You Said It Column September 27, 2008

• Financial institutions are failing, citizens are losing their homes, and businesses and individuals are being clobbered with rising fuel and health care costs. It should be obvious that U.S. taxpayer dollars can no longer be used to fund corrupt Arabs, corporate mercenary armies and war profiteers in Iraq.

• Barbara Streisand promised to leave the USA if Bush won the election. She lied and didn’t stand true to her word. We can only hope that she will finally be true to her word if McCain wins.

• Our economy is in shambles, our world reputation tarnished, our education system failing, our immigration and trade policies a joke, our health care system nonexistent for many and too expensive and selective for all, and our national debt rising out of sight. This has happened under the watch of George Bush and the Republican Party. McCain and Palin are asking me for my vote to reward them with four more years in the White House. I don’t think so. I will vote Democratic this time.   

• I find it really comic that one middle-aged mother of five can send an entire political party and groups of feminists into disarray. And these are leaders?

• It used to be that the only thing sacred around here were wildlife and sportsmen, but not anymore. Now it’s the coveted oil and gas job. How shameful.

• I just want to say “Thanks” to the guys in oil and gas company polo shirts that took time away from work to protest Obama. You have finally motivated me enough that I am biking to work and I’m looking into getting some solar panels.

• First McCain fires cheap shots at Obama by comparing him to Britney Spears. Then McCain selects an unqualified pageant mom (he met once) for his running mate. Presidential material for this great nation? What has happened to McCain’s judgment?

• All over our country people are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings and their future, yet the Republican Women of Mesa County choose to spend their time and energy boycotting Oprah. No wonder the GOP is becoming irrelevant in the 21st century America. Grow up, ladies.

• So let me get this straight: It’s OK to socialize Wall Street bailouts brought on by deregulation and greed, but it is not OK to socialize health care for millions of Americans who work hard and deserve to not be one illness away from financial ruin. And this argument is logical because?

• John McCain has long been regarded as a man of honor and integrity for his service to his country, but it seems that his desire to become president has recently overshadowed those qualities. The Rove-style tactics of lies and dishonesty that have recently taken over his campaign are alarming and a disservice to his career. There are many important issues that face this country, and the McCain campaign would prefer that we stay distracted by trivia. What a shame.

• If John McCain were to win in November, he’d be the oldest first-term president ever. If McCain got sick while in office, which is very possible, the leader of the free world would be Sarah Palin, someone with no foreign policy experience and a domestic agenda more extreme than George Bush’s. Voters deserve to know how likely that might be. She is just plain scary,  a setback for mankind and the country.

• Freedom of religion does not mean you can do whatever you want wherever you want. When you are being paid wages to do a certain job at a certain time, you do what you were hired for. You practice your religion on your own time. They have no basis to protest or take anyone to court.

• The three-car accident that occurred Friday at 28 and Patterson roads is just another indicator of the city traffic department ignoring the pleadings of the neighborhood for a light at that intersection. The city says its study indicates there is plenty of time for cars traveling the speed limit on Patterson to allow cars to get onto Patterson from 28 Road. When was the last time you saw anyone travelling 40 mph, the speed limit, on Patterson?

• I am pleased to announce to all of Mesa County: If you want to make a complaint about a neighbor (as most of us do), you can remain anonymous. Just make that request when signing the complaint. I have had someone complain about my camper in the backyard, and when I requested a copy of the complaint, I was told, “We cannot release that to you. The person has requested they remain anonymous.” So if you are irritated about the noise, sign a complaint. If you don’t like the fact your neighbor has pigeons in the backyard, sign a complaint. If you don’t like the horse smell from the neighbor’s backyard, sign a complaint. Just remember to tell them “I don’t like to live in America where citizens are guaranteed the right to face their accusers. I wish to remain anonymous.”

• The Democrats are the party of change? Then why have a vice-presidential candidate that is an entrenched career politician that has been in Congress since 1972? People say that Sarah Palin may not have enough time in grade to be a politician. Do you really want the same as you have had for the last 20 years? Look at how many politicians have been in office over 12 years. The founding fathers, interpreted from documents that I have read, meant that people would serve a time in service to their country and then return to private life. I doubt that they meant for election to Congress to be a lifetime career.


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