You Said It Column October 05, 2008

• Finally. A city government that gets it. The cost-cutting measure in Palisade is brilliant. Mannequins in police cars. I am all for this. He can’t cost much and his car is not one of the new stealthy ones. He had me fooled and he’s not bad looking. Keep it up, Palisade. I love my little town.

• To those complaining about the Blue Angels making some noise: What a blessing it is to hear them under peaceful conditions and not the contrary. Ask the Georgians how it sounds when you are a target instead of an audience.

• This is for the people that I’ve heard complaining about the noise created by the Blue Angels and other aircraft that participated in the air show. It’s because of these incredibly talented and brave pilots and support crew and the other unheralded members of our armed forces that we enjoy the basic freedom the rest of the world envies. I know for a fact that I’m proud of them and their abilities. They put their life on the line for us 24/7/365 so you can say how much you hate the noise. That’s the sound of freedom. That’s the reason we have the best military in the world. Instead of cursing the noise, you should be embracing the liberties they provide you and your family. To coin a phrase, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand!” 

• Obama admitted that nothing can get done with him in the room, in charge of these negotiations. The Democrats put him in charge, and the meeting ended in chaos. Apparently Obama works best when others get their hands dirty, and he’s on the phone where his thinkers can sort out what his reaction should be.

• I love the sound of freedom. Go Blue Angels.

• Poor babies, calling 911 to report jet noise. Did they think the Air Force jets were on a bombing mission? Be thankful that we don’t live where this is a possibility. Just ponder, some of these callers may be voters, too.

• The air show performances were wonderful as always; however I was severely disappointed in the policy allowing no food or drink of any kind brought to the shows. This is a blatant grab for money, and unacceptable. I don’t think I will be attending another air show in the future if this policy remains in effect. The tickets are high enough in price. The parking arrangements are the worst of any production I have attended, way overpriced, and it takes at least an hour to get out. Keep the overpriced vendors; we all end up buying something. But allow us to bring our own food and drink in the future.

• Thank you to the Hollywood supporters/campaigners of their presidential candidate. You do not remotely resemble anything I believe in, morally, ethically or spiritually. You have made it crystal clear to me (a middle class, undecided, politically passive mother and homemaker). Because of you, I will wholeheartedly support the candidate who is not supported by you. Thank you for helping me to decide.

• Ninety-nine percent of homeowners are making their mortgage payments on time. Why should the taxpayers be responsible for the 1 percent who bought homes they couldn’t afford, and now want help. Oh, and you can thank the Clinton administration for pushing loans for unqualified borrowers. 

• News flash to Mr. Obama and my employees: I will not be paying higher taxes. I will scale down by cutting the jobs of my workers to get under Mr. Obama’s proposed tax bracket.

• Three questions to ask yourself before Election Day: Why does Mr. Obama want to punish the corporations that provide the jobs? When is the last time a poor person gave you a job? And is it your job that is in jeopardy?

• The current administration in Washington has adamantly promoted deregulation of mineral exploration, electrical power, energy exploration and transportation, our natural resources, banking and Wall Street, etc. If the past debacles of deregulation including the savings and loan nightmare, Enron, Worldcom, etc. and now the Wall Street banking fiasco are a financial burden to our society, what is in store for us with further deregulation regarding our natural resources, including our air and water that we all require for life?

• Every election year the trashy comments get worse. It is unbelievable that as adults we have to trash each party, using their race, their families, their religion and whatever else we can find. Hollywood has degraded itself to where I didn’t think it could get any lower, but it has. How sad that we show the world what we are made of. A big joke.

• John McCain, without question, has the integrity, experience and stamina to do the best job for the citizens of the United States. Obama may have the financial support of the entertainment industry, but we don’t need false smiles and forced scripts; we need a man of character. A caricature of a politician is not good enough. The stakes are too high.

• I’m an undecided voter. I’m stuck on one issue regarding Obama. He’s seen as someone who can unify and change us. However, to date, he has not crossed party lines to accomplish legislation and in fact does not have one piece of legislation to his credit. How did he get this reputation?


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