You Said It Column October 04, 2008

• A big thank you to the policemen and firemen who helped us quickly locate our son at the Bronco party at Stocker Stadium. You will never know how grateful we were for all of your help.

• To those of you, and you know who you are, that use Serpents Trail on the monument for whatever purpose, carry your trash out with you. Don’t leave it on the trail. And the parking spot at the top of the trail is also not a place for trash dumping.

• To the person who thinks Riverside Parkway is great for motorist and bikes alike: You obviously don’t commute around town on a bike. The truth is for many reasons, which space won’t allow me to write. The parkway makes bicycling even more dangerous than it already was — exits onto busy streets, exits on streets without bike lanes or any markings, even the bike lane itself is unsafe. Who wants to risk riding side-by-side with cars coming at you and behind you? Cycling here isn’t safe, period. Just another thing this town is way behind the times on.

• To the old man on Horizon Drive Friday, Sept. 26, in the light colored Explorer truck: If you were so worried about people tailgating you, it would probably be a good idea to get in the lane you need to be in before the light rather than racing everyone to merge in front of them and then driving 5 mph under the speed limit the rest of the way. 

• Thank goodness for the “mute” button on my TV, as I have to use it often on Monday night football to cut off the three stooges gabbing about nothing most of the time. 

• To those who have planted McCain/Palin signs with the statement “Country First” on their properties: These signs proclaim a bold-face lie and show your ignorance to the reality of the situation. It is clear that Sen. McCain has placed a totally unqualified individual into a position which may be the second-most powerful position in the world. This is not putting country first. It’s about putting Mr. McCain’s own personal interest first. But, then again, this is the Republican way — lie repeatedly and people will believe.

• For once I wish people who write to this column would research their facts before spouting off about something they obviously know nothing about. This economic crisis that we are in now was actually fueled in 1994-95 by the government, when they instructed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to increase buying low-income and no-money-down loans to allow more home ownership. Who was the president at that time (a hint, not a Bush)? Who was in control of Congress (another hint, not the Republicans).  

• With the most important decision of our lifetime being negotiated in Washington, where’s Hillary?

• Sunday’s insert about the Grand Junction Economic Partnership forgot to include a major contributor: the arts. Considering that the arts affect our local economy with more than $27 million of “green” business per year, shouldn’t there be an arts representative in the campaign leadership?

• Many thanks to Grand Junction for the absolutely fabulous air show this past weekend. With all the doom and gloom on our economy, it was wonderful to get out for a day and be entertained by these wonderful pilots. 

• Too bad it was more important to Obama to campaign than be in Washington doing the job for which he’s paid. If he’s truly the leader he says he is, why wasn’t he in D.C. getting the financial mess caused by his party straightened out?

• The Republicans have promoted government deregulation since the 1980s in order for their fat cats to make more and more money without having to answer to anybody. Well, guess what, greed is such an overwhelming emotion that it must be regulated.

• I find it interesting that people are blaming all our economic woes on our president. People need to stop and think for a moment. Who writes all the laws? It’s not the president but our congressmen and women. And who runs both houses right now? The Democrats. They are wanting you to believe it’s the Republicans that are responsible, when they are the ones that have been running things. This happens every election year, so that you will vote for their candidate. Gas prices rise, economy gets worse, etc., so they look like the good guys. Only problem is, this time they let things get so bad, it’s going to take more than any candidate to pull the U.S. out of the economic slump we are in. Stop and think people. Obama isn’t the answer for change. He is one of the senators who has voted for things the way they are.


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