadn’t checked the calendar because who would of thunk they would be having a day off, and in the middle of the week. I have never been involved in a school district that has so many random student days off, and so many early releases. Can we rethink the school schedule? Teachers in other districts don’t require so much planning time and work days as this district does.

• Guess if District 51 balanced its checkbook better, the voters would have given more money. Next time the district decides to give away a million dollars, maybe that next time, they will think twice.

• I would have voted for 2A if it had not been worded as a permanent tax increase or a Tabor override. Quit being greedy.

• I can remember when a great Democrat president said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.” Election Day 2008 just trashed his words. I am so ashamed.

• Congratulations Mesa County voters. I and many others have long been frustrated by the attitude of our officials about taxes. They ask us for more money and we give it to them, any amount and for any reason. We are always told it is because of our rapid growth and we have to pay for that. Well guess what, I did not ask for that growth and I have my own budget challenges.

• I am sure glad Mesa County has its priorities straight. No to new schools and yes to a rec center. So let me be sure I got it. I will not spend my money to education our children, but I will pay for a rec center that I will have to pay to use. That’s brilliant. I am truly disappointed in Mesa County voters.

• Let’s prepare ourselves for the coming state and national Democrat broken promises. The public will wake up soon.

• The city reacts in shock that taxpayers don’t want to pay for their grandiose dream? Unbelievable. First the city destroys a private ambulance service with false promises the government can do the job better and cheaper. Then they come back and ask for millions to build a headquarters for the city ambulance service. Not to mention millions for parking garages to protect city employees from getting rained on. If the city wants support, come back to the taxpayer with only the absolute essential buildings and without a Tabor override.

• It is a sad day when the citizens of a community will sell out the children of the community for $200 a year. With schools, like everything, you get what you are willing to pay for.

• Welcome to the Grand Valley, a valley that does not support the teachers and schools. I have taught in many different communities and I have never felt such a lack of appreciation and support as I do here in Grand Junction. Most of you have no idea just how dedicated and hard-working the schools and their staff are. We give everything and ask little in return just to feel appreciated and supported.

• How very, very sad that the man on Entrada Court is flying the American flag upside down the day after the election. I guess he doesn’t understand the Democratic principle. I feel proud to have been a part of this historic election.

• Dan Robinson should be ashamed of himself. What a poor loser. Ugly words to or about any opponent when results are being aired are truly inappropriate.


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